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December 07, Friday

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  • December 07, Friday

    Aunt Maye, bless your heart you posted and I was so glad to hear from you. And you are correct, the Winter Solstice is next Friday, Dec 14th, and our days will get longer and things will be brighter. That fall you had was one that takes a long time to heal and don't beat yourself up about the process.

    I know people get depressed in winter and especially around holidays, but sweetheart you have a family that loves you and cares very much for you, including this forum family. I'm only 67 yrs old but I've been forgetful for quite sometime now. It bothers me, but DH helps to keep me straight and I just think it is a sign of aging. Altz. does not run in our family.

    You are reading and that is one of life's simple pleasures. You can pick up your reading device and escape to whatever realm of the world you like. That to me is the best gift a person can give themselves. Believe me, we all need to escape the dreariness of a recovery period. Have I told you how when I was a girl I loved reading so much that I would grasp every moment to read my latest borrowed book from the Bookmobile? It made doing the chores so much better cuz I knew that the sooner I finished the sooner I could get back to my book and pretend I was the heroine of the story or solve another Nancy Drew mystery.

    On the gift thing for your grown children: You have spent a lifetime nurturing them, loving them, encouraging them, instilling good character in them, challenging them in their decisions and directions, and shaping their lives so they could be proud of their heritage and standing in their community. You didn't do it alone of course because as we know it takes a village to raise a child, but you were the main support of those children and I know they love you and would not want you to feel any depression about buying a gift. Did you watch that Hallmark movie where the artist gal becomes a gift shopper and the guy hires her and gives her a credit card and tells her to buy the people on his list their gifts. He does not trust her judgment at first, but soon realizes she picked the perfect gifts. Maybe you could do that with your daughter. Younger folks have more energy and they usually love to shop. That would be a huge burden off your shoulders and you can give her a spending limit. It's something to think about.

    We all love you Aunt Maye. Now make yourself a cup of cocoa, get that reading device booted up and settle in for some adventure. I'm sending Florida sunshine your way dear.
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    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning everyone.

    Don't forget this day as several of our soldiers died on this day a Pearl Harbor. They never forgot us as they were doing their job in protecting our country. Not many WWII soldiers are still alive, but remember those that are.

    Nothing on my agenda for today. Hope all have a great day.
    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      I am so grateful for the visit I was able to make to Pearl Harbor. Such a feeling of reverence and gratitude for those who gave their lives there. The same feeling of being on sacred ground as at Arlington. My mother and I stood and read every single name on the Arizona Memorial. It was the least we could do to remember them and honor their sacrifice.

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    Good Morning and yes jostoy I do remember, the first thing this morning...

    Karliann, great pep talk for Aunt Maye..

    I am already in the kitchen baking..karliann, thanks for the recipe I have tried that one before but I already had peanut blossoms made...also have made peppermint Oreos dipped in white chocolate and chopped fine peppermint on top, I have made cut out cookies which I will decorate today, I have Christmas nuggets in the oven as I type (given to us by Pat) they will be rolled in powder sugar with green and red sugars added. Will be making buckeyes and gingerbread men/ladies today. This basket has to be worth at least $50 dollars and it is for a luncheon at the Country Club for all local real estate companies and each company brings a basket of what ever theme they chose and they are auctioned off and money goes to a charity..The lady that owns the one hubby works for ask me if I would do a cookie basket for her...

    Okay enough of that, I also will be doing some laundry today, don't have much to do but want to keep on top of it..then I will frost the cut out cookies later in the day.

    Will come back and read later..
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      I have a bunch of things to do but love to start here before the rush of kids and trying to squeeze in some of the items on my to do list.
      Sharon, I am eager to know how the Christmas nuggets turn out. And when your basket is finished I hope there will be a photo for us to ooh and aah over.

      This morning I have been doing some of the "sharpen the saw" before the work kind of things. Getting ingredients ready to bake but also changing the canisters I keep flour and oatmeal in. I used to make oatmeal for Gary and myself everyday and so had a big container for the oats. And a next size down for the flour. What?! I realized it would be much smarter to change them since I rarely make oatmeal and don't make oatmeal cookies as much, either. so all canisters are cleaned and labeled and filled.
      REady, set, cook!

      That is a great pep talk for all of us, Karlinann. And I second every word. About taking it easy and about reading and allowing others to help us.
      We are around the same age, Karlinann. I am 68 and Loved reading Nancy Drew and all the girl heroine books. Every Saturday I went to the drug store and bought a new one when I was in elementary school in MD.

      Thanks for the reminder on this day, Jostoy. Coming the day after our final good bye to GHWB it is another reminder of our Greatest Generation and the standard they set.

      I took a name form theVeteran's home tree: a Marine who fought in WWII. A true privilege to give back to someone who did so much for our country.

      I hope all goes well for you and those with you. Stay well and stay happy!


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        The nuggets are very good, the only thing was the temp and time, maybe its my oven, but I think I would do them on 350 the next time, took longer than said...and yes, I plan on taking a picture of said basket when all put together..

      • Paula A
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        I just read yesterday’s question about the SV. I got the shot just before I switched my insurance from the Cadillac version I had to one that was much more affordable.
        I didn’t have to pay but it would have cost 210!
        The reason I got it was 2 friends got shingles and that scared me into it!

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      Good morning.

      it really looks dreary out now. Yesterdayís rain didnít begin til after sundown, and it was a quiet one. Today is forecasted for rain as well. We will see if it will be better than yesterdayís rain. I hope so, for the trees and plants. The house is chilly, and even though I turned the furnace temp up, I have chills.

      Pearl Harbor Day? I forget dates, so thanks for the reminder, Jostoy. The vets there were all heroís in my book. Nearly all my uncles were in uniform. My dad was 4F (heart murmur). I thought everyoneís uncles were in the military back then. All my uncles have passed away now.

      Karlinann, I love books. Mom used to read to us a lot. She had a way of putting us in all the stories, so to this day when I read I am inside the story in hand. As I grew, I used to spen my allowances on childrensí classics, even if I had to walk the 3 miles to the Kresgeís store. Then I started reading all my dadís books, although they were pretty much verboten to us kids. But, oh the adventures I had through books!

      well, today has no particular plans for me. E will go visit his friend for his birthday. Since his friend has a cold and sneezing a lot, I will not go. I have a seriously impaired immune system. E told his friend that, and he got really crazy if that was his problem, too. (Seriously, this guy goes for regular electric shock treatments on a regular basis, and I think heís had far too many. Can someone get addicted to that?). I told E to tell him that his doctor would have told him long ago. The guy is seriously depressed and has lost common sense already. i feel sorry for the guy.

      I miss baking goodies, as many of you are doing. But other things need doing, as we hope to be able to move early next year. Sooooo, I should be getting busy soon. E will be up before long.

      Have a great day, everyone. ☀️ Keep warm.
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Im hoping, Karlin, you can feel this very real hug I am giving you.!!!... pep talk is what I needed!... when I visit Donna I come home all happy and cheered up.. ... so will tell my tailbone to shut up.. Im going to visit her soon.. ..most of my "downer" moods are simply watching the aging process take control of my husband.(and myself).... he is really unstable on his feet so much of the time... I don't leave him alone very often..

        but I am going to copy off your post and tape it to the desktop in front of me!!!!!!!..thank you all for caring and sharing ... I really love the Round table folks....

        Im not baking any cookies this year.. ( why would I when I can raid Donnas freezer.. .. and have found a wonderful substitute for my home made buns..
        .... this year, mixing them up would not be a good idea... makes my mouth water when you all are talking about your baking tho".

        Books. ah .I have been a reader forever. and when I was about 9 ,we moved to a city. and they had library in the school. and also went to town library.. I had just entered earthly version of heaven.. and I have read ,and read every since...I don't always finish books now.. can not stand a boring writer.. or a potty-mouth one....I have one author I read, don't always like his narrative but can't put the book down.. he Knows how to make paragraphs grab your attention..
        I read ebooks on the kindle.. because of this I watch almost nothing on Tv. Im making myself watch football this season.. so I can set in room with David.
        and it is the only sport that really moves.. Im learning who are the talented players. . and some games are really good and some look like pick-up games in the local park.

        Going to have my ears checked out this afternoon,, Karen driving me.. the ringing in them is awful. plus hearing is getting iffy ,especially left ear..
        will give you results in tomorrow post.

        love you all.. prayers always welcome.. and pep talks are too.!


        • Paula A
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          Love you, too!!!

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        Morning..almost afternoon. I not only overslept but my sister called and we had family matters to discus and world problems to solve. If the world leaders would listen to us we all be living in complete harmony!

        Yesterday it snowed all afternoon but only stuck on the porch and grassy areas. We have had more snow already than all of last winter. Just sick of it already.

        Today I need to grocery shop and run out to Penny's and return the shirts I bought Andrew...maybe go into Kohl's. I will see if son will drive so he will carry groceries so if I get into any other stores it is at his discretion and I expect no other shopping but he will let me run into Penney's.

        Since it is Friday I will not cook. Andrew is picked up early Friday and goes out with his mother. Last night was a grab whatever night. Jon cooked himself a nice meal and the rest of us ate whatever whenever. We have just gotten so involved in the funeral and watched the trains progress yesterday. We will never see that again in our lifetime. Being a train family we were so interested. Jon said he bet there was a replica already on line so he looked and there is...for $1700! Imagine!!

        Maye, enjoy your visit with Donna. Getting older is not for the weak. I do not suffer depression but sure do hate winter. I give my son's gift cards and one gift to open so do not shop for them. I save it for the grands and Sierra is now down to wanting gift cards so I am actually only shopping for one little boy. We are all of the same generation and I guess started our reading with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Still to this day will reach for a mystery. Karlinann, when I need a pep talk I am going to call on you! Good job!!

        We will bake one batch of cookies for the kids to decorate and that is it for us. Jon does not eat many sweets but will grab at the cookies so we will eliminate that temptation. Donna's cookies are the best though...just to darn good!

        Need to get moving around here and hit the shower. Sun is shining but cold. I remembered it was Pear Harbor Day as soon as I saw the date. Was not born yet but still a date that was drilled into us. Doubt my grands know the significance. They are not even familiar with Viet Nam and I am sorry they know about Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

        Have a wonderful day everyone I really need to get the day started before it ends. Hello to everyone I have missed...


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          Maye, itís great to see you posting again, and itís always good to hear from you.
          I can truly relate to aging problems. After all my surgeries (anesthesia in long surgeries DOES affect your mind), one of the things I miss is remembering things ó sometimes people, mostly time frames and dates, and other things I canít bring to mind at the moment, and Iím just 76. I need to keep calandras and lists. E often says he is up to the Z in Alzheimerís, but he will be 82 in January.
          Both of us have lost strength and agility. I have to pay attention to his driving, because - especially if heís talking, and he does talk a lot - he forgets where we are going. So I try to be tactful and ask what route he is taking, then he gets back on track. (Darn my foot neuropathy, and the doctor who caused it!).

          My latest ongoing worst problem is lower back pain. When I donít feel it I can do the cooking and cleaning I need to get done. But it shows up too soon. I have my exercises, and donít think I need further PT because itís stuff I can continue myself, but will use up my available time. My tech says to invest in arch supports, and that should make a difference. So this weekend I hope we can go shopping for them. E probably needs the same.
          (If you have any suggestions for dealing with lower back pain, please let me know.)

          Being a Senior Citizen is not easy. Itís hard to be upbeat when you have those aches and pains that accompany you. But it is better to try to make your brain think things are better. Sometimes it works! And it sure beats the alternative.
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          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.