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December 04, Tuesday

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  • December 04, Tuesday

    I ended up not going to my doc. I am afraid they will fast forward me to Ortho/knee surgery and I'm just not ready for that. I used the heating pad last evening and it helped me so much. I hadn't used it since the summer. Anyway I have a doctor appt. with my pcp Feb 8 and will see what's what at that time.

    Aunt Maye I'm sorry that you are still laid up with that fall. I'm sending you sunshine today and hope you feel better. We are supposed to get 100% rain, but we need it.

    The Capitol Ceremony for GHW Bush was so nice.
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    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning...I went to bed last night not feeling well woke up today with a very sore throat...I am not wanting to work..but I am going because I have Friday off to spend with my mom sis 3 of my cousins and 1 of my aunts.

    Work is just that right now..I think we are all ready for our time off....10 days. The kids have finals starting next week. You can tell that things are starting to slow down for the semester.


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      Good DREARY Morning! There is a skiff of snow out there. BRRRR!!!!!

      Yesterday was productive. Got the grocery shopping done & most put away. Pantry stuff is still in the bags on the floor. I'll get there. Made up 16 batches of sugar cookie dough & a single batch of pie dough. Made a large skillet of fried cabbage & noodles and made a batch of deep dish chicken. It's ready for the top crust and will be baked this afternoon. Took Blaise for karate. Yup...good day.

      The only dark spot....Kathy's vehicle. She told us it was the alternator, which is costly in it's self. But there is also oil leaking, an almost flat tire, and idiot lights all shining on her dashboard. Cork is so upset. We can't afford to keep bailing her out. Her & Matt need to figure something out. She needs a different vehicle even though we put out $3000 last Nov on this same vehicle.

      I currently have a dutch apple pie baking in the oven. My house smells wonderful. My middle brother has a Christmas party with his Bible study group tonight & he's in charge of the dessert. They know I make his stuff. So they are getting pie & a plate of cookies. Still need to get the cookie plate made up. I have until 5pm. Sue & I will start rolling, cutting, and baking tons of sugar cookies. 60 doz is the goal. We'll see. Kathy is suppose to be coming out later with our Escape that we've lent her so that Cork can change the oil in it. Hope WWIII doesn't start.

      Have a good one all!


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        Good Morning once again life 'stuff' has kept me busy, you'd be surprised how long it takes to Christmas shop via internet, lots of scrolling not strolling along..

        Our youngest son who very stupidly cosigned a loan with his then SO is now stuck with it/her because she can't get a loan without a cosigner, she has no credit history except the car, so guess he has learned a really, really hard lesson, the gift of an SO that just keeps on taking from him. She tried to put the blame on him for insisting she refinance and each place she has tried goes against her credit and she has done that maybe 4-5 times because he keeps pushing her.. Lordy have mercy...I know I need to mind my own business, he is a grown man but I let her have it yesterday via messenger....and now he is upset with me, LOL...oh well..

        I have been ask to make up a homemade cookie treat basket to be auctioned off at the real estate luncheon they have, hubby's company he works for, she thinks I am such and awesome cook and baker, so I will do my best to make it worth $50 which is what they ask it to be my list of cookies I want to bake...I will get with her for other details, I also plan on buying a mug with a pkg. of hot chocolate in it with a candy spoon...All kinds of ideas floating in my head.

        I had the most awful dream last night, my sis and I were in the smokies at a cabin, a delivery truck pulled up in front at about the same time a big black bear showed up, we tried to worn him by screaming, hollering, etc. he thought we were just being funny and started up the hill, well the bear charged and got him, drug him up to the yard and from there my sister was going to try and scare the bear away and it charged at her, luckily she got away, but we both ran inside our cabin so we could call someone for help..0000000000000000000000000000 when we went back out to look, no bear, no delivery guy...then we heard this gosh awful sound and they were beside the cabin...then I woke up. I am not one that usually dreams and if I do I don't remember it...

        Okay time to get the ole finger poke done, and get my day started..

        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          Boffler that is not a dream, that is a nightmare.

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        Good morning all.

        Still dreary here as well. According to the weather guy, it will remain that way until Friday. WHAT only 1 day of sun. Sure glad I'm not like a lot of you, I don't get depressed over no sun.

        I have some typing to do today. Have to get some of the F.W. people on a piece of paper as well as in my computer. Never know when you'll need them again for repairs.

        No baking or candy making for me this year. It is hard enough just to get my food cooked. Tying one hand up, or down, doesn't make for easy stuff. At least my thumb is now out instead of being stuck straight up like I was hitching a ride. Sure glad "they" didn't want to make a different finger sticking straight up.

        Time to get another cup of coffee, and get to this typing. Everyone have a great day.
        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          Jostoy you are funny girl.

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        Good morning...we had a dusting of snow this morning and it is cold. BUT this is haircut day and I am always happy on haircut day! Then I will run out to get the rest of the ingredients for the burnt butter cookies. I cannot stir cookie mixtures with this shoulder so want to get them baked while Jon is on vacation. The kids will mix up a batch of cutouts to decorate later but there will not much baking here. My diabetic son has a great weakness for cookies!

        Sorry you are still so sore Maye. Just take it easy and on line! Sharon that basket sounds so the idea of the cocoa addition. When Jon and Andrews mom broke up she left with a car Jon was paying for. He paid the insurance and made the payments and she drove it free and clear. Sometimes you trust and get burned...but as a parent you hate to see your kids struggle over their own dumb mistakes. Cookie do you ever just sit? I am pouring money into Sierra's car so I understand your problem. Hang in here Beth...break is coming!

        Did not change my bed yesterday but I am going to tear the sheets off before I leave today so I have no excuse but to change it. Think we will have pancakes for supper tonight. Jon cooked a big meal last night and it was yummy so tonight I will throw a pile of pancakes out and he can fix us another yummy meal tomorrow.

        I also enjoyed all the pomp of yesterday's ceremony. Our politics were not the same but I did respect the man for who he was and what he accomplished...a true patriot. Then you look around at what represents us now.....sad. Got a message on face book reminding me to vote today in Georgia's election. Something more to feel safe and secure in our voting system. Is everything in politics steamy and smelly?

        Time to get moving and head out for my haircut. I will have a new appearance soon...or at least look a little less shaggy! Love haircut day!


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          Good morning.
          i slept late this morning. I tossed and turned most of the night. Facing a partly cloudy day. It’s 39° now, but should actually reach 70°.... same for tomorrow. Rain forecasted for Friday.

          Today, my haircut. Then pick up my prescription we forgot to do yesterday.

          Yesterday ay was frustrating at the hospital. I know where the lab is located at the front of the hospital. But when I signed in at the main desk, she said to wait at a particular pavilion. They separated the port draw patients from the arm draw patients. So my time comes up and I wasn’t called yet, so I went to the desk. Two stupid nurses are telling me how the buzzer works. I’m just trying to find out if I’m on the list, and will be called later. I know how the blasted buzzer works. They said something about “front “, so I went out front. A nurse who knows me saw I was frustrated to near tears, and led be back to the new port-draw station (between the front lab and the pavilion I was directed to in the beginning). She handed me to the nurse who often does my draws. The area was unmarked as a lab station.
          Later, after seeing my NP doctor, who had not gotten all of the lab results yet, she found a lot of positive things in what she did have, we discussed my meds and my PT, and had a lot of positive things to say, and I didn’t need a transfusion.
          But when I made my appointment for next month, and had to remind him that my NP is there only on Mondays, I also made sure that my lab draw would be at least an hour before my NP appointment, that she will have all the results when I see her.

          Maye, I hope the aches and pains of your fall will soon be gone.
          Karlinann, hope you find relief for your knees. E fell and had meniscus surgery, but that really didn’t stop, his problems. I’ve fallen 3x on my knees on concrete surfaces. Haven’t needed surgery, but can deal with the discomforts I do have. Hope you get a nice rainfall.
          Beth, hope your sore throat clears up. Do you gargle with salt water 2-3 times during the day?
          Cookie, your house must constantly smell glorious.
          Boffler, some people only learn the hard way. And wow, that dream was a nightmare, wasn’t it!

          I need to to find something to wear today, and get E up. I miss driving, but my neuropathy makes me a danger to myself and others on the streets. I can’t feel the pedals enough to control the car. But I keep my drivers license up to date, just because.

          I hope you all all have a great day.


          jostoy & maxie, looks like we were typing pretty much together today. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like cookies. I haven’t baked in a while, so yesterday E brought home 6 pkgs of cookies. Each pkg different. I will live with that. Maybe homemade do taste best, but of these packaged ones I eat fewer of.
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          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            ok, we will see how long the kids will let me type.

            no ice this morning but it is cold! Kids all came in bundled up.
            i was writing out bills and now hoping the clouds hold off any rain until the mailman comes to pick up the mail.

            i went in with a friend and her book club to adopt a family that lost their rental during the fire . Two girls asking for warm boots. It is a single mom and 4 girls. The boots were just what was left from others buying and I have a super cute daycare mom who knew could point me in the right direction.
            living in a small town with only Walmart and Big 5 for shoe options makes me go online a lot.
            I love hair cut day! Mine is cut and color day, but the result is still the same fun.

            Falling and hurting anything is just such a long healing process for me now.
            my hip is still giving me pain and I don’t feel like I am walking completely normally yet.

            ok, I have to go!


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              Weeellll, that dusting of snow is actually a sheet of ice. This winter stuff is a bunch of crap. Karlinann send some of that sunshine this way. Jostoy, I am really seeing some good in having the other finger sticking out this morning. All I would have to do is hold my hand up this morning at Mother Nature! Jo glad your blood work is ok. Off to scrape the car because not much keeps me from a haircut...


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                Let’s see if this pic will post. This is our great-granddaughter who has been unable to see Santa in the past due to her autism. My DD has been working gently but diligently with her, especially in her social skills. This year, it paid off. First Santa danced with her and some other children by the big Xmas tree. He danced like they did, like jumping rag dolls, and they were all laughing. Then she started talking to him by standing next to him, but DD, her grandma, got her to snuggle a little bit for the picture.
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                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                  Jo that is adorable. Good for Santa and good for your daughter working with her. What a great picture.

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                DD works with her as much as possible, and very patient with her. When school is out, DD is her “teacher” so she doesn’t forget her numbers and reading, etc. They do all sorts of crafts, gardening drawing, singing, dancing.they cook and bake simple things.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.