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I think I'm having a melt down. :(

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  • I think I'm having a melt down. :(

    I'm shivering and near tears....sometimes crying... In deep frustration.
    Pharmacies! Doc says he's lowering my dosage, main med. That was last week!
    My local Frys doesn't handle the med in that dosage...yet the one across town does.
    Doc had his asst call it in to a nearby CVS, though. Last week. I called about it, they were waiting to get it in; next call I couldn't get it til next month....3 weeks then. ("Oh, you wanted it NOW?"). Since then it's benn ordered, on order, reordered. And insurance won't pay for brand names, will I settle for generic? It's ordered, on order, they quit manufacturing it, the warehouse doesn't have it in stock, it's backordered.

    So I found the pill bottle from November, still good for refills, at Frys across town. But they couldnt get past insurance, will I take generic (yes, as they gave me last time), for some reason they couldn't get it.

    I called the Cancer Center and the receptionist took my message for my doctor. Now I'm waiting to hear from his nurse. Still shaking. Still waiting...
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    final plan . go to emergency room ..... make loud noises about this!...

    so sorry you are frustrated . not feeling good.. and ready to hammer something or someone....

    Hugs for Jo.
    Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.


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      Jo, is it just the dosage they can't get? If so is it a pill that can be cut in half? I know sitting and splitting pills is a pain in the butt but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. My friend Sheryle's husband is on some pill and for some reason or another they stopped making the smaller dose of it. So she has to split the larger dose pill for him. She said it actually saves her money since the larger dose is the same price as the smaller used to be and since she splits them she gets 180 doses out of what it listed as a 3 month supply.


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        It's a capsule, determined. I don't think the pharmacy technicians know the generic from name brands any more.
        They do make the smaller dosage, E looked up the formulary list online, it is available. There's no reason for all this crap.

        Maye, it's not an ER problem, they can't do anything about it.

        Am hoping my doctors office will contact me this morning. I hope this gets settled today.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Got a call from the doctors office. His nurse can't believe what we are going through with these pharmacies.
          She is sending a new script to the Air Force Base, hoping they will be better.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            I use my small local pharmacy...they are a small chain with stores in 4 other small towns. I have taken scribts up and been told they didn't have it, or didn't carry it, whatever. But they have always gotten it by the next day. Several years ago Jon needed a specialty drug quickly that our mom and pop didn't carry. They called around and found it in a larger pharmacy chain in another town. It was ready for him when he drove over and got it. All this was done within several hours time. I just don't understand how your pharmacies can give you the run around with a medication. But then, my mind gets boggled over a lot of things..


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              My doctors nurse couldn't get over this run around, either. Luckily that one pharmacy didn't call and tell her they quit manufacturing that med!

              Anyway, the nurse Faxed the prescription to the AFB pharmacy. We drove over there right after lunch. Took a number and waited, and waited. Finally they called my ticket number, only to go through a sheaf of faxes, type it into whatever program she had, and tell me, "I'm sorry, but we don't handle this medication."
              I couldn't believve it! It's been 1 week and 1 day I've been going through pharmacies! Ellis plans to make the rounds, show them all their formulae data available online, and the acceptance of Medicare and Tricare of these pharmaceuticals.
              Especially to Ms-they-don't-manufacture-this-anymore. I thought they fired her when she first pulled that on us.

              Anyway, I had my old pill bottle with me, I asked E to take me to the pharmacy on the bottle, hoping the pharmacist would be there. She was, and she is GOOD! We discussed what I took then, what changes are being made, and what I needed. She gave me a 30-day supply immediately! She also showed me a 60-day supply she has on hand yet!
              (She doesn't know her techs turned me down already, but maybe she remembers me from my original visit.). Anyway, she just said to have the nurse call her with the details, and she's make the necessary notes for dealing with my insurance.

              FINALLY! SUCCESS!!!
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              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.