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Thursday 10/25

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  • Thursday 10/25

    Good Morning! Getting this started.

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    Good SUNNY Morning! Well, I think there is going to be some sun today. It's really foggy out there now.

    Yesterday was good. Got Blaise back to school after being off 8 days. Sue came and we baked all morning. I was without a car, so Sue took me into town to deliver the doctor's office order and then we went to Sharp Shopper. I finished up the baking. My cousin Karen came over to see some items I have extra. Her oldest is moving into his own place. We had a nice chat. Blaise came home with a bunch of homework, but he petered out and ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours. I went to a meeting at church. I then came home worn out. So much for getting anything more done.

    I was suppose to go to Bible study this morning, but I'm not. Once I find my energy, I'll bake off the sugar cookies, and mix up another quadruple batch of sugar cookie dough for us to bake tomorrow. Tonight is open house at the school.

    If anyone sees my energy, would you please send it back.


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      Good morning...pardon my french but all h""l has broke loose at work...The new girl got fired yesterday and if she didn't then she will be once I get done with her....she is saying that all of her stomach stuff came from me!!!!!! I didn't wash my hands!!!! Bull Sh""! 2 can play this game..!! I am going to turn her in today for asking me for anxiety meds....she first asked if I carry my anxiety meds with me....I told her I never carry them on me.....then about a week later she asked if Know anyone that takes zanac that would give or sell her some...she would take me to get it...UMMM no!!! My coworker thinks that she took over half her zanac out of her person while she was on the other end of the line cooking...she saw this chick bent over by her purse and then kept telling my coworker that she had it....and was ok working on our end. I can't say anything about that because I wasn't there when that happened...but I can and will say something about her asking for my meds...and trying to make me feel like I made her sick and spreading that lie!!! I hope to goodness she is gone today!!!! Sorry for the rant but I am completely pissed. I didn't make her stomach stuff wasn't catching...and when I did get the flu a few weeks back it was after her and I think that it was related to my gastritis.

      Off to work in a few hoping for no trouble but ready to face what ever....I am ready to knock heads and take names...I don't get this pissed that often.


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        Morning! Such a gloomy morning with rain this afternoon...made getting out of bed hard this morning. Plus I slept so good last night but need more!

        Picked up new shirts for Andrew and will return those today. The sales lady recommended a husky size and they were great in length but he is not a husky kid so looked like he was wearing a tent. The adult size is way to big. I think next I will try Kohl's and see if their brand doesn't fit different. AND this is the last time. He either goes with me or doesn't get shirts.

        While I'm out I will grocery shop and then get a pot of chili on. Tonight is Drew's parent teacher conference and no school tomorrow so this is a Friday for me. Yesterday Jon left work early since they were overstaffed and we went out and picked up the bike Drew wants for Christmas. We ran through Arby's and I am now in love with their fried turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and bacon and it was so yummy! Going to stop by today and pick up another one since I do not like chili. When they handed me the bag I was shocked at how heavy the sandwich is full of turkey! AND I do like cranberries on turkey sandwiches and who doesn;t like bacon?

        Think I will get another cup of coffee and watch the news. Now we send pipe bombs to our enemies. What a sad thing when we express ourselves with hate and incite violence. More bombs found this morning. Sad sad sad!

        Have a good day every one! Cookie, how is Blaise and his flu?


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          Good morning.

          Maxie, sounds like we have similar weather forecasts. My rain is to start tonight so "they" and will be heavy tomorrow morning. So tomorrow will be laundry day.

          My age hasn't went back to kid stage that far YET. As a kid I liked being outside in the rain, slopping around in the mud puddles.

          Nothing on the agenda for today. Yesterday I fried up 2 lbs. of bacon and froze it in 6 piece packages. That will give me 3 meals for each package. And I agree....who doesn't like bacon.

          Hope all have a good day. BTW...Has anyone talked or heard from Ladyebug?
          Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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            I am on my phone so please bear with me.
            i saw ladybug on FB but it was not a written post but a wonderful photo of Nohn that she posted.
            i got all my cookies baked last evening and frosted them this morning.
            also made a cake that will be frosted tomorrow and picked up.
            my to do list is getting whittled down.

            i am excited that I am wearing jeans I have t been able to wear for awhile.

            i love bacon and that is the best hint yet, Jostoy!


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              Good afternoon.
              I had PT this morning. I have 4 sessions to go. Come November, theyíre changing their computer programming.....I told them they will never reach that info again. The systems suck. E found they have all of his minor info listed, but not one iota of the major stuff....he was checking for info on his shoulder surgery.

              After PT we went shopping for a few groceries, then out to lunch.

              Beth, I hope that your rant calmed down your frustrations, but you have every right to be upset. The person you are upset with sounds like a druggie, and should be reported. Then I hope you can relax.

              Cookie im glad that Blaise is doing better. Iím sure you will soon be swamped with holiday orders.

              hope you had fun shopping Maxie, and that you find things that fit him. Thatís the trouble with kids in general. You look away for a minute, and suddenly theyíve grown again.

              jostoy, I miss Elaine, too. Also I miss Nalani........I think today is her birthday.

              Paula, congrats on the weight/size loss. Iím trying to be more diligent these days, and E is surprised I often eat kid-size meals, and even turn down my favorite treats or just take one. Not easy to lose when ďweight gainĒ is actually a side effect of a medication. If I eat a full meal, he tells me that itís not the med...... but I donít often fix/get a big meal. Even restaurants, I choose a meal and donít get all the sides, and what I donít eat I will take home (goes good in soups) or leave behind.

              Well, Iím sore today for the extra exercises I had to do today. Ouch. I have 4 weekly sessions left.
              We will graze on leftovers tonight, I think.

              Hope you all had a good day.

              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                Just a short note, since being back from vacation I have been so very sick and still got a long way to go. Just have note felt up to anything. Will be back when I feel like talking. It's bacterial pnuemonia from aspiration.
                Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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                  Oh no, Sharon! Gentle hugs to you. Rest and let yourself heal. I hope this will pass quickly.
                  Create a beautiful day wherever you go.