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  • Sunday Morning..

    Morning all! Just passing through quickly since we are taking a ride to see the new house today and then doing lunch out. I have so much of a life here that I am equally excited about both!! Since no one is up or around here I hope you are all out apple picking or doing something fun. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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    Good morning.
    its a sleepy morning. Little Yappy Dog is gone, but apparently Big Yappy Dog is nearby now. Sounds like a German Shepard is there now, and I can tell who is boss in that family....surely not itís owners. Geez.

    Yesterday was a great day with middle daughter and her graduated daughter.
    today a daughter and grownup granddaughter will be here to visit with us. It should be another good day. Am looking forward to it.

    Tomorrow we begin our tours of Senior Living places.

    Hope you all all have a really lovely day.
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good morning! I love seeing new houses, maxie, but I forgot whose you are seeing...and eating out is always my favorite option, especially if it is in another town. I am really tired of knowing everything on the menue in this town. One of our oldest restaurants just changed owners and it seems they are changing names so we aren't sure what to expect. There is a restaurant 30 miles south that everyone raves about. It is a steak place and as soon as I can get my schedule with my friend we are going. She owns the hair salon and does my hair, and my point on that is she hears lots of reviews from clients and the other woman's clients and all say this place is great.

      Yesterday went well, but I did not get to HOme Depot for flowers. I did see planters at Walmart with mums and a tall grass planted in the middle. My cart was already full and I did't want to go back in so I told Becky and she will go get them or we can go after daycare.

      I had received a notice about my retirement benefit, too much information but the gist was I would be getting a quarterly extra benefit because my check had gone below 85% of something...I was really looking forward to it and thinking of what I could do...3.45 ...That is what they sent in an extra deposit. That is not enough too drive through Starbucks for. I guess they are thinking more about 7-11 and those slurpees. Leave it to the state of CA to get your hopes up and then show you up!

      Sorry to talk about money..the bright side is they deposited the money yesterday and did not wait until Monday.

      I think our apple picking plan is off. It is about 2 1/2 hours to Apple Hill, up out of Sacramento and we have gone in the past few years, but finding a day and going is not easy. Next year should be when I am retired...the best apples . I love Empires and the stores here never have them. also the Fuji apples you buy from the orchard are so much better than in the grocer. It is like a craft fair up there, too. It is an area with so many orchards and a couple of our favorites have food and crafts and fun tings for the families. I have to stop. I want to go now!

      Jo, your trip to see family and check out living sites sounds great! I hope the dogs will let you get some sleep and I hope you have a fun rest of your visit.

      OUr luncheon yesterday was perfect! Oh my gosh! Barbecued or smoked tri-tip and it was perfect which for me means not too smokey and a wonderful rub and not in sauce. Great salad you added all the things yourself and bread from a local bakery artisan loaf with lots of seeds and grain) and for dessert pumpkin cheesecake form Costco. I just ate a couple of bites of my cheesecake. And the centerpieces were dried hydrangeas in painted Mason jars (3) sitting in handmade wooden box. And I got to take one home. An X on your plate marked who could have the centerpiece and a friend gave me hers. She said she would not have a place for it and knew I would. Oh, yes I did.
      I asked if she was sure and before anyone said anything I said Thank you and took it. It is now on the end of my kitchen counter with an antique scale and a small pumpkin in front of it.

      I have to stop. This is my chatty place and time, I guess. Weekdays are so rushed.
      have a wonderful day and enjoy it! We had a little rain last evening and it was Great!


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        Hello, still morning, not noon yet. Been pretty busy around here, seems there is always something to see, do, or buy....I have been going here and yonder to find just the right carpet, paint, etc. I have had enough of color I am more of an off white kind of gal, can decorate anyway I want that way, so out with the Latta, Carribean Coral, Colonial Gold and in with all rooms being Alabaster White, and gone will be the multi color brown carpet replaced with a cream color with flecks on other earth tones...which means getting everything off walls, holes patched, curtains down, woodwork clean, etc. so busy....also sorting out the freezer today. These two cats are keeping me hoping, two more weeks of medicine, then a recheck...lots of other things going on, just don't as fast and efficient as I once was...oh darn.

        Hope all is well with everyone
        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          Morning...not noon yet! I couldnít find a ride to Bible Study today. I went really early this morning. Then rode my bike to the donut shop.Then home for big nap...Feeling lazy enjoying snuggling with Cori.


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            Paula we are going to see my sisters new house! They are moving in next weekend and have been moving in some on the original furniture from the old farm house and I am dying to see it. I have been visiting and seeing the progress made in the construction but that old furniture especially the harvest table that is over a 100 years old has peaked my interest. She has an eye for antiques and is like me in liking what she likes and not because it is antique. This table was used to feed the work hands and is very long and hopefully will seat us all at holiday dinners. In fact, she designed the dining area to accommodate it so it must be a beauty and why I am so excited about seeing it in place. Jon has not been to the property for many years when the old farmhouse was standing. Andrew has been wanting to go and walk the field for Indian artifacts but they are still being harvested now. My bil is a pharmacist and not a farmer but his knowledge of the property is so interesting and right up Drew's alley. Plus this move brings her an hour closer to me and cuts my drive in half! It will be really nice when that pool goes in and we are in commuting distance for an afternoon swim!