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Thursday, November 29

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  • Thursday, November 29

    Yesterday we met the guy who owns the tree removal service and he is very nice. He gave us an estimate on removing the big rotten tree and trimming up the Live Oak that is right beside it. Live Oaks are the hardest wood that I know of and there is a "Y" section that is leaning towards the roof and he said it's better to just trim it now while we're getting this done. There is a huge Sycamore tree right beside our garage and is between our house and our neighbors. At some point before we bought this house someone had cleaned off the branches that were growing across our garage and roof. This is a massive tree and I'm afraid the big roots had already caused our garage floor to split before we bought this house. Anyway, we don't know the owner except that she lives in NY and we've never seen her. The guy said he would trim those branches for us also. That way we won't have to have it done 5 yrs from now.

    Ok, he explained that he likes to do a thorough job and include everything that needs to be done up front so he is not sounding like an auctioneer with pricing. It makes perfect sense to us. He had already quoted us a price of $800 for our rotten tree, plus he is doing the other trim work for that same price. Here in FL they make big bucks removing trees, so we know this is a more than fair price. He is also taking away a dead tree that was here when we bought the house. DH and I cut it down and removed the branches, but we could not get the tree cut up small enough to put in the yard waste. Actually it was a good sized tree. Why do people leave dead trees in the yard? We don't even have a chainsaw and we used a handsaw, "old fashioned" and it took us a long time and lot of sweat to get that down. You don't even want to know about the trees that were growing out of our foundation!

    So the guy is sending his crew tomorrow to do the work. I know, right! We already know how good they are cuz we watched them take down the giant Live Oak next door and they clean up after themselves. They also protect your property by moving things and clearing items so they won't get tromped on or destroyed. He said he would place a wheelbarrow over my little Avocado tree. Isn't that sweet?

    My good neighbor behind us wants an estimate from him on some dead branches of her Magnolia. He gets good word of mouth advertising. So, I'm looking forward to having more sun at my back door next spring.

    Yesterday I decorated a wreath with some pretty sparkly ribbon and hung our stockings that I made last year. I had forgotten about making those. They are burlap with white trim and look so French Country. They look beautiful.

    Ok, I've written another booklet. Be back later to catch up on you peeps.

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Surprise!.. Im here early.

    Hi Karlin... my hubby family were sawmiller folks.. cutting trees, sawing up lumber etc.... unfortunately , David had to have a regular income in our early married years, so he only helped his dad and grandfather on weekends .. loved working in woods.. so I knew what you were talking about.. they never hesitated to cut or trim out a tree when it was near a building.. but did not make it a commercial job..they preferred making beautiful boards of oak ,maple.

    today is supposed to be a snow ,rain free day.. cold but roads are bare.. so we will get to go shopping.. will fill the groc cart full of necessities. prepare for bad weather yet to come.. the list is Long..

    I can set and drive. but can see where I will probably run out of energy.. the tailbone is improving but resting is the besting thing I can do for it..

    so ,Hi to all of you ..I will be back in to read.


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      Maye having the backside hurting is no fun at all, sure hope you continue to heal everyday. We bought a tree farm when we bought this place, cleared a spot of a house and yard, but someday we will have trees/lumber to leave to the kids..

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    Good morning as I run through...

    I wish my family would decide what they are doing....Mom and dad are coming today I have a very fancy dinner tonight and I paid for the entire family plus my oldest nieces boyfriend to go too....I think they are going home on Friday night but I don't know...we were all supposed to go shopping on Saturday but that has been cancelled I think...I really wanted to go so I am going to try to get it back on the books or maybe we can go while I am off work for a month.


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      Good morning...going to warm up above freezing nice to see the snow and ice all melted. I think Jon is going to grill today. Sounds good to me and I am not the one standing in the cold flipping burgers...just the one sitting at the table eating them. Andrew made that suggestion so now I need to run to the grocery. First time I have been out since Sunday! Although Jon is on vacation for the next two weeks so I could send him...this is the closest time he could get to Christmas which means he will be working both Christmas Eve and Day but we have our celebration planned for the 22 and 23. And our big family celebration will be the weekend after Christmas this year...seems I am free for the official Christmas if anyone needs a guest. Someone in a warm climate if I can be picky!

      I have had trees removed and can agree you have gotten a good deal Karlin. At one time the power company would trim trees and if you requested would remove them at no just had to take the wood but if you put out a sign it disappears in record time. People do love free wood. But now they just trim them back into total ugliness and leave you to pay for removal. It will be noisy around your neighborhood when they start.

      Laundry and groceries are on tap for today. Only have one more order waiting to be delivered..mail is coming so late now with them delivering all our packages. We do not give the post office enough credit. We have rural delivery and they have to get out of the car at every house getting a package after putting mail into the box. Double work and they are talking of privatizing the post office. Never get the deal or service we are getting now! When I lived in town my mail carrier was a guy who went to school with my husband. He delivered my mail for 20 years and he would say he knew so much about the people on his route. He loved my drop sugar cookies and I would always tie a bag to the box when I baked them. If you looked out I could see him going across the yard eating cookies...another nice memory.

      Time to start the day. Hope everyone of you have a great one!!


      • Paula A
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        YOu are welcome at our table, maxie! It will just be the three of us and room for a couple more.
        I hope they do not privatize the USPS. I have no idea how high the costs for our stamps will go!

      • boffler
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        Maxie I love the memory you shared about the mailman, gone are the days of such happening...just like shopping on line has taken a lot of stores away, so has computers/technology taken away jobs in factories, stores, etc. a sad time...

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      Good morning. I woke up early to the wind and then went back to sleep for a up at my normal early time.

      That is a good price for here, too, Karlinann. I have a big fruitless mulberry that needs to be cut back and one guy quoted me 450.00 and another 400.00 so for all that you need done that is an amazing price.

      Another inside day with the kids and I will have to do some thinking to keep them occupied without outside time. the wind makes the patio too wet to go out even with the cover. Yesterday was good for an inside day...

      I have a hair and nails appointment tonight after daycare. Usually I think of these dual kinds as a spa time, but I am already thinking I need to make the next appointments in the daytime on a Saturday.
      The weekends sure have a way of filling up.

      Maye, good to see you so early! Have a good day and take it easy.
      Beth, maybe just a shopping trip with one parent to keep it quick? Tell us about your dinner, please.
      All who check in, have a good day and I will be checking back to see what you all are up to and how you are feeling.


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        Paula when I read about you trees and knowing you have a daycare I always think of a little boy I followed for 5 years that was hit by a tree limb that feel and he got a TMI from it at the daycare...Tripp Halsted in GA, he recently passed away...So yes, trees need to be taken down, trimmed, checked, etc. for everyones safety.

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      Good Morning to all a very cold northern morning...29 degrees out...I plan on staying in my flannel bottoms and thermal shirt (bra less) I might add...I know, I know, TMI!! Feels so good to have all the decorating done, also made my fruitcake and have it marinated with rum, wrapped in cheesecloth and plastic wrap/foil and in a was my Dad's recipe and I make it each year as he did, and I know fruitcake gets a bad rap but hubby loves it, I like it, and other members of the family do also. And need to get my list together for goodies that I make at Christmas and get started on some of them...

      Thinking I will not do pies for Christmas but a few other kinds of deserts. Today while in the comfort of my own home I will do some Christmas shopping...I detest shopping, I make it to one or two stores and I am ready to come home...age has a way of doing that to you...

      And like Maxie I am trying to think of something to fix for supper...yesterday I have popcorn chicken and make the sauce of barbecue sauce and orange marmalade and added red pepper, onions and green peppers, had this over rice...always a convenient meal...have ham left over got that diced up so today might just be pinto beans and cornbread...

      Well need to stir up some grub for breakfast and get busy..

      Hope all is well with everyone..
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Good morning.

        Karlie, it sounds like you have found a very good tree guy!
        I wish we had a good one like him out here. A few years back we hired an “Arborist” for a tree removal, and plant a replacement tree. Seems our local nursery couldn’t plant a tree that would live in the coliche ground here. First, count on a much higher fee when they give themselves a fancy title....we found out later. When they planted the new tree, they couldn’t put it in the same spot, as the stump “removal” left the base and roots 6” from the forget shade where we need it most. A year after the tree was planted, I asked how long we needed the stakes and wires removed. They said it’s for US to remove. We argued over that and I reminded him one of his workers said they’d remove it, due to our age we couldn’t handle it. So they finally removed it. Problem 2 is finding tree trimmers to do a proper job. Frankly, I did a lot of branch trimming myself, mostly from where I could do that where I could stand on the ground. (I don’t trust ladders on gravel-covered ground. But people often stopped and complimented me on the trimming I’ve done. But these days I don’t have the strength for it.....and the yard has always been my work; DH would help if I asked him to, but otherwise has no interest in it.).

        I did go to PT yesterday. The new trainer makes me work at it, but is careful to not overwork me. The original guy just had me going through the motions, in comparison. Unfortunately my day began with extra bathroom runs. The exercises tired me, I really felt the new muscles that were worked. That is a good thing. But got home after a small lunch out, I desperately needed a nap, and had the need for more bathroom runs during the afternoon. I kept to an even smaller dinner, and no snacking after that. A good night’s sleep was what I needed. Am feeling much better today. I have 3 more sessions lined up for next month. Hopefully we will be able to move after that. I will try to get a referral to continue there, where there is another branch of our same hospital & services.

        We have no set plans for today....just be up and getting more stuff done. I admit that I’ve been slacking off, so has E, but that will change.

        I only asked for a fitbit for Xmas this year. E found them online at incredibly low prices. Much cheaper than Black Friday prices! Mine will be coming in this week. E will be getting one, too. Other than that, we are pretty much skipping Christmas this year. The fuss and bother of it, in our current circumstances. Too much to do, and why decorate when we will be taking it down again in a short time. Right?

        Today is our last “warm” day, getting to 77°. In the foreseeable predictions. Our night temps will drop to the 30’s and the days will be “high” in the 60’s and 50’s. I need to finish getting out my warmer duds, and packing away the lightweight stuff.
        i keep out of season clothes in bins.

        Oops....looks like I wrote a book.
        I will be back later to read posts.
        Have a very good day.

        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          JoGee, they are going to take my stump way down and I will take care of the rest. All you do is wait for a dry spell, drill lots of holes in the top and pour salt in them. It rots the stump. I used this method when we lived in Knoxville.

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        Wow! Looks like everyone posted while I was typing!

        Sharon, I’d love a slice of your fruitcake! With its bad rap, I stayed away from it for many years. Then I tasted one. Unfortunately, E doesn’t like them, so I don’t get them.

        Maye, I hope the rest of your healing comes at a quicker pace. Take care!

        Beth, I’d like to hear more about your dinner, too. Hope you can find a good shopping day.

        Those memories are nice. Now...or maybe just here.... mail carriers are not “allowed” to take baked goodies, drinks or foods from customers.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


        • Paula A
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          Jo, we atarted eating fruitcake when I was little. My grandparents always served it thinly sliced with eggnog.
          Then when my brother was in middle school there was a fundraiser from Collin Street bakery in Texas that sold great fruitcake and we have been buying it ever since!
          Also, my mom found a recipe for a no bake fruitcake that is delicious. Uses graham cracker crumbs, orange juice and all the fruits.

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        Thanks, Karlie. I didn’t know that.

        Paula, will you share the no-bake fruitcake recipe, please? Sounds so good!
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.