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Sunday, February 09

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  • Sunday, February 09

    Hey, good morning Rounders! It's a full moon, 44 degrees, and going to 74 today. It turned out to be a very beautiful day yesterday.

    When it gets hot I'm planning to do some paper mache crafts. It needs to be hot to dry them. In the meantime I'll start saving paper. We get a bunch of junkmail and those white paper envelops make good strong crafting paper.

    Boffler, hang on. Monday is supposed to be in the 80's.

    I kept thinking yesterday was Sunday. We did not have all that food that I wrote about. We had Hamburger Steaks and grilled Zucchini. Today probably will just be bbq chicken and baked potato and coleslaw. Def coleslaw! Peace & Plenty.
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    Good morning I managed to catch dads cold no cough no fever so itís work for me later.


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      Good morning to all. Been a rough two days chills, headache very weak and tired, thankfully I brought my medicine chest and heated throw. Finally felt strong enough to get in shower this morning but it wore me out. Have no clue what or why but sure hope today is a step in feeling better. Thatís all for now folks.
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Boffler I'm so sorry! That does not sound good! Please take care of yourself, and I know you will, but I'm worried about you. That may have been too much of an undertaking after all that you had done. Anyway, hugs and I'll keep a good thought for you.

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      Morning...looks ugly out again. I have not heard any weather or news so know nothing of the temps or what is happening in the world. Blues lost in OT last night. At least we got one point for the tie.

      Could not sleep last night and laid in there watching tv then didn't want to get up this morning...not that I finally went to sleep but because I just didn't want to. NOT going to be a productive day. Boffler sorry you are not feeling better. Hopefully you have reached a turning point. Maybe you just need some sun and warm. That is a long trip for almost the same weather you can get at home!!

      No plans for today. Yesterday I did do laundry and finish the ironing. Cleaned the kitchen. There is a case of the blahs going around and we seem to be doing only what we have to do. Must be winter?

      Hope someone out there is having a beautiful sunny Sunday. Sure isn't us!


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        Good SUNNY Morning!

        Sorry to hear you two are feeling so miserable. Hope you feel better sooner rather than later. (((((Sharon & Bethina))))

        Never even made here to read yesterday let alone post. I had my niece, cousin Karen, and her two daughters come in the morning for a lesson on how to make pierogies. We've been trying to schedule this for at least 3 years. Those two girls ae so busy, but life is starting to slow down for them a wee bit. Also made fried cabbage & noodles. Both young ladies are looking at marriage in the near future, and cooking comes along with that if they want to eat. We had a good time. I'm use to basic ingred. & directions. Karen wrote out everything in detail.

        Last Thursday I had a Endo appt, and she wanted me to try a different brand of medicine for my Diabetes. I had tried Victosa and it made me burp sulphar and I refused to take anymore of it. Well they feel so strongly about it, that she ask me to try a different brand. I took the shot Friday morning and was OK Friday. Saturday morning my stomach was really off, and after everyone left I started burping and farting sulphar, and eventually started throwing up. Blaise was an excellent caregiver. Very concerned. I decided I didn't want to go to church this morning & just slept in. Didn't get up until 9:15...really LATE for me.

        I need to ice those sugar cookies today and make a pumpkin pie. Both to be picked up by Sue tomorrow morning. So far I feel good, so I'm going to go play cards. Plan to make a butterscotch pie. New recipe. I've had people ask for it, but haven't found a recipe I like yet. I don't plan to eat much of anything. Afraid to. This medicine is suppose to help you lose weight, control your sugar level, and have you take less insulin. Well if you don't eat because you burp sulphar, I guess all those will follow. NOT going to do it.

        Off to the kitchen. Have a good one or at least a better one than yesterday.


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          Sunny here but with a high dose of wind! Temperature is 48 but wind chill makes it 39! But like I said, it is bright sunshine out! And no damage that I could see.

          I made chocolate chip cookies from a different recipe and they are soft and pillowy and will be perfect for the shelter. I also have some cream cheese cookies to put with them so dessert is done. I bought Valentine candy, too.

          I bought a lamp when I went to the shop closing. I did not think I would see anything other than tables still for sale but my All Time favorite lamp was still there and marked down over 60% and I bought it! The woman asked me, Do you have a place for it? I had to say no, but I will make a place! When I walked out I saw the owner helping someone place a shelf in their truck. We hugged good bye, cried a little and I was able to tell her how much her shop had meant to me through the years. She will do some classes and also arrangement by special order, so I will see how that works out. No one knows what the new owner will be doing with the building... it is an historical building, and has an exquisite domed stain glass ceiling so everyone is holding their breath and hoping he keeps the integrity of it all.

          Church and then more raking the yard and preparing for the observation.
          Also when I get tired of that I am adding up tax deductions. I want to drop my taxes off next Saturday.
          And this is the first year CA has an early primary, so I have my mail in ballot to do today...
          m. Sharon, praying you are getting better as I type and Beth, for you to get over that cold quickly!
          Stay warm and cuddle up, Friends!