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  • do you ever have a day....

    do you , or did you ever have a day you would gladly give your pet away.???

    This KD Kat is a very intelligent cat... she has learned to respond to certain words. .she is trainable..slowly perhaps. about not getting on some places. like the counter where I prepare food...and still working but almost there. . to stay off my keyboard and printer...she gets very tempted .stares at the keyboard , stares at me , I Point at the door .... she walks away..

    but........ when she races through the house.. across the desk top. scattering papers. .jumps onto the window sill . chews on the mini blind strings, chewing off the plastic ends. and then jumps to the stand that has the TI plant on ..bending leaves. then on to the other leafy plant.. bending ,breaking off more leaves. and has upset that one to the floor. ....pack your suitcase cat,, you are moving out!!!!

    then she races back to the top of the dishwasher... and begs for Treats.. kissing my face. purring.. aggggg.... I have a pet.
    Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.

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    Heck I not only have them with my pets but used to have a few with my children.


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      Try having a spoiled little dog. If I have to leave her with the dog sitter she is horrid after I get back. Yesterday, after I got home from PT, she yapped and yapped, didn't want her food. Wanted to go out when she didn't need to even though Judith walks her round and round because they both enjoy it.
      Lily acts like I will desert her every time she sees Judith even when I'm not going anywhere.


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        LOL Maye your house sounds just like mine, but I have 2 cats. Now if you ask James, I'm sure he'd give you the cats. It isn't that he's not a cat person, but I bottle raised one and she has no use for anyone but me. The big white cat gives him fits! He rubs his fur off on James shoes, hides pieces of dog food in them, tries to help him tie them and has a fixation about stealing his sox. I love it!
        Good friends are like diamonds...precious and rare.


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          Determined stole my post! LOL

          I had Dopey Cat on my lap one day and he hissed at me and started to lunge. In an instantaneous reflex reaction, I smacked him across the face. He jumped off my lap, gouging my leg with his back claws. I was horrified that I had hit him in the face and I thought I had really hurt hm. I called him and called him and he didn't respond. I thought I had killed him. I hunted or him for an hour and still couldn't find him. I thought he had found a place to die. I finally found that brat in a chair under my kitchen table. He was under the chair cushion and his head was barely poking out from under the cushion. When he saw me, I swear he was grinning. I was so relieved he was alive, I didn't even yell a him.
          "God loves us so much, He gave us friends!" Amen!


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            Girls you are not alone, tell hubby all the time never had cats like these two, like Mayes said, they are on top of everything, I posted two pictures on my facebook page of one of them on top of my kitchen cabinets, I have cathedral ceiling in there so he roams on top of them, he jumps from on top of my computer desk up to the top of one can even buy me flowers anymore because these two either eat them or break the flower off, heck they even try that with the artificial ones.They don't get on the counters when I am awake but I see cat tracks on top of my stove so I know what they do at night so first thing each morning before I do anything on the counters I spray and wipe them down with sanitizer. And they have even caught on to me going to our bedroom early and closing the door so they can't get in, one move off the couch and they are running to the bedroom, And Rufus can't stand to see anything on top of the coffee table he knocks it off and has broken 4 of my glasses by knocking them over or off my desk, counter, end tables, etc. liquid and all..
            Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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              Determined made me lol!


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                I have problems with Snoopy.....he thinks he has to be where I am whenever I leave the room....trouble is he doesn't follow me...but lays in the large family room barking as loud as he can...really irritates me... if he got up and followed me he wouldn't have the attachment problem... maybe have to buy him a muzzle...LOL....not sure if that would help.
                Money can't buy happiness, but it sure makes misery easier to live with.


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                  I raised nearly all my pets from babies. One dog, and a long line of cats.
                  They all have been interesting. Fun. Funny. (The few who shred curtains, etc., were given to new owners who like feisty animals.). Believe it or not, they stayed off the furniture, the counters, and places they weren't allowed. They never jumped on people. They didn't beg at mealtime (except when E taught them!). But they had treats for good behavior.

                  The worst habit? One cat, her preference was Meow Mix to other cat foods. She didn't like the fish-shaped ones, and daintily removed them to the floor as she ate the rest. Fortunately, the other cat would clean it up.

                  I haven't replaced my pets. There is no real "replacing" of them. But, cats, like kids, require time and energy, which I no longer have these days. But I clearly remember them.
                  Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                    JoG you mentioned cats needing a lot of time and energy... amen!..

                    also give up all ideas of complete sanitation in your house...

                    we are fortunate that Kd does not like people food . so all things left out are safe from her tongue.. also she has never been inclined to be on my working counters in the kitchen... but will set on the table because it is near the big window.. and
                    I do find cat hair everywhere... couches, beds. windowsills. etc etc.. she is an indoor cat so. I feel she is pretty clean.

                    Energy is the one thing I run out of first with a pet.. and knew that when we got K.D...the worse may be over. she is past two now.not quite as crazy... .except for the constant worry of her getting outdoors .. she is a fun pet right now.
                    Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.


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                      I've had a good number of cats in my life, Maye. I normally stick with short haired cats, but my last 2 ended up with longish hair. Until Ellis, my cats never wanted "people food". I could have wrung his neck when I found him sneaking them bits of cheese, lunchmeat, whatever. But I'd been in the hospital, and during that time he actually bonded with my kitty-brats. (He isn't generally a pet lover, thanks to people who don't control their pets and let them jump on and sniff any company.) even the one dog I had was more subtle than that. (Sniffing only an offered hand, or the area the person was in after they've left.) But my pets were more like kids than pets to me. I just talked to them like I did the kids, and they picked up and obeyed the general rules. But as I said, I got my pets as babies, and I guess I was their mom as far as they knew.
                      The last 2 cats I had the longest...16, 17 years. They were minimal trouble, enjoying a lot of independence on their own, too. They liked playing in the backyard a few hours a day. The male would sneak across the road to walk on that neighbor's roof, and tease the Dalmatians they raised. When the neighbors came out to chrck on the dogs' commotion, the cat would just lie down out of sight up there. When they took their dogs inside, the cat would come home with what looked like a wicked smile. Gees, I still miss those two.
                      Unfortunately, before the last one needed to be put to sleep, I'd already developed an allergy to them. My stepdaughters 2 big dogs really set off those allergies recently, too. I'm afraid to pick up the neighbor's beautiful cat because of that, but I don't mind feeding it. But I won't take it in, because the girl has spoiled it rotten. I won't take a grown cat that already established habits, like weaving between your feet when you walk, try to slip in doorways it's not supposed to go in, and a few other things. If they do leave it behind, there's a Humane Society in the Mall now..... I think some of the other neighbors are tired of its visits already....I saw a note on the mailboxes, "To the owner of that cat....please call.... ask for John". But I do feel sorry for it. It probably doesn't understand the mixed signals it gets from around the neighborhood.
                      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.