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What Genre is Your Choice for August?

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  • What Genre is Your Choice for August?

    Are you reading the same type of books or trying something new?

    Let's share our reading lists - the good ones, the not so good ones and the ones that were easy to put aside.

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    Sally Berneathy, Death by Chocolate. A Kindle book I enjoyed. The title appealed since it included CHOCOLATE! This book was quite cute and entertaining. The main character is funny, clever and gets into situations. Good light reading.


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      All four books by Jennifer L. Jennings:
      An Appointment with Murder
      Act of Deceit
      An Island of Illusions
      An Appetite for Revenge


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        Two more by Jennifer L Jennings.
        A Date with Death
        A Weapon of Choice.

        Enjoyed her characters and plots.


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          Oh, gosh, the summer and august are pretty much gone and I have not read a lot. and not sure why, either.
          Like Maxie said today, John Grisham is not writing what I like anymore. I am not a fan of the main characters being the criminals. I did read the newest in the Theodore Boone series and enjoyed it, but my daughter did not. She did not like the excuses the characters were making and getting away with...

          My book right now is a change form my former thriller and mystery genre: it is a book about a group of women and the situatins of their lives. It is the last (I think) in a series by Wendy Wax. all set on a beach area in florida. the first book I read of hers was While We Were Watching Downton Abbey. Modern and set in a high rise apartment and a group of (you guessed) women make friends as they take part in watching the season, guided by an English doorman...well, it captured my interest.

          My choice of genre has changed as I seem to not want tension or terror! Enough on the news and I avoid too much of it there, also.


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            Paula, I'm finding I want light, entertaining reading these days. Lately, I've been content with more cozy type mysteries and usually catch myself looking for book with funny, entertaining characters.
            The book you are reading sounds good. Have you ever read "..And Ladies of the Club" by Helen Hooven Santmyer? It is an older book but another one that follows the lives and relationships of the ladies in the club. I'm going to add Wendy Wax to my list to check out. Thanks!


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              Another cozy with likable characters -
              Murder in the Bookstore by N.C. Lewis


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                thank you! I was going to start on the Red Hat Club ( again) but will check out yours instead.
                wish there was a way to “ send”
                a book from my phone to yours! I read during naptime so it is easy to read on my phone.
                not to lend a book like I have done all my life...


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                  Paula, I thought that book started a little slow but then I got caught up in it. It's long, about 1400 pages. If I remember correctly, the author (Helen Hooven Santmyer) wrote this book when she was 80 years old.