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  • Finally Friday

    Work was a little bit better. The new girl wasn’t let go she has dr note but hasnt been back yet.

    Granny is back in the hospital and pretty sick. They are running test on her heart and lungs. She was complaining chest pain. She has a uti is congested has fluid on lungs and a fever. Hopefully today we will get answers.

    Tonight I am going to Main Street for Halloween stuff with friends.

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    A cold and rainy morning here. I still need to get to Penney's to exchange those shirts and I do want to stroll through Kohl's for me. No kid tonight so no cooking so I have the time unless I decide to clean house and finally change my bed. No matter what I decide it will require a bit of energy and I am already not sure I can muster up any of that.

    Parent teacher conference must have been ok since no one woke me up to say different. I was taking my first period hockey nap...rests me up for the rest of the game. However, I did not need to be rested and when we were down by 4 goals I switched the channel. They just need to do better than this. Andrew told me he could have had a free hockey ticket and I could have bought another for 1/2 price and we could have gone on the ice yada yada yada. It was a reading promotion and you know what the brat told me? He was not in the mood to read a book! Straight face he tells me this....I am sure there is more involved than reading one book but either way I am not going to a hockey game and walking on the ice! But he did come in and voluntarily finished his math homework so he is free for his 3 day weekend. Tomorrow Jon is taking both kids and Drew's cousin to 6 flags for Fright Night and meeting up with my nephew and his s/o. That trip may have been an incentive for the homework since they are all looking forward to being scared to death and riding rides in the dark. Hope they send pics because that is as close as I will be getting to fright night!

    Nothing of any interest going on around here. House is dirty and laundry to do. I bought a turkey breast and want to see if Scott wants to come down next week for dinner while he is still on sick leave. I'll even do all the fixins'.

    Have a wonderful day everyone and Beth glad things are better at work but sorry your grandmother is sick.


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      Well, things are off to a great start here. I got checked in and got TSA Pre check so I can wear my favorite sketchers and not have to take them on and off for the line. It's the little things, folks! I am kind of awkward with shoes while standing and with this hip still not entirely fine, I just didn't want to try and fall over. I will have my shoes that I can walk in and not worry about how far. I don't want to complain, but the Southwest terminal is much more trying than the Delta terminal: more people, trams to get on and of course, you have to use a kiosk for bags but I am hoping the guys will be at the curb to take my bags. Worth the tip money!
      I am in section A,#30, so I should be able to get an aisle seat. Long flights mean I will need to take a stroll to the restroom and I hate asking people to get up...ugh. why did my mom and all those teachers drill it into me to not make waves and put others first!???

      Daycare is a late start today and a very low attendance. I will probably have only 2-3. And not the baby that really needs all my attention.
      Maxie, I am taking your advice and stripping my bed right after this and getting it changed.
      Becky told me Spencer's family does not have good pillows so I ordered a set like I just bought from Amazon to be delivered to them today. I told him I have two things arriving and I will leave them when I come home. I also ordered a hair dryer. I hate bothering a working daughter r in law and always asking for something she needs every day. It may sound picky but if it makes for a better visit I am all for it

      My diet is going so well that I am hoping I can keep it up there. I can tell them I am working on being ready for Hawaii with them next summer...the one meal my grandson made last time I went I will eat small amounts if he does it again: Japanese curry rice with curry beef (stew). Their sushi is fabulous!!! But since they a room full of exercise equipment and are very conscious of what they eat, should be good. I can bake cookies and not eat them.

      Speaking of which, I was at a a meeting last night and a friend made the best cookies!!! They had apples and nuts and a lot of cinnamon and a glaze on them. I shared one with Becky and will be begging for the recipe. Raisins in them. too. It was the only sweet I sampled and I count that a good night.

      Gotta go grab off those sheets. Have a good day and I will be back after my dr. appointment to see what lal is going on.


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        Afternoon! It's dreary here, but no rain YET. It's coming though.

        Yesterday I just had just a smidge of energy. I didn't go to Bible study. I didn't make my cookie dough for today. I watched a few episodes of Chicago Medical.

        They are putting the final coat of paving on the road in front of our house. It's a slow process. Noisy too. Yesterday they did the one side, and today they are doing the side closest to our house. Caused Blaise's bus to be 25 minutes late. The mail lady said they would allow her to deliver the mail on the side being paved yesterday.

        I went to Open House last night at the school. Helped with the Bake Sale table for a while, then went to visit Blaise's classrooms. Got a big hug from the one teacher. We've talked & emailed quite a bit, so we got to meet face to face finally. Blaise went to bed on his own early, so he must still be dragging a bit. I got him up earlier this morning to finish his homework. I think he's completed all assignments. Whew!!!!

        This morning Sue & I baked sugar cookies, oreo pie crusts, and rolled out pie dough. Now this afternoon I need to finish baking the rest of the cut outs, fill a few of the Oreo crusts, and make some peach pie filling. Plan on taking Blaise to karate tonight.

        Have a good one all!


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          Sick with bacterial pnuemonia. Came back from vacation on Friday and within 4 hours it hit me hard. Got an antibiotic on Tuesday. No desire to do much so will return when I feel more up to it. Miss all of you.
          Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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            Lots of newsy people on here since I was here this morning. Sorry you have been sick Sharon...take care of yourself! Paula have a good trip. I did get my bed changed finally. Why do I put if off as such a big job when in reality it isn't that hard. Now I have my flannel sheets on and added an extra blanket...some nights you just want a little bit more out of blanket...or two! When they were doing road/rail road crossing work here last year the bus was always late plus they were making the driver go in unnatural places with that big old bus. Andrew is on the bus for an hour anyway so any delay makes for a long darn day.

            I returned the shirts to Penney's then bought a couple of towels. I have spent so much time in the kids department I told the girls I would not be back but I would miss seeing them every day. Went to bath and body and bought Sierra some of the warm vanilla sugar scent she has been using and I sprayed myself and I stink. It smells so good on her but it is clogging my nose all I smell is...IT! It is not my scent for sure!! Then on to Kohl's and picked her up some sleep pants for her birthday and Christmas decorative towels. It was a pretty picked over store so will have to order the other sleep pants on line. But I am home and it is cool in here so thermostat must think I am still gone. Stopped by Arby's and got my turkey sandwich and bought Jon a roast beef sandwich for his supper. The laundry pile is higher but tomorrow is another day. Long gone are the days I could clean, do laundry, fix a meal, cut the grass AND shop all in one day! All that energy I wasted as a young mother!

            Time for a coffee break...


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              Sharon I am so sorry to hear you are sick. Hope those meds are kickin in.
              Two little girls but one mom drove by to pay me. I never have to re
              ind her.
              my pt called and they are moving up my time to 5:00 which works much better than 6:00.

              i am glad you reminded me about the flannel sheet, Maxie. I am putting g on the top one for now. I grew up with them and love mine.

              i am going to try that new Arby’s sandwich when I get back. The picture sure looks good!

              i will be late to absent tomorrow due to the WiFi at the airport.
              Missed you, Sharon!


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                Good Evening,

                after a couple of frustrating days trying to reach the Sears store via telephone, and to get a LIVE person at the other end.!. I finally got through to a real voice!!. . we have a protection agreement on our water conditioner. and it needs a checkup.. there is now an appointment made for Oct 31.
                then....I had no email on the computer , which is run through by the Phone co. we use.. and again, try fo 2 day to get a Live person.. finally got a form on the computer. very short and to the point.. with the response they would work on it.... and call me.... about 4 hours later, a guy did call.. install the password... I tried it and it works... so now that is fixed.... but I was upset.. ( angry, stomping foot. cussing angry.).at not getting a Real person... so this

                evening Im a little more relaxed...I hate little things like that hanging over my head.. .i guess when you own or have possessions . something is always wearing out or breaking down..

                Sharon . hope you are feeling a smidge better this evening . don't mess around with this stuff.. if you aren't feeling any better, go to hospital!.

                I did get my geraniums pulled and stashed in smaller pots. brought into the under house garage, which in not used as garage ,Its MY big storage area.. (it also becomes a place to sleep visiting grandsons.Futon out there) . and thats about all the work I did do today..

                see you tomorrow.. I'm ready for a good book and the bed , turn on the electric blanket for 1/2hr ahead.


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                  Good late afternoon.
                  Sorry to be so late today. I think I picked up a bug at the grocery store yesterday. I was sneezing all evening.
                  i spent the morning in and out of the bathroom. Laid down a bit this afternoon. I had chills, so despite the weather, so had dressed in flannel and thermal clothes.
                  E got a call this morning from his surgeons office to be at the imaging unit at 2 pm, so that took the afternoon for him to drive and get that done.
                  well, I'm out of sorts in not feeling well. can hardly wait til bedtime, actually.

                  you all have a more interesting day than I've had.
                  Create a beautiful day wherever you go.