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Sept 26th Wednesday

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  • Sept 26th Wednesday

    Good Morning! It's another dreary one out there.

    Yesterday was busy one but it doesn't look like we have much to show for it. Mixed up lots of cookie doughs, so we'll be working on those the rest of the week. I finally gave up on the idea of pressure canning the half bushel of beets, so Sue & I pickled them.

    This morning I'm running into town to deliver the doctor's office pie then grocery shop. May either make icings & fillings for the cookies or start baking some of them. Karate tonight.

    Have a good one all!

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    Already it is Wednesday. Later this morning Scott and I are heading 3 hours south for his first doctors appointment. He thinks the stitches are coming out but I think they will be left for another week...anyway he is determined to go home and made arrangements for a friend to meet him in Cape so I do not have to drive the additional half hour to take him home. That will get me of the road 30 minutes sooner but it also puts me in St. Louis at the end of rush hour and the ballgames have been sell outs this week so I will have ballgame traffic going into the city. And I will be in my little loaner car...I am very uncomfortable driving it and probably should have let Jon take it today while I took his car.

    Andrew's boots came yesterday. He was on the porch waiting when the UPS truck pulled up. Big smiles around here. Sierra's phone came in the morning so all the kids have their new stuff.

    Going to go throw Scott out of bed so I can change the sheets and be able to crawl back into my own bed tonight. With my own tv and remote and then sit in my recliner. I am tired! He is not at all demanding but you are up and down constantly getting him things or asking if he needs anything on top of doing what you normally do. I had hoped someone would be around to load his things into the car but looks like I will be doing that too. Like I said...I'm pooped!

    No rain for us, we totally missed it but Sierra came back in for long pants this morning since she has school after work so it must be cold this morning. Have a great day all..


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      Maxie, after you get home tonight you will feel so good being back to your 'norm', hope Scott does well at his own place...and so happy Andrew's boots finally arrived and Sierra's onto getting your car fixed and back to you and life will be good once again.. Was sorry to read about what happened to your car and putting yourself as driver..

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    Cookie we must have been posting at the same time...hopefully someone will merge us. Your house must always smell like heaven!


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      Good noisy morning! The garbage trucks are rumbling around and some of my neighbors took their cans out in the wee hours so it has been a challenge getting a good night's rest. Oh, and last night some dogs were barking for quite awhile down at the end of the street. That always makes me wonder who or what is going on!
      Not sure I mentioned it but when I was sitting at the airport waiting to get Becky last month a friend tagged me in a post that showed a guy on a security camera looking around someone's front door. It was the house directly across the street from me!
      Which also just proves (to me) those cameras do not deter people from trying to steal or break in. the guy was caught on the next street over doing the same thing because someone was watching and called it in.

      I have a roast in the oven for daycare and us. I had bought it and forgot and then saw it: now is the day! If I make sandwiches all the kids will eat it and the babies will eat little cut up pieces. I tell ya: kids are so picky! When I ask what they eat at home it is mainly take out, corn dogs or mac and cheese (and the kind that comes in a box). I have one child who eats really well and he is the only one who will eat any kind of fish, eggs, or meat.

      I agree with maxie, Donna: I wish you could bottle the aromas at your house. I still need to post the pumpkin bar recipe Becky made. Lots of spices and that is what I love about Fall.

      Also, if you like tea, I accidently combined two different bags and it was a delicious accident. Gingerbread and vanilla chai. The gingerbread is one Becky got back East, but I think Celestial Seasonings has one in the seasonal boxes.

      I hope today goes well for all of us.
      Maxie, Please let us know when you get home. That game traffic can be awful.


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        I sure wished I liked pumpkin anything...but I do like the smell of the spices used with it...also just a plane Jane when it comes to teas or coffee, just give it to me straight, LOL...Paula that sure would be a challenge feeding so many different kids and their likes, my grandgirls are pretty easy, one of their favorites is (quesdilla) flour shell filled with avocado, black beans, cheese, folded over and baked in the oven until lightly browned....rice cakes with peanut butter or nutella... Wow about security camera and that person pretty much stalking neighborhood probably waiting for deliveries on someones porch...

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      Good morning.

      yesterday I put 4 frozen petite sirloins in the slow cooker with a bit of dry onion soup and left it on low heat all afternoon. I also added the last tiny potatoes in the pot. I nuked veggies to go with it when suppertime rolled around. It was really good. The steaks were so tasty and tender you could cut them with a fork. (Which is what I need...I will need to make time for a dental appt to see if they can make that partial, or if they prefer to refund my money and Iíll go to another dentist. I canít wear the temporary one I have at all, and I consider it fairly shoddy work . Then Iíll not see them again, no matter how it goes.).

      I thought E might like to go out for brunch. Afterwards I want to pick up our theater tickets for this month.
      Plus there are a few little tasks that need to be done today. Tomorrow, after my PT, we head to Phoenix.
      so, now I need to get my breakfast and get started on stuff here. This afternoon he will be packing the car with stuff that the girls will be getting.

      Maxie, be careful in that traffic! Be safe.
      Cookie, so busy as usual. Wish I had that energy.
      Paula, I havenít seen Gingerbread tea! That sounds good. Who makes it?

      have a great day, everyone.
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good Morning, like Cookie a dreary one around here also...was thinking about getting dressed and heading out to beauty shop in Wal-Marts for color, highlights, cut and style, that will cost a big junk, and after spending so much on the cats with more to come I almost feel like I should wait, but hubby said "don't be ridiculous, that is not a problem, stop worrying", LOL Sam is much better but still a bit wobbly when he moves to quick or jumps down from the couch, shakes his head, etc. he goes back Friday, takes his last antibiotic tomorrow..I told hubby if he wants me saving all the bills, etc. after they are paid then he is the one I am giving the folders to shred....I told him there is no need to do that as they are available to see on line...I am tired of the overload of 'paper'!!!

        Time to go through the summer clothes and put in clear plastic totes to make room for the fall and winter many things on my to do list and have been staying off of Facebook and other forums a lot so I can get things done.

        Donna I am not a beet lover of any kind, I buy them canned just so I can make pickled eggs..Guess your pie baking season is slowing down now..

        Well off to get dressed and head out the door...
        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          Last fall when I went home there was a little coffee shop that made hot cider with all the spices. I would buy a large and sip it all the way back here. Alas, the shop has closed and I was really looking forward to the cider...never have I had it as good as they made! My BIL installed cameras around the new house when the frame went up since they are in the country and he caught Asians cutting water cress around the spring. He kept on the lookout and finally got them in person....he told them it was ok if they kept the site secret since they have obviously been doing it for a long while and they picked up trash. Worked out for him but I am sure he will stop it when they move in. But he is going to keep the cameras up! Boff, it was better for the claim to be in my name since I am old and have no cancel on my policy and she is young and pays a fortune for insurance...not that I am getting by cheap! What a racket insurance is!! Anyway, we are off and I am looking forward to my own bed tonight. The worst part of the drive is switching interstates and merging traffic since I need to cross 3 lanes to get into the lane that will take me across the bridge into Illinois. Once I cross that bridge and I feel like I am home even though I have another hour to drive into the yard.


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            Hello..just now getting here...checking in on my lunch break. Work is horrible today. 3 call ins...huge catering order...lots of students


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              Good afternoon everyone...
              I am here....
              Rain,rain.....I am working on my wreath....And making some tote bags...


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                Good evening ,I am here. at last... long wet days...good for staying in and pushing myself into dusting. and cleaning out a corner or two...

                we had a run to the Library,, thank heavens it is only 5 miles from here. we seem to be there at least two day a week.. I am glad David has
                started to be a reader, and the Tv can be turned off most of the day... when it is on he watches the news endlessly.. I won't watch the news stations at all.
                ..... news is not news anymore... it has turned into "news " people with THEIR opinion and telling us what they think .etc.. and make everything into a
                screaming yell like the world is on fire NOW. sorry, my opinion.. but I can do with out that kind of stress....

                brain was working on what to give granddaughter as a more personal gift for her bridal shower coming up this Sat.
                ( Karen and I went together on a set of Faberware )..came up with the idea of giving her a dish that was MY Grandmothers. lovely thing that can be used as a larger candy dish or a cookie dish... will have Donna make me some iced cookies for in it. so she will have a keepsake of her Great, Great, Grandmother"s. My grandmother had it on her table every evening. with just plain sugar cookie in it.. I figure the dish is probably 100 years old .
                ...... does this sound personal enough?.


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                  What a beautiful gift, Maye! It will be loved and cared about, for sure!
                  Create a beautiful day wherever you go.