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Friday, November 30

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  • Friday, November 30

    Last day of the month! It's tree cutting day for us. Yeah! Maybe my Hydrangeas will bloom next spring with more sunshine streaming in.

    I raked my leaves into a huge pile yesterday and mowed them with the mower. I now have a nice pile of leaf mulch and my garden looks so good. I discovered a Thornless Blackberry offshoot plant and it looks very healthy. Oops! I mowed the top of it off, but it will grow back.

    Monday when I drove myself to the dentist I realized I can't drive anymore. My leg stiffened up when I walked my Rx for the special toothpaste over to Publix which is in the same shopping center. I was dragging that leg all the way to my car and then I saw that I had not parked beside the curb and a lady was parked beside me and I didn't have room to get into my car. It would have been a hardship normally, but she was so close that I couldn't open the door far enough and it was painful to contort my leg to get it in the car. DH has been doing most of the driving since June, but I thought I could handle this. It's very disheartening to realize you have to give up driving. Sometimes my foot goes numb and other times it cramps up painfully. I will tell my doc this at my next appt., but I've already explained all the trouble I've been having walking and he still says it's Osteoarthritis. Enough complaining.

    I hope you will check out my recipe for Fabric Refresher in the Home & Garden forum.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning. School delays all around this morning, freezing fog out there but it is supposed to warm up as day goes on.

    Today is trash day since I've been up for hours I have it rounded up and litter boxes cleaned. Hubby is up now and he will take it out to the end of driveway.

    karli that leg problem does sound painful and serious, have you been to orthopedic Dr.?

    I have shopping I need to get done but my enthusiasm is just not here today, hope it makes an appearance later.

    Thinking we will either go out for supper or I will make beef fajitas. Hubby has to go out of town to take pictures of a house I might just go with him and go to Home Depot.

    Time to get a move on. Hoping we hear good news from jostoy, the sooner she sales the sooner she will be closer to me, now that could mean trouble.

    Have a great day.

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      A couple of "wants", but no offer yet Boff.

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      I have Freedom insurance and I have to go through a series of things before my doctor can refer me to Ortho. I had the xray already and it says that bone is not touching bone or there is adequate space showing between the bones of my knee. Therefore I cannot get an MRI. The next step would be Pain Management and includes the cortisone shots and gels for the knee. I have not gone to PM yet cuz I keep thinking this will get better. After I go through all the steps then he can send me to a specialist or knee surgery. I do not want to have another knee surgery and if it's Osteo. like my doc thinks then I will keep hoping this will work itself out. My next doc appt. is Feb 8 and if I'm not doing better I am going to PM.

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    Good Morning! It's a dreary one here. There is still a skiff of snow out there, so it doesn't seem as dark as it could. We had a peek of sunshine yesterday.

    Yesterday was a productive one. We baked off 3 kinds of cookies. Still need to put the finishing touches on 2 of them. Actually cooked a real dinner. Worked with Blaise on his multiplication. He's getting there. Writing proper sentences is still a struggle.

    Kathy had a dramatic day...what's new there. She had to appear in court over a traffic ticket & she had no babysitter for Xander. Well the officer and judge both berated her for bringing him with her because she had a good chance of being arrested. Oh please! She ended up NOT being arrested and had the money the officer said she'd need for a down payment on the fine. Came home to a msg from their landlord that they had to be out of their apt by this weekend because she had someone interested in renting it already. So they are moving this weekend into their new place. There was way more to all this story, but I'll stop here. LOL! I'm glad I don't live her life. I'll take doing multiplication and correcting grammar any day. LOL!

    Today we are going to do all PB cookies....Kiss cookies, Reece Cup cookies and plain old PB cookies. Lots of PB dough. Thankfully none of them will need any add'l attention after they are baked. Just had to spend a couple hours unwrapping all the candies.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning all.

      Today is the day to see the surgeon for my wrist. I sure hope "they" don't think this right arm and hand just hangs uselessly by my side. If he thinks that, I will have to dress him down. Some people think that just because you have a handicap, you can't do anything.

      If you are wondering where this all came from, when I seen my PCP, he made the remark that "oh that's your "bad" arm, so I don't know if he will do any surgery". Well I can sure use it just like anyone else, except when it comes to working up over my head. Then I will find a way to get the job done. If my PCP hadn't made me both surprised and angry at the time, he would have gotten the dressing down.

      Anyway, enough of the BIT**ing for this morning. I just hope the rest of you have a great day.
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        Good morning...I am so extremely thankful that its Friday!!!!

        My work day yesterday ended with me in tears....One of Supervisors "chef" have been making a habbit of being extremely cocky and snarky on Thursday when they have no help...and I was just completely pushed to the end of my rope by him...I needed more chicken on the line and couldn't leave the line to see if I even had any and he happened to pop his head out the door about that time so I said his and he ignored I called him chef and said his name again and asked if I had more chicken in the back and he smarted off about we are the ones that stock that station so we should know what we have what we don't have. Well I had gotten slammed by a 40 student rush and had no clue what I had left. This is not the first time he has smarted off but its the first time that it made me this angery.,! I don't think he is there today and thats a good thing.

        I had had wonderful time with my family last night at a Christmas dinner for an organization I am a part of...Then we went to my brother in laws office and put up his tree.


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          Oh, it looks busy where you all are.
          I looked at my bank account and the retirement check was not deposited into my new account so it may take a few extra days I thought I had got all the new account information to the teachers retirement office in time, but I guess not. This whole incident has made me not want to use any card online. And it wasn't a card that was the problem; it was my eBay account where someone changed the email and from there could have gone to my PayPal by clicking Buy Now...ugh. the awful people out there.
          But I am ok, and my bank has an alert watch on my account so anything fishy happens their computers will see it no matter what time of the day it might occur. I feel like we have the problem taken care of with all the things I changed.

          I had a great appointment last night. I wasn't tired and we talked the whole time. It was just the two of us there and that frees up the conversation.
          And today is starting out dry and we need a break in the rain. Especially for the fire areas. Mudslides and flash flood warnings and debris flow are all things that usually follow a fire of this size.

          Karlinann, I will be going to get the recipe for the fabric refresher right after this.

          I don't have much planned for this weekend other than the usual shopping for food and laundry. With the rain all the door mats and towels I lay down for the dogs to walk on are getting washed daily. Another reason I am glad to see a dry patio and no rain falling. Paw prints all over, hence the rugs (bath mats) and towels.

          I have to help plan a funeral reception (?) and that will be either today or tomorrow, depending on how the daycare kids are acting. I think I will go to Costco for a ham to slice for sandwiches, but not totally sure. I just want it to be as perfect as possible since I amso close to the family and that is making it hard for me to just make a decision...

          Ok, I better get up and get going. I realize the bank account stuff is getting me down; I thought it was all taken care of and everything would be back to normal (deposits on time for my auto payments set up)>
          I hope your day is going well and your attitude is up there where I want to get mine!


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            Bless your heart child, you sure have too much on your shoulders. Wish I could help more, but what I do have is a simple meal for a wake and they will love it. Buy a pre sliced ham and bake it. Make up a platter of biscuits and get some Pepper Jelly. Set this out all together, plus your drink station, chips/dips, and dessert bar. Have all the dishes and flatware easily accessible for them and they can serve themselves. I would also recommend a cheeseball. Easy, breezy. Cream cheese, cheddar cheese, seasoning packet. Mix it up and roll in chopped nuts. They will love it.

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            You just made up my mind and the pepper jelly is great and something I would not think of.

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          Good morning.
          It looks like it will be a busy day for most of us.
          We did get some rain in the early hours, and itís going to be a cloudy day today. Nothing particular planned here.
          Todays temp will get only to the very low 60ís today.

          My hairdresser is letting me know by email that there are 20% off days, so I think Iíll be trying to make an appointment on one of those days. Iím overdue for a trim anyway.

          Karlinann, I have neuropathy in my feet, so I canít drive. It is difficult not having the independence of driving. Luckily E doesnít mind driving me places. I just miss being able to stop somewhere else as well to leisurely browse or shop. He gets antsy waiting. We do have the handicap thingy to hang on the cars rear view mirror, which is a convenience. Get your doc to give you the letter for it, to take to motor vehicles....and thereís to waiting, tests, or whatnot; theyíll hand you the thingy. Canít think of what itís called....Iím losing words this morning.

          Cookie, I wouldnít be surprised is Kathy has a black cloud overhead that follows her around. (Remember the little guy in the Líil Abner comics?). But so much drama in her life.

          I hope everyoneís day works out to be a good one.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            handicap plackard

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          Morning...I think frozen fog is so pretty the way it hangs from the trees. We just had plain old ugly fog here this morning with rain coming in tonight and a fairly warm weekend then back into the 30s and flurries next week. I don't care as long the rain holds off until I am home tonight. I am meeting a friend for dinner tonight and have to drive back home. It is actually 'back home' for her to and a half way spot for us to meet.

          Things are pretty much same-o around here. Sorry to hear of all the aches and pains you are suffering. Mine seem minor in comparison. I have no energy or desire to do much and think if I force myself I might be more active but I don;t want to. These all day Hallmark movies are not a good thing! However they are keeping me from watching the news stations and that is a blessing to my blood pressure!

          I have nothing to say or going on today so will make another cup of coffee and postpone starting the day. Hope those in pain are better soon. Beth, there is normally at least one ass in every working environment. Enjoy your family and ignore the rude guy. Have a good day everyone. Good luck with the doctor Jostoy.


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            Maxie, I am already over the Hallmark movies. I know what you mean about the news too. It's so awful what is going on in our country and not knowing what the outcome is going to be is just scary.

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          late late evening

          thank heavens November is over!!!!!!!!!..... I looked in my journal and saw my fall was on the 7th and my butt ,tailbone is still being a " misery"..
          then we had the 4 days without power.agggg. no water, no heat. ( water from the big rain barrel used to flush ).. little burners in doorway between kitchen,and living room .all other doors shut..(makes for a cold bathroom..........then on ,off snow.temp staying in the 20/30 range. today was 45!!!.
          company for 6 full days.. thanksgiving, Im thankful its passed.
          so much for that list of complaints....

          I'm not crazy about dec either. ..

          have not spent time with Donna, and grease ball making ... I miss our conversation time.

          we were in Walmart yesterday... and I do not feel like going "hunting" Christmas stuff.. daug Karen will help get what I want to give grandkids.. I furnished the money, she shops.. all 12 ,counting spouses. get the same thing. mostly a gag type gift ,to which I add an envelope..

          everybody,,, just keep writing in here every day.. you are a bright spot in my day!!!!!!!!!!