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Thursday, February 13

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  • Thursday, February 13

    Good morning Rounders! I worked out in the yard yesterday. Sowed those seeds I told you about, and I sowed zinnia's also. I have lot's of zinnia seeds so if they don't do it will be fine.

    I started pulling the Ox Eye Daisy out and I now have a whole can of it at the curb. That stuff takes over and I didn't want it to get so out of control, so I pulled it up and if nothing else it helps to aerate the soil. I am sure I did not get it all because those roots go deep, but the birds were so happy that I stirred up the soil.

    I made my flower seed packets wreath yesterday morning and it turned out so beautiful. It is a wire frame covered with all kinds of empty seed packets by clipping them onto the frame with clothespins. You clip them at the bottom of the packet at the inside of the wire wreath ring and fan the packets out all the way around. I love the way it looks. I have lots of seed packets left and will make some different kinds of crafts with them. I have some paper Mache crafts in mind.

    We got a mega bag of grinds yesterday. Happy me! My garden is looking rich.

    Today I'm going to work on the side garden that goes all down the southwest side of our house. It is pure sand so I will spread some grinds into the soil and then sow seeds. I'd love to see that side just covered with pretty flowers this year.

    DH has a foot specialist appt today. I'm making fresh Talapia, corn, and grilled zucchini for dinner and the last of the coleslaw and corn muffins. We rarely have bread for dinner, but it's always a treat.

    I wish you Peace & Plenty.

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh