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Friday, February 07

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  • Friday, February 07

    Good morning Rounders! I survived the storm. I woke up at 10:24 and the windows were being shaken by the hard wind and rain, and it did not let up until almost 11 pm. I got on the computer and played games just to drown out the noise so I could concentrate on something else. I went back to bed and slept until after 3am. I'm certainly glad it's over and I will have to go out and see what damage was done this morning.

    My Azalea's are blooming, and the lady behind me in the jungle's are in full bloom. You would not believe how hard I worked yesterday. I started out early and moved some of the baby Kalanchoe's out to the front to grow tall and shade my Rosemary plants when the blazing sun beats down in summer. I got them planted and watered and then I started pulling up the spent Kalanchoe's and took them to the curb to be picked up by the yard waste truck just in time.

    You would think that would be enough work, but I looked at the pavers on the Bank and saw that a couple were falling forward because the sand is too dry and it won't support them, so here I go straightening and moving them around. They are heavy and my knee does not do well on that bank, and much later when I got them looking decent I thought I was ready to quit. Not so fast girlie!
    My neighbor who lives in PA and comes in January came over. She had been here for several wks and I had not seen her. Well, she has put her house on the market, which I think is a smart plan becuz she only stays for a short while and she has a home in PA where everything is convenient for her and she does not drive. Her mother actually bought this house here long ago. I wished her well. She told me that a couple of weeks ago when my Kalanchoe were in full bloom and looking beautiful before the frost that she walked down our street one evening and saw those blooms and thought they had to be artificial because of the bright color. Then she saw that our neighbor next door had put their house For Sale. I told her the story as I know it.

    So, people are always buying and selling. I haven't seen anyone looking at the house next door in the daytime, but that means nothing. People from up north rent homes here for the winter and they look at real estate online. People who live in all the other states know about this place and are always calling to see what is available. This place has it's own real estate company and the Broker is the daughter of the man and woman who built this place back in the 80's.

    After the lady left I thought I was finished in the garden, but by this time the wind had really picked up and I noticed that my leaves were blowing around and I worked too hard to pick them up last fall so I started putting pavers on top of them to keep them in place. I thought I had done a good job of it so I thought I would dig up some Mondo grass and put it on the Bank to hold some of that sand since I had reset some pavers. After that I was exhausted and DH came home from working out and came out to make sure I came in.

    I had been out there for hours. I came in for lunch and showered and took a Tylenol for my knee pain. The wind really picked up by 2 pm and I looked out the window and those leaves were blowing around again. I went out and started shoveling sand from the yard and garden onto the ones that were not covered by pavers. I picked up the gutter drain pipe that had blown into the yard, and I picked up a bunch of limbs and fronds from the yard. The wind was howling by this time and blowing sand and everything loose so I came in.

    I pulled some Chili out of the freezer for dinner and added some diced tomatoes and cilantro and it was so good. Did I tell you how much I love Cilantro?

    Well, that is a book! I hope you faired well Maxie and all who had storms. Peace & Plenty. Paula, did not post yesterday except in comments. Hope she is ok.

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning, wow what a ride last night, like karliann said, very windy. Yesterday was a rough drive for hubby it was so darn windy and a motor home is tall so it really causes it to rock and roll. We landed, neighbor came and introduced himself and help guide hubby in (I usually do). Got set up, later went out to eat and then the storms hit, we had tornado warnings, rain, wind so we put the slides in for the evening, it calmed down in time for bed.

    Maxie today will not be a beach day a bit windy and cool for that, we plan on checking out the area and stopping by a store. Our grandkids are not with us not break time for them. They bought a camper last year since the girls love camping and the ocean like their Mom so they do a lot of interesting things. The youngest granddaughter still wants to go with us, she says she likes our motor home better.

    There is one thing I donít like, there is no way to bring our golf cart and the car, we will have to come up with a better way, miss not having it.

    well hubby is up, slides are out and actually the furnace is on to warm it up in here.

    Have a great day one and all.

    karliann, give that knee a rest?
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Can't you rent a cart while there? If there is a motor park I would bet there are places that would have them. Glad you made it all safe and sound. Think of me on that first morning you venture to the beach. Snow for us later this afternoon..temp is 23.

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    Morning. I heard about the storm in the south yesterday on the news last evening. Glad you are still in one place! Evidently we have more snow coming in late afternoon. I do have to get out early this morning so it will not affect me. The grocery list is full of larger items so I will wait for help before shopping again. Sierra ask if I would go to the dentist with her this morning so naturally I am up early to keep her company. I have to get up early on a morning where I did not sleep worth anything last night. I was cold for some reason. Woke up cold and just had a chill in my bones...not shivering but not comfortable. Maybe I will turn the thermostat up a bit and see if a couple of degrees makes a difference. Tired of being cold!

    Since it is Friday I do not cook so it is like a holiday. Running with Sierra this morning means when I get home I will do nothing. Blues lost last night. I hate when they pull the goalie for an extra man and the other team scores. I don't know why no one ask my opinion but I would think a tie for one point is a whole lot better than an empty net goal that loses the game. I have discussed this with the tv before!

    Karlinann, even if the weather were spring like there is no way I could do all you do outside anymore. I knew when I sold the big house I was done with yard work. I downsized and hired people to cut the grass and trim the shrubs. Did not plant anything anymore other than a flower pot. My entire married life I did the yard work but was suddenly done. It was not a gradual thing but an over night "I am done" thing. I admire a beautiful yard and appreciate the work people put into them and can even offer a little advice when I drive by but it is over for me. I love hearing your yard stories and wish I could see what you have done but I think you do it for the feel and not the sight. Take care of that knee.

    Good morning to everyone coming in later. I am off to shower and warm the car. Doubt we do lunch with her fresh from the dentist but I can still drive through my favorite 5 pickle. Have a good one!


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      Snow again ?? Dang!! Looks like my parents maybe driving in it.

      work order tonight


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        Good Morning! It's a snowy one out there, and schools have been canceled.

        Yesterday was good. Just plugged along and got little things done after I got back from my doctor's appt with the Endo. A1C not good. Talked about insulin pumps. Came home and FINALLY mixed up the sugar cookie dough & buckeyes. Scooped the buckeyes. Sorted my receipts. Now to get things ready for taxes. Started going through my cooking magazines that I put in a basket all year long. I go thru them and rip out the recipes I'd like to try then throw the rest of the magazine away. I never did get to it last year, so I've got 2 yrs worth sitting there.

        Well with school canceled for today, Blaise will now only have a 3 day weekend next week. One of those days was a make up snow day. We didn't get near the amount of snow they predicted. Maybe 2" and everything is shut down. You'd swear we lived in the south instead of PA where snow is normal. Bunch of wimps. When we lived in Bradford, PA, there was never a day called off due to snow. They knew how to take care of their roads. Ice was a different matter.

        Today I plan to bake off the sugar cookie dough and dip the buckeye balls in choc. My husband has been doing the laundry just because he can't stand to see a pile of laundry. Well we fold things much differently and he just puts piles all around. I have to give out room some serious attention. I got new sheets and a new bedspread last week, so I plan to strip my bed and put on the new. That's my exciting day. I do need to go deliver pies to one of the restaurants. Won't go the back roads there.

        Time to get busy. Have a good one all & stay warm! Batten down those hatches down there in Florida!!!!


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          I think they call school more often than they used to. I was surprised Andrew was out yesterday but his mom said the back roads were slick and this is a rural district. Probably afraid of parents suing or whatever. I like taking those unused snow days and putting them toward an earlier summer vacation. Also getting tired of all the scare tactics on these snows. The weather people have all these tools and computers and still the snow falls as much or less as it wants. We were in the 3 to 6 band this week and barley got an inch. Not complaining just shaking my head at these educated weather people. Remember when you used to get up in the morning and see it had snowed? Or when they called school but only for the country kids had to go anyway. Times have changed for sure!

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        Around here even the Thought of snow closes school!
        It is col here in the morning but by noon it is getting warm. I even opened the daycare windows yesterday. Bad diaper made me but it felt good and I kept them open.

        I just had a crazy day yesterday. I waited a bit too long and then I was on high alert as kids were full of it!

        One thing that happened was the baby got my glasses when I went into the bathroom and ( I guess) put them in front of the bathroom door for me so when I opened the door they got totally messed up. My best RX readers! Favorite red ones! So I will be calling to see if I can get them fixed or if I should just order a new pair...

        I am getting ready for my observation next week. I have used up lots of things in my first aid kit, put away things I donít want toddlers scattering and need to put out in a limited way things ďagenciesĒ think should be available to kids at all times like art supplies ( crayon on walls is not my art!) and I will just deal with it. Mixed age childcare has its joys and its work!

        Did I tell you all the camellias are in full bloom at my hair salon? So beautiful! Light pink, white and a red. No fragrance but such nice color!

        Went to a friendís last night to meet her new puppy. A beautiful miniature schnauzer. He is very light color, not the standard salt and pepper or black. They had to travel 2 hours south to buy him and he is just adorable!

        Maxi, if there is anything I really need to know on the news I am counting on you to tell me to turn it on. I just look outside for the weather and am ignoring the rest right now.
        Karlinann, that picture of me is 4 years old and I would change it if I could. As it is, Pat put that one up for me and I may ask her to change it for my Facebook current profile picture.

        I hope we all enjoy Bofflers vacation with her and can stay healthy and warm while we wait out this winter!
        Has anyone heard from Punkin? I lost her phone number or I would call her.


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          I have not heard a word of news and not in any hurry to catch up. I am home early because they just did a temp on Sierra's tooth and are sending her for a root canal. We did get her taxes fixed but had to mail them so I made copies and put them in the mail for her. We went to my tax people and they answered our questions and were very helpful. I didn;t know if they would help with her questions since she did her own taxes on line but they even gave her an addressed envelop and told her to sign what had printed and mail them instead of email. They know I will be back when I get all my forms and Jon is going in Monday so they are getting plenty of our business. Stopped and picked up a chicken sandwich which was not very good but the ice coffee is great. Beth I think the forecast has changed to rain since the temps have warmed so much. Sun is gone but seems we can't have both for long.

          She gave me her insurance money so I need to get that paid. But maybe Monday. I am tired and this place is cold so need to see if I am home. Left before I did anything this morning so have plenty to do....just not inclined! Flowers in bloom are just a dream. Have a wonderful rest of the day.