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Tuesday, February 11

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  • Tuesday, February 11

    Morning Rounders! Boy did we hit the mother lode yesterday. Our Real Estate lady cleaned out their garage and gave a bunch of things to her dh to throw away. He asked my dh if he wanted them. Guess what? Two Bose systems complete with remote control on each, a separate CD player, a tablecloth, a really nice laminated shopping bag or gift bag and it's super big, a stuffed turkey, an upright fan that puts out very cool air and oscillates, and a candle that is battery operated and looks real with a flickering flame. Yes please! We will take your throw away items.

    Oh, the sound systems are superb and I'm pretty sure those are very pricey. He sent a hearty thank you to his friend, (he is a Pickleball friend) and told him we will clean out their garage anytime they need it done. LOL! That bag is so cute with all kinds of dogs on it. I love it and used it to store some of my crafting items.

    Yesterday after getting all the freebies I felt the desire to rearrange the guest room and I'm so glad I did. It looks so good now and inviting. I moved the bed and side tables in front of the window, I took the desk out of the kitchen that I was using to store my baskets of fruit and veg on and put it in the guest room and put my sewing machine on it. I took a small table out of the guest room and put it in the kitchen and now the baskets are on that until we get a Baker's Rack. I want to go to the thrift shop and get a nice one. It will be perfect for storing all the baskets of food. That little table is very old and I will find another place for it.

    Now every time I walk by the guest room it looks so inviting. I will go in there in the wee hours and sew when I get the urge to make something. I can also use that desk for crafting.

    Yesterday I got the area around the stepping stones mulched and I transplanted more Pink Baby's Breath. Today I plan to move some more of those. They are still thick along my walkway in the back and I want to spread them along the top of the bank path.

    Yep, the days are longer and the spot where I planted the wildflowers is now getting sun, the evening sun at that, and now I should see a growth spurt. I cannot wait to see what kind I have because that seed packet has all kinds of flowers on it. Hurrah!

    I didn't stay out long yesterday afternoon because it was super hot and I started sweating like crazy and the dang mosquito's attacked me. Dang critters!

    I'm sorry to hear that about Aunt Maye. I really miss her. We all have to age and I do not look forward to getting old and feeble.

    Peace & Plenty. Our last frost should be Feb. 26th. I hope this is true.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Morning...I am still in bed...not feeling good at all. I just heard from my mom she has my dad at urgent care with a 101.4 fever. I am hoping he doesnít have the flu. For me I think itís a uti or maybe even a kidney stone.

    I will work today and wait to hear from my mother.


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      Beth hope your Dad doesn’t have the flu. Best stay away. Hope you feel better.

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    Morning! You did hit the jackpot Karlinann! I love walking by/into my new guest room. It is the only room in the house that stays clean and picked up although I do find myself throwing things on the bench in there. Need to watch that..

    After we ate last night we grocery shopped. Boy does that kid make a haul on grocery night! But he is a great carrier so we treat him accordingly. One of the knobs on the kitchen cabinet had broken and Jon needed to replace a screw. The one he had was to short so for months no knob...we all know how that goes, right? Anyway, last night Andrew disappeared and next thing we know he has cut a screw and grinded the end and whatever else he did but we have a fabricated screw attaching the knob. He was so proud of himself and even let me hug him. A miracle!

    Right now I am talking with you all and having my coffee with the First Wives Club on. I had forgotten how funny it is. Blues play tonight so it could be a good day. Going to throw a pork loin in the crock pot and hope I have some salsa, I dunno, but throwing a jar of salsa over it just sounded good and I will make some Mexican rice. I have a box of knew some part of this meal is coming from a box! Jon grilled pork chops last night and other than being a little tough they were very good. Sierra is running to two doctors today and if she has time will stop by for her mail. She sees her gyn and then the root canal doctor...they have some special name but root canal is what they do. She called yesterday all upset over her mom. She does not like her mother's SO and never has. Her mother is demanding she come to MN to visit and to come alone on the first visit for mother daughter time. Sierra says she should come here since this is where the entire family is and Sierra is a little old to be threatened with her mother's approval and affection. I am just glad it isn't me she is upset with for once.

    No sun at all yesterday and the feeders need filling. The cardinals that were here have flown on..not seen one is a few days. Talked with my sister for a long while yesterday. Settled some of the world problems and gossiped for a while. Need to see if i have salsa and run out early if I don;t. Movie is over so need to start the day. Have a good one everyone!!


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      Good morning everyone that is here or just reads. Today seems better than yesterday had to remind myself it was only two weeks ago had surgery then some sort of sickness after that. I went to the beach at sunset last night and loved just sitting there so peaceful.

      I was so sad to read about Aunt Maye so sad how your mind can be robbed. Do miss her. Donna sure hope they can find a happy medium for you I am also a good lover and eater so I know it would be hard. I have seen first hand what diabetes can do to a person.

      Maxie Sierraís Mom just always wants control hope she stands up to her. And please Andrews heart fixing that knob.

      karliann you sure did hit the jackpot yesterday. I remember in my younger days my house was almost totally furnished That way.

      Heading to Sarasota today to check out the Amish area, they have delicious food. Have a great day.

      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Well, I am a little angry. Someone ate the cheese and the salsa and I even had the cheese hidden. I should and maybe will run out for ingredients but I don't know why someone needs to eat them without asking. When I texted he told me to use the cheese dip in the cabinet...well if that crappie stuff was good enough for my rice then it should have been more than good enough for his chips right? I don't know what the name of that cheese is but you get is over food at Mexican restaurants and I pay $5.00 for a small container of it. Can you believe I am actually this mad over cheese and salsa? Ok, I am a small person but had my taste buds set! AND the ingredients bought!!

        Boffler glad you are feeling better. I have never been to a truly Amish community and that is on my bucket list. There is one within driving distance of my sister so maybe we can do it this summer as a girls trip. Then back to take a dip in her soon to be put in pool. Beth I understand a lot of sickness is going around and hope your dad gets better quickly. I also miss Maye but glad she is crocheting. My hands do not let me do it for long so good for her!

        So gabbing with you has made me less aggravated so guess since I am dressed run out for cheese and salsa. Walmart is closet and if I run in there will come out with half a dozen other things I do not need. Food bills around here are pretty high feeding these man sized appetites and constant grazers. Don't read this Cookie but maybe I will buy myself a pie. Have a great day people....


        • cookielady
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          NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not a WM pie. LOL! When my husband USE to eat everything (picky now), I would have an absolute cow when I'd go to make something & the items I wanted (mostly cheese) were gone. I grew up where you ASK first or waited to be OFFERED something, where as Cork was welcome to take whatever was available at his Mom's house. GRRRRR!!!!!

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        Hello! Feeling better each day. Sugar levels have been really good.

        Yesterday was semi productive. Got a few areas cleaned up. Cooked a real meal for dinner. I was the only one that ate a little bit of everything. The other two picky eaters only ate one thing eat. Drives me insane. Why bother cooking?

        This morning I had an appt with an eye doctor for a diabetic eye check up. My doctors have been nagging me to get one. Had to switch doctors because my current one doesn't do it. Everything was fine. Then off to grocery shop. Dang it, Aldi's isn't carrying their waffle cones because it's not the season. Had to go to WM for them. Then onto Sharp Shopper to see what I couldn't live without that was a great bargain. Stopped at BK for lunch.

        After I get everything put away, I need to start working on the Cannoli pie for tomorrow's order. Never made one but it sounded interesting & Mel wants to try it. That's what the waffle cones are for....the crust.

        Yesterday was Kathy's BD. There was a piece of mail here for her that looked like a check, so I opened it. She was muttering she didn't have enough $$ to pay for her new drivers license. Well here it was a notice from a collection agency for a medical hospital bill she's been ignoring. Well I called the place explaining who I was, and that Kathy no longer lives with us. I made a very low ball offer to pay off that bill & by golly they excepted it. Figured the worst they could say is no. Told the lady if they didn't want to accept my offer, good luck getting anything out of Kathy. See....all my garage sale experience paid off. LOL! Shocked Kathy. I talked with her today when she called about enrolling Blaise in their school district for next school year. I told her she needs to call these people & make offers & to make small payments. The worst they can say is no. Guess that comes with age.

        Time to unload the car. Have a good one all!


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          Wow! To Karlinanní s awesome haul! Those Bose basic players start at 500.00! I had one. I gave it to my mother for some reason and actually would like another but most of my CDís are gone, too.
          And Wow to Cookielady making that pie! I canít wait to hear her review.
          And tell that store waffle cones are not nor should they be seasonal! Ice cream is a year round season. I ordered the cannoli chips that are used in the cannoli truffles from another Facebook recipe. I do not have one drop of Italian in me but I signed up for the Italian Sons and Daughters page because I love the food!

          Ok, now to Amish markets!!! Oh my word. The food at the huge Amish market in Annapolis was the best ever! No doughnut has measured up to the ones we bought there. Filled and frosted and pretty sure it was a potato yeast dough.
          All the bake goods we bought were the best! Stuart and Jenni got a wonderful piece of cabinetry that was Amish made and someone was selling in their yard sale! I absolutely love it and remembered Boffler having special orders of furniture made by Amish craftsmen.

          My 3 hour observation is over and it went well. As one child was having a total crying meltdown she came in! It can only get better from that start, right?
          She was constantly writing and looking in drawers and I was a nervous wreck until she said she didnít want to miss anything or forget all the great things she observed and heard. I almost cried.
          my emotions werenít really good with the stress.

          Besides WM pies, something else Not to buy there are cannolis. I saw some and bought them ( saving you all time, money and disappointment) but the shell was soggy and the filling did not have any or for sure enough ricotta in it. I had my first back East and now that is the standard every other one is measured by.

          It was 74 yesterday. Today is in the low 70ís, too with wind but I can take a warm wind. I went to Walmart for fruit after daycare and walking out at 6:10 it felt like Spring! It wonít last, but for a minute I could pretend I was in FL
          with Karlinann and Boffler.

          Either that or I just realize Mother Nature has us all in her grip and at her mercy!

          Beth, I hope your father just has a normal bug and gets better quickly!
          Take care and keep shopping those free deals!