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Monday, February 10

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  • Monday, February 10

    Good morning Rounders! There are only a few of us left now.

    The door is open.

    Peace & Plenty.

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good Morning to all. Had a restless night, good sleep from 10:30 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. woke up tossed and turned and finally got out of bed and came in living area, made a cup of coffee and reading the news.

    I read on Facebook yesterday a lady we knew from our Corkboard days and here early on passed away, Cheryl Ginder, her name here was Lovey. Sweet lady who grieved so badly for her son she lost when he was 18, she had cancer. God bless her family.

    Yesterday had a taste for a good hamburger found a restaurant that looked popular with the locals, well when it came back it was still mooing and had onion on it, finally got the waitresses attention, she had them make another one, this one came back as a cheeseburger with onion!! By this time hubby is finished eating, I am not a cheeseburger fan so we ask for a box, the waitress could not apologize enough, told her realize it is not your fault, just give me a to go box. Came home, stuck it in fridge, will go out with the trash, they took the cost of the burger off of our bill and we still tipped her.

    We had a delicious supper of smoked pork chops, mashed potatoes with pork gravy and peas. I am doing better but not great yet taking it slow and getting plenty of rest, it was a beautiful day to sit outside. I think when the swelling on the side of my neck goes down I will feel much better, aggravating not being able to move neck freely ?

    Will get out and about a little today, will go to a beach one day when the wind dies down, walnut to find some places of interest to visit. Manatee viewing for sure. Beth is a manatee lover ?. And Paula and her wee ones.

    Have a good day one and all, miss so many not here.

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Good Morning. No sun and going to get colder. Getting through February is going to be as hard and long as getting through January. Jon told me last night that we will have Andrew and his cousin Friday. That is a noon dismissal day. I will need to hire a grocery truck to keep two boys here for 12 hours!. Sure as heck hope he did not volunteer for an all nighter and is saving that to drop on me later. He is working Friday so that leaves me with these two gobblers for several hours alone. And they are bigger than me!

      However Jon is off today and we have a huge catch up grocery list. I need to go out and pay Sierra's insurance and I think he is dropping off his taxes. Wish I had all my papers so I could get mine out of the way. Wish I had a maid to clean this joint and wish I had a cook to feed us all our favorite foods. Boy could I fill this entire page with wishes!

      Boffler so sorry you are still not feeling better. There is nothing less satisfying than craving a special food and not getting it. Keep trying cuz it is out there! Yes, Karlinann, we are getting to be a smaller and smaller group. Sure do look forward to hearing from each of you every day.

      Yesterday I finished my purse book. I pick something easy to read and get into so I am not wondering where I left off if it doesn't come out for a few weeks. This was a Nickolas Sparks book and I knew while reading at the dentist that I should finish it up in private. So yesterday I spent a wet thirty minutes bawling. It was not the ending I was expecting and I am sure glad I read it in private. Was it Demi Moore that cried so beautifully in Ghost? Well, that ain't me! I have several doctors appointments coming up so need to find a nice mystery.

      Coffee is cold so need to fix a hot one then think about the day. Have meals to plan and something big enough for two boys on Friday. Maybe a big meatloaf since that is Andrew's favorite. meal planned just need 4 more before I get to that one! Have a wonderful day and week. Take care of yourselves!!


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        Yes Boff I love manatees!!!! They are my spirit animal!! I have decorating my bedroom. It is Definately on my bucket list to go to a viewing spot and see a bunch at once. Please please post pictures if you can.

        I am feeling a bit better this morning just still really tired. I slept 6 hours last night and feel like I could sleep another 6.

        I have already talked to my mom. She doesnít think dad is much better. I asked her to make him go to the doctor. I also told her he canít come to my house if he is still this sick Wednesday. I hope this doesnít turn into pneumonia form him.


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          Good Morning. Another dreary day. I just want to crawl back into bed.

          Yesterday was an unexpected busy day. I didn't go to church because Cork let me sleep in because I was sick the night before. Dumb shot. The shot's doing it's thing. It's to curb your appetite so that you'll not eat as much, which then you won't have to take as much insulin, therefore you'll lose weight. Well went your stomach feels upset & bloated all the time, you are afraid to eat. I've always lived to eat, but now I'm barely eating to live.

          Anyways, I ended up making 3 pies, iced 7 doz sugar cookies, and iced a carrot cake for orders. One of the pies was for cards. Tried a new butterscotch pie recipe...definitely NOT a keeper. Not flavor. Blah! And I only took two bites. Also made us a veggie tray. Becca came down & played with us.

          My youngest niece helps with the youth group at her church. Well on her way home the snow was coming down heavy and it was terrible driving. When she was getting snacks & Becca was standing by her, Becca commented about Maddie not looking happy. Maddie started sobbing & begging Becca NOT to drive home last night. Becca lives 45 minutes north of my place. Today is the one yr anniversary of when 4 girls from her Young Life group got killed driving in a bad snow storm at night. We reassured her that Becca would make arrangements for someone to let her dog out & she'd stay here if the roads seemed bad. Well when we were on them an hour later, the roads were just wet & the snow was done. Becca made it home in her normal time.

          Not sure what today will be. I haven't done diddly so far. Finally just ate a slice of toast & one egg. I really need to get my tax stuff done & out of the way. Still waiting on a couple more reports. Need to clean up the kitchen too from yesterday messing around. The dishes & pans are all washed & put away, but little things are sitting around & need put away.

          Was talking to my cousin Karen over the weekend at our pierogi making day and playing cards last night. She's REALLY notices Aunt J's memory is slipping. I've been noticing it. Aunt J saw a lady at the grocery store last week & didn't know who this Amilia was that the woman was talking about. She came home & called Karen and ask who she was. Her it was one of her piano students that she cared very deeply for, and would go over & play piano with her when Amilia was dying a couple years ago. She couldn't bring that memory up at all. She hasn't been posting here or the Senior board that she posted on regularly. I ask her last week, and she thought she'd been here just the week before, and it's been months. Breaks my heart. I'm not ready to let go of my vibrant Aunt J. She's still crocheting up a storm though. She's working on her grandchildren's aphgans she's making for their bridal showers.

          Time to get SOMETHING done today. Have a good one & hope you ladies start feeling 100% soon.


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            You didn't feel good and did all that baking? I feel great and am still sitting in my jams!

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          Well, I am finally here.
          Tomorrow this time I will be on pins and needles waiting for the big observation that should start at 9:30. I just want it over. My schedule is as good as it can get and the kids are not anything I can count on. Terrors and tantrums! But one good thing: I heard from the aunt of one of my toddlers that she actually holds her breath until she turns blue at home for the smallest things! Thank Heaven she has not tried that here. Although I would not be the one screaming for help. These poor young moms. I am not sure why such smart at their business women can be so not smart and end up letting their child be in charge to the point of role reversals. If asked I will give advice as to what works for me, but that is all.

          I need to check on Barb CA. I have not seen her posts on Facebook but I do see Deb Estes, Pat, Darla and I have had Elaine Like a few posts and also see Judy Garcia all the time.
          I hate when age starts in on the memories of those we love. Give Aunt Maye a hug for us, please.

          My get better wishes for all who are next the weather, the new meds, the winter blahs and the Great tax paperwork hunt! That should cover us all.

          Hugs to all! Take one and Share it!