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Tuesday, November 27

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  • Tuesday, November 27

    Yes, the Farmer's Almanac was right. It's supposed to get cold the end of November and it has. Down to 32* here tonight and we will bring in the 2 tomato plants and my Eucalyptus tree.

    So, the dentist visit was fine. I had a new hygienist and he numbed my gums with a pink gel-like stuff. He was very efficient and quick and when it was all over the numbness wore off within a few minutes. I requested him from now on, but she told me he is temporary and lives in Winter Park. I said she should hire him and he can buy a house here and move his family. He's that awesome! She was happy to hear the good feedback.

    The plumber came before 11 am. He had to heat that part that was rusted in order to get the fixture to go into place so it would turn off properly. He couldn't install the new faucet/valve set for us though. He said that would entail taking out a wall to get into the water pipes and it would be expensive and anyway it was not necessary. Our shower was fixed within a few minutes and it felt so good to not have to climb into a tub again. The shower works like a charm and we will return the fixture we bought at Lowe's. Oh, that little plumbing problem costs us $100.

    DH and I finished getting the leaves out of the gutters. I piled them into the garden and now we are done with that task. We are getting an estimate soon on taking that tree down. I don't want to go another year with the worry of it falling on the Lanai. I will miss the shade, but it is very rotten at the trunk and halfway up there is a visible place where rot has taken out a branch.

    What's up with you Rounder's? Be back later to check you out.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning...has anyone seen my get up and go? I don't want to leave the warm! 21 Days until my month long Christmas vacation. I plan to do some major sleeping in while I am on vacation and baking and who knows what else!

    I am more than half way done with Christmas shopping....I placed a huge amazon Order last night.


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      It is a cold morning here...18 with a wind chill of 5 and an occasional flurry floats by. Andrew has already used 2 snow days and he has gone some years where the school has not used any. Suppose to warm up and rain later this week.

      Yesterday I piddled around and did a lot of little jobs. Today I have to cook so will get that put together this morning. Tonight is our family night but Sierra is working...they are flu racked at work. She has her certification test in a couple of weeks so hope she stays healthy. She drove home yesterday to have her car work done and called to say the snow ice line just stopped abruptly. Like turning a corner and it is another scene! If there was a line like that for the temp I know where i would be!!

      Good idea to get a rotten tree removed Karlinann. And aren't plumbers expensive? Wish we had one in the family! Glad you got your leaves under control and the gutters cleaned. Beth it is a good feeling to have the Christmas shopping finished. Yesterday was Cyber Monday so hope you got great bargains.

      Wish there was someone here to get me another cup of coffee but looks like if I want one I have to get up and get it. Stay warm and enjoy the day..


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        Good morning.
        These next few days will reach 77į, then it will plunge down to the 60ís and 50ís .... with some rain. Whether that rain falls here or mostly on the mountains is anybodyís guess. Time to get all my sweatshirts and cold weather stuff ready. E will no doubt be happy enough in tee shirts and short sleeve polos, but it will be too cold for me to do so. Not that Iím a wimp so much, but itís how the aging process affects me. I take or wear a sweater everywhere. I need sweatshirts, preferably tunic length.

        Today Iím dragging out the bin of Christmas cards and start addressing them. Plus write out the gift checks. So thatís an all day job. Iím so glad we donít have to lick the postage stamps any more. Remember that?

        So, other than cooking, and taking a break from writing by doing other small chores around here, thatís what my day will consist of.

        Hope you all have a great day. Keep smiling.

        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          I am having a day off so I just got here. Also, a lot of texts and messages coming in about a death the family announced and I shared (family asked me to).

          It is raining here and I have to figure out how to turn on the wipers on my mother's car. It is old enough I should be able to figure it out. My car took me a while to find out all the turn on and off switches. I have to fill it up and will take it to my tire shop to check the air. The last time we used her car she took it to her tire shop and was told the tires were fine and then found out they were filled too full or something.
          I want to stop by a photographer's shop to fix a picture. the glass broke and needs to be redone, but this shop is not open on Saturday and the hours are 10:00-5:00...what do working people do?

          OUr great plumber charges 65.00 for the service just to come out and see what the problem is and so a total of 100.00 is a good price for me. The electrician is the same, but his visits usually start with a 2! 210.00 seems to be the last amount I remember...
          Joys of home ownership, right?

          Beth, your InstaPot picture looked great!
          I have dogs whining to go out. If they only knew how windy and wet it is outside they would wait a little longer.
          Keep on keeping on, you all and see you later!


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            Good Morning all you fine beautiful/handsome people...slow getting here, got started doing more decorating and lost track of time...about ready to finish it up today....I do my village on top of kitchen cabinets don't have to worry about the kitties getting into it...speaking of which Sam the kitty's visit at vet went great yesterday, he kind of has deformed ear drums but no infections, clean them once a week, put drops in twice a day, call them back in two weeks to see if the itching is gone.

            I put my window swags on the outside front windows yesterday, they are from Plow & Hearth and I love them, candle attached that is one a timer...The cinnamon ornaments I made smell so good on the tree.

            Well I best get to the village people, LOL and get this finished...cold, cold, cold here but the white beats the nasty cold rain we started with yesterday,

            See ya later...thinking of all the things I am thankful for and how I respond to things I am not so happy about...
            Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


            • maxie
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              Editing a comment
              I am also trying to be thankful for the good things but I do not have your discipline to keep my mouth shut about the things I am not. I try and just when I think I have it mastered something else happens and I blurt out what I am thinking. Lord give me strength! We have had unseasonably early cold and snow this year and if I had won that big lottery would be complaining about the heat on my island paradise...!!

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            Good evening,

            well, its been a while since I have checked in... son,and his wife were here for a full week.. having them here plus the fact that the fall,hurting tailbone, is still giving me a great deal of discomfort.. sapping the energy .. if I stand and do "stuff".. it doesn't hurt but too much standing and this the whole butt area aches. aggggggggggggg.... and sitting is tricky.. if I set on a chair and can lean forword, like at at table. I'm ok. but leaning back ,like on sofa.. don't work. puts downward pressure on tailbone and that is a no-no...

            so we got through the week. somehow.. and I have managed to get routine stuff done,, laundry..cook a little bit. haven't try running sweeper. surprising it is hard to get into bed or to turn over in bed ....I did not realize how much you use your hips to move you in bed.

            have not made any plans for Christmas shopping .. will hunt out last years C.Card box and see what I have. buy some new ones... don't send out very many anymore... and will start asking the folks for helpful hints on what to shop for... Jo you have the bestest idea.. write out a check.. I know all my grands would not mind that.. but adults.not so much..... .. any hints folks?

            time to find a softer seat.. see you later .. I have miss you all!!!


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              Maye, I got all the gift checks written, stuck in cards that are addressed, stamped, and decorated. It took me all day, because hubby wanted meals, conversation, etc....he finally went for a haircut and brought home some Italian food for us, so I could be sure Iím finished.
              Actually, I have 2 addresses to get confirmation on, and it will all be ready for the USPS.
              I have one GDís family not getting zilch....I havenít heard from her in 5 yrs....I had sent notes, emails, texts, and Iím completely ignored. I have no idea why. Iím sure eventually hear from DIL (her mom) about why her precious one is ignored. I will tell her again. There is no reason for the girlís rudeness. Oh well. How this will pass will depend on her.
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.