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What is wrong with people?

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  • What is wrong with people?

    If I slam on my brakes then you pulled out in front of me and when I have swerved into the other lane to avoid hitting you I do not appreciated your mouthing nasty words or you raising your dirty finger at me! Why can't people pay attention? It is up to you to judge the distance between me and your pulling out. I am furious and not with the fact that I had to slam on my brakes and yes, I was pretty darn mad at that, but at the attitude of the driver. And this was an older man...notice I did not say gentleman. I still cannot believe he flipped me off when he was so much in the wrong!!

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    Maxie I totally agree...and what is it with people having to pull out in front of you when there is absolutely no one behind you and they could wait? I try very, very hard not to have 'rage' I always sing to myself, "Let it go" because I am afraid to show any anger afraid someone may shoot at me or wreck me!!
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      People are stupid. I've been the "dumb" driver and apologize profusely for my stupidity. Last Friday we had 2 lady drivers almost cause us ANOTHER accident while they were chatting on their cell phone and didn't seem phased at all at what happened....they didn't flip us off (didn't have the extra hand too though) or apologize.


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        People are too free with flipping off someone else, even if they're the cause of the problem.
        I don't know how many times E just said, "showing us your IQ, huh?"
        Many of today's young adults (and some older ones, too) refuse to even admit they're in the wrong, or acknowledge their responsibility for the problem. To those who are saying they're sorry, we wave an acknowledgement or salute or at the very least a smile and nod.
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          We have a terrible problem here with traffic and it's mostly due to people on their cell phones. They creep and text and cause major pile ups at the traffic lights. You have to allow yourself plenty of extra minutes because For Sure you will be held up by these folks who cannot put down their phones long enough to drive somewhere. It's not funny. They have caused fatalities, injury, hospitalizations, damage, cost and it goes on and on. It's totally out of control and the cops cannot do anything about it becuz there are too many abusing it and it's hopeless. Personally I'll be glad when they get the cars that fly through the air on a rail system like in a book I read by Nora Roberts about the year 2059. It will be so awesome! LOL! Maxie thank the Lord you didn't get hit and you must find it in your heart to forgive those idiots, umh I mean folks, and when you get on the road again I want you to drive like Mario Andretti and don't give them a chance to pass you girl. LOL!
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