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Neighbor and his lawn Mower ..agggg.

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  • Neighbor and his lawn Mower ..agggg.

    I wonder If I could get away with running over him with my lawn mower?.....

    we live along a country road.. a builder bought the road frontage of a big field... and divided it into lots... 250' deep x 150 wide ..

    and built 9 houses. about 3 different types.. back in 1970's ..Our was finished in 1972.. a typical ranch.. so we all have the same size yard. .. the property lines are easy to know.. the builder planted a Tree at each corner.

    HOWEVER this guy ( the JERK) next door has the habit of mowing outside his share of ground ... he mows into the open field on his left and has now taken to mowing about 3-4 feet into our yard on the right.. plus he always mows back beyond his 250feet limit.. .. my hubby David mows right on the property line on each side when he does our yard... our neighbor on the other side obeys the same rule.. .. only mow what your own..... JERK was mowing and mowing and mowing .. ( he always cuts the entire yard twice..).. and I go outside to burn trash and I see dirt flying......He is mowing around and around our one little extra pine tree IN OUR Yard ( not the boundry line tree . just another tree). cutting clean down to the dirt. ......and he mowed about 5-6 feet into our yard......why does this bother me?.......

    Because I don't want him to mow what isn't HIS...I don't want to put a fence or even exchange angry words with him.. it just grass.. but this is what is wrong in our society today...... where people have stopped respecting the ownership of other peoples is happening everywhere .... and our young people have been exposed to this attitude for so long that they too don't have respect for .. their parents money, and the hard work it took to get it..

    my attitude is this ::: if it Ain't yours... don't touch it or take it .... you want it .. get a job .earn the money and buy your own...

    Now I ask again,,, can I run over JERK with my mower?.

    and thanks for letting me blow off steam... I guess he just pushed my Annoyance button today .
    Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.

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    Have you asked him politely to stop mowing your yard? I would think he would respond if nobody yells at him. I call guys like this "Mad Mowers".
    Maybe he's bored and just likes to mow since mowing twice seem rather redundant.


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      I can see why your neighbor upsets you so.
      He cut down your little tree, too? Oh, he definitely is a jerk!
      In England, they solve that with hedgerows. A fence of bushes that comprise a fence. And it looks so nice and keeps the air clean. Tempting, huh?

      I guess you and David will have to sit him down and talk to him, and insist he not mow your property.
      Meanwhile, take a deep breath and get calm. Anxiety/stress is no good for anyone.

      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Maybe the guy cuts grass out of boredom and thinks he is helping you out? Not that I defend neighbors. We are on a cul du sac and the guy at the end has decided we turn around to much so he put down a pile of dirt and an orange cone. Now I just go into his drive to turn around since he has blocked the road. People are total jerks anymore but I do agree with talking to him. Maybe you can just happen to be in the yard when he is mowing and casually ask him why he cuts into your yard?


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          Oh my gosh, Maxie! You turn around too much?! It is a cul de sac! What does he think will happen?
          Ok, back to Maye... Mowing down to the dirt can't be good. For the tree ( top soil?) for the air! ,raising dust! And what if you planted something around the base of the tree or mulch around it? Mostly, ( I know it's not a word) I am concerned with property rights. So all my other ideas are really missing the point. If you do talk to him, I would start with just saying you prefer to mow your property yourself. And you just want to make sure everyone knows where the property boundaries are....
          As long as you aren't angry it shouldn't need to,escalate.
          Good luck!


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            In our yard, rocks come up through the caliche all the time. We can't just throw them in the trash; the city doesn't accept that. So I take the bigger rocks, and arrange them in a circle around trees, planters. Now if you can pick up some rocks, or even decorative bricks, to put around your plants, as a decorative thing of course, he can't mow those areas without damaging his mower. 😎

            My mom had a neighbor who was not a nice neighbor at all. But that's a story for another time.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              I told E about this, and he asked if you considered land mines??? 😆😆😆
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                thanks, for reading .... I am not only arguing against the JERK but also a husband who don't care that the guy is mowing beyond his line..... my POINT is , when In the country and you live in a "set" of properties... lines are important to the individuals...and unless there has been an agreed upon situation .. you stay on your side of the line...

                No , JERK did not cut the tree down..just mowed around it in a widening circle making the grass there much shorter than the rest of our yard. what he did in the yard is of little consequence.... but I just think he should stick to his own yard..... the guy on the other side us does.. in fact, we share a strip of grass with the other "good" neighbor, between the drives we own half and he owns half..... its about the width of a parked car..the first time we had a lot of company.. we ask him if it was ok for our guest to park there .. and he was fine with it.. but WE ask him first... and do not park there ourselves ... only need that for overflo....

                I know I'm being picky .. ... he has other irritating things about him... however as long as he keeps his noise and business over there ,I can live with it... and NO , there is no discussing things calmly with him ,,,ever... .... not his style...

                I can only come here once in a while and blow off steam.... and thank you all for listening ..

                ps. like E. suggestion ...
                Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.


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                  Okay going to play devil's advocate here. Does the guy maybe think that he is helping you out by mowing a little extra? Don't know if he is much younger than you and David or not but if he is that could be his reason. Maybe just talk to him and tell him that you prefer that all your yard be mowed at the same time so that the grass is "even". What you see as invading your boundries, he may be seeing as going the extra mile.


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                    Darla ,,I do believe you are right in one way... but he is such an egotist I think he likes the fact that by mowing over another 6-8 feet ( or more) it makes his yard look really big..
                    I cannot be the one to talk to him about this... that is David's job since he is the mower... and I think that is a great solution!!!!!!!

                    that we want OUR yard to be all the same height.... ..BLESS YOU DARLA!.
                    Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.


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                      "To be continued..."