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Wednesday, November 28

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  • Wednesday, November 28

    Whoa....this month is almost over. Can you believe it?

    It's not freezing yet, but it's 38 degrees here. I had to get out the thick terry robe to wear, but I still have my sandals on. What a hoot!

    Nothing to report in my neck of the woods. Have a wonderful day!
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good Morning, a very cold one out there to say the least. Karliann, a temp of 38 degrees in Florida is plenty to talk about, LOL

    Well I got all my decorating finished yesterday, each year I wonder why in the world I put myself through all of this because for the most part it is just me and the hubby, if we are lucky when daughter and family come home from GA they may be here 24 hrs. then no more, they stay with my ex or her hubby's family...sad but true...

    We have a console entertainment center with the tv above on the wall, one day I said "wouldn't it be nice to have one of those electric fireplace inserts like we have in motorhome", hubby says "you can buy those and install them". Well the two center doors came off, we ordered the insert and we now have the electric fireplace in, it looks so cozy for the holidays, can even use it to take a chill off if you want to, and a timer to set it to go off...Love it..

    Today I will spend catching up on laundry and getting house back in order, hubby has a closing on a house this morning and when he gets back home he can take all the totes and boxes back down in crawlspace..

    Got a call from the Drs. office yesterday and she says "Sharon you aren't going to believe this but all your lab work came back perfect"! "Who would have thought seeing the name on the labs it would be you"? Cholesterol all things perfect, even my Vit D levels, yeah for me!!! We both got a good laugh from that.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to me...

    Well time for me to get started on that laundry, I so regret my purchase of upright washer and dryer combo, I miss a wringer washer...

    Have a great day one and all.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


    • maxie
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      Good news! Now sit back and enjoy your good health and beautifully decorated house.

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    Good morning.

    Had to get up earlier so I can run the dust bunnies out of the house. I have another showing at 5 this evening. Maybe this will get that young lady, who has been here 3 times, and claims my house is her top contender off the "pot" , and get her offer in.

    I really do feel blessed as there are 270 home in my county for sale. Although, some of the homes here in town are real "dumps". They will probably be sold only to "flippers".

    Sharon, I have looked at those entertainment centers with the fire place in them also. I need something for a bigger TV when I move to F.W. My little 37 inch will be hardly seen in the big front room that I have up there. Just don't know how much electricity the quartz fireplace will take. Don't know anyone around here who has them to ask.

    Time to get off my rump and get something done....have a good one.

    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


    • karlinann
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      Jostoy, why are there so many homes for sale in your county? Good luck with the sale. We have been through it many times and I know what you are going through. I bet that gal will end up buying your home. So, are you moving to Fort Worth or Fort Wayne?

    • Paula A
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      I asked that, too, Karlinann. It is Fort Wayne!

    • maxie
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      Maybe this time she is bringing her support system with her. Good luck with the showing!!!!

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    Good Morning! It's a chilly & white one out there. White, but the roads are clear.

    Yesterday was good. Sue & I got a lot accomplished, then after lunch I headed to Aldi's. Had a relaxing evening.

    Today's goal(s) is to ice all cookies baked yesterday and to mix up 2 doughs for tomorrow's baking fest.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning.

      itís 43į here now, but should be in the 70ís later today; same forecast for tomorrow. December will bring lows in the 30ís and highs in the low 60ís. Thereís a possibility of rain ahead, too. We can use it, so I hope it happens.

      Today I have PT scheduled. I sure donít feel like it. I need a cuppa ďget up and goĒ today, I guess.

      Karlie, all I have is sandals. Adjustable ones. Nothing else fits well. I swore Iíd never be one of the old ladies who wear socks with sandals. Guess what!!! I donít like the way it looks, but itís comfortable....and thevsocks are for this colder weather. If my feet feel cold, my whole body feels cold, too! But with neuropathy in my feet, Iím never sure if my feet really are cold, or normal temperatures.

      Sharon, congrats on the good-news labs. I know exactly how you feel!
      I see my doctor on Monday next week, and hope for the same kind of results.

      Jostoy, got my fingers crossed for your house sale. Let this gal be the one!

      Cookie, Iím glad you are pretty much caught up, and have time to relax.

      Hope all the Rounders have a great day,
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


      • Paula A
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        Did you and E watch any of the Mars landing?

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      It is our second of three days of rain and all is wet outside, but not raining at the moment.
      Garbage trucks just rumbled up and I will get the cans in as soon as I am finished.

      I sure wish I could be there to see your house, Jostoy, and to see the new one as well. Sharon, it is great that Doug has found such a good second career.

      I have macaroni cooked and ready to make mac and cheese (homemade) for the daycare. I have ground beef for added protein, but I have found I better not mix it in: the kids just won't eat it that way...spaghetti, yes, but not mixed into the mac and cheese. So no chili mac for them. I love it.

      Ok, that is all for me. The drive to the airport went well, but lots of traffic and lots of rain. Coming back it was much lighter traffic and light rain. So that made my mother more relaxed and we just talked aaobut her week in FL the whole way home.

      I hope you all stay warm and well!


      • jostoy
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        Paula, I have completely remodeled this house. I thought I'd be staying here until they put me in the furnace. But my family started on me about 2 1/2 years ago to move up there. When things happened so quick with E., I just couldn't stay here. Besides the family reminded me of what I said about "after something happens to E". So here I set with 2 homes and 1 mortgage.

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      Morning! Another cold start for the day but suppose to warm up into the 30s today. A heat wave!! This winter stuff is getting pretty darn old....already!

      Yesterday the house was chilled so I baked a loaf of pumpkin bread..haven't made that is a long time. Andrew was allover it and even took a piece home for his mother and another for himself of course. The house smelled so good and just running the oven a little took the chill off. I have not left the house since Sunday..not even to go out and pick up the mail. However someone is bringing in the mail and the bills are still finding their way in. Sneaky little things. Andrew and I wrapped his Christmas gifts and that was a big deal. What paper to use and what tag to use. His other sister's SO is named Drew (not Andrew but Drew) and he thought he was so clever when we wrote 'Bella and Drew from Andrew'.. get it? And Drew? Actually I thought he was pretty clever too.

      I ask to have a meat brought up but I saw nothing in the fridge so will need to go down and find something for supper. Could find a couple of loads of laundry to do but I have a feeling it will be a do what comes up day and maybe nothing will come up! You people are always busy and on the go while I just plod along. Enjoy your day and your warm homes and festive decorations and the aroma of fresh baked cookies. Time is flying by so enjoy!


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        Paula, we were without TV for a few Wi-Fi either. Donít know what kind of glitch the TV stations got, but nothing came in clearly. He had to reset the stations.
        I thought while he did that Iíd check my emails or play a game, but that didnít happen. Nothing was happening there, either.
        I am sure glad he understands that electronics stuff. I sure donít. Once he said the TV was working again, I checked my iPad and it was working too.

        But we had seen some of the Mars landing before the TV glitched. I saw the same thing on my iPad news earlier. It was just a brief clip, though. It will be interesting to see what they discover there, wonít it?
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          late evening

          yes, I'm still alive .. spent a lot of the day rearranging paper work..sorting file folders.. both on computer and in the file cabinet.. I love discarding stuff these days...

          good to come in and see Karlin Cheerful message... and yes, its amazing that Nov. is almost gone... and I will begin to be in a better mood when December is finally Gone too.!... I can stand Jan. and Feb.. no rushing around, .life slows down, even the people in stores move slower.. I love Christmas, Just wish it was celebrated with less shopping , decorating etc etc. ..the music, at least the Christian type ,is lovely to listen to,, its sad to think tho' that the whole season has been taken over by the commercial world...even using the expression "merry Christmas".. got critizied. I sure wish they would pick a day in January to celebrate instead of Dec 25.
          oops.... got that soap box out again.... sorry.. will put it away..

          hoping to go out for load of groceries tomorrow.. slowly , so very slowly , the tailbone feels a wee bit better .. I can bend down and pick up fallen stuff from floor.. I miss going to Donna's, love our time together.

          stay well. and warm..