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Treadmill kitty.....

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  • Treadmill kitty.....

    We bought a display model treadmill at Sears last November. It sits in our living room and I love it.

    Well, so does Booby. He is the more athletic of my 2 babies. When we first got it he hopped in it and sat there. Actually they both did. I turned it on and they sat there until they fell off the end. LOL!! They jumped back on and I was standing at the top end of it with my hand out. They of course wanted scratches and lovin's and walked up to the top and kept walking while I petted them.

    Didn't last long before they sat down and fell off the end again.

    But now Booby loves it and will sit on it until we turn it on so he can walk. The other day he walked for 4 1/2 minutes. It's so darn cute to see him doing it.

    He is my veggie eater so he seems to be pretty health conscious. LOL!!

    I sure love my little stinkers!

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    Well, that gave me the first chuckle of the day. I know of dogs who use a treadmill but this the first I've heard of a cat doing it.


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      Kathy, I would so love to see your baby on the treadmill. Take a photo if you can. Wonderful!


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        Kellie, that is funny, especially when they sit down and fall off. I'm sure they didn't or can't get hurt or you'd not let them get on it.
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          loved hearing this Kellie,,

          since we are back in the Kat business ,we are getting treated to new and different things from what Bits did... she is much more attached to David than Bits ever was... he plays hide and seek with her.... she loves "hunting" for him ... then turns and scampers away and "hides" for him to find her..

          picture would be fun to see.
          Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.


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            Barb, I have heard of dogs doing it too but never a cat. Leave it to mine! I swear these two have more personality than all the others we have had combined!! We just love them to pieces.

            Elaine, I will try to get a picture sometime. My friend at work wants a video of it.

            Jo, you're right....I would never do anything that would let them get hurt. The "fall" off the back is about 3". The top of their cat tree is over my head! LOL! You would love watching him at it. So cute.

            Aunt Maye, I am glad your kitty is having fun with David. Hope she gives you some lovin's too.

            But, it is so hilarious watching Booby on the treadmill. He HAS to do it every day. Some days he walks a good 4-5 minutes. Some days he rides it to the end and falls off and that's it. LOL! He gets distracted very his brother, by me or my sweetie, by a thought that goes through his head. Who knows. HAHA.

            But when he starts out on it he is so intent and serious like it's the most natural thing in the world. I just crack up everytime he gets on it because he is so cute and serious. Of course that distracts him and there he goes again falling off the end.
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              Oh Kellie that is really something to see I bet...would have never guessed a cat would like a treadmill, even the noise of it would scare my two. Maye I had a cat that played hide & seek like that, always enjoyed it, all I would have to say is '"get the kitty" in a certain voice and he would take off, he also loved to be on a newspaper and then rip it to shreds..These two I have are different than any I have ever had, I think because they are totally inside cats and I never had that before, but keeping them inside sure saves on the vet bills.
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                Kellie, wow, your kitty is a real little champ there. I can imagine how cute he is to watch in his antics.
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                  here is newest picture of K.D. ..the tower house was a C. gift from my son and his wife,,, and when it was in the house she ignored it .About a month ago,I gave the enclosed front porch a good cleaning. I put the house in front of the window..and she loves it out there... she sets on the top level and watches outside or sleeps when the sun comes in ..there is no heat on the porch, so if she gets chilly she crawls into a lower level that is like a little cave..

                  no picture, will try again

                  still cant get it to load.. might have it too big.. will reduce size and try again.
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                  Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.