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  • Mail hold up

    We usually get our water and electric bills between the 12 day to the 20 day of the month. So on Dec 27th I still had not gotten it and I called cuz I was getting worried that it wouldn't come in time. The lady who answered said that it was probably slow due to the holidays and that I could send in a check with my account # on it. She sent me the statement online and I mailed it out that very day. Yesterday the actual statement finally came in the mail and it's due on Jan 08 which I already knew so I called again and guess what, they still had not received my payment and she again told me it was probably due to the holiday and mail being slow.

    This is very frustrating to me. First of all if I hadn't called my payment would have arrived late and I would have to pay late charges. Secondly, the billing process is sent to Cincinnati, OH, but I mailed mine to the business address here. I spoke with two different people yesterday and the 2nd person was very nice and told me that since I had mailed it local they could still process it, but the 1st person I talked to failed to mention that part. Good thing I called back.

    What I did was to write out another check and paid that bill twice. This way we will get credit to our acct. and the nice lady assured me that the first one would get processed. There you have it. I don't trust the US Mail. If that ever happens again I will just pay it via phone and be done with it. Life is too short for all that hassle.
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