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Good Monday Morning! Pop in & say hi!!!!!

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  • Good Monday Morning! Pop in & say hi!!!!!

    Good Morning! I haven't started a post in forever it seems. I'm starting to get my life back.

    This weekend was a busy one. Saturday morning started with a lady picking up 10 apple pies for a couples wedding shower. Kathy had Blaise overnight Friday, so Cork & I got to go to sales all by ourselves w/o someone whining about going home. I hinted rather loudly about going out for lunch, but SOMEONE didn't bite. DANG! Got home about 2pm and there was a call from Lew at the stand....did I have any pies made yet? They were out. Well I got busy and baked 5 pies and let them know they were available about 4pm. A lady came up from the stand and bought 3 of them. That was nice, but that meant I had to start all over again. So I made up 3 different fillings, peeled a bunch of apples and ended up with 14 pies for Sunday. So much for a quiet relaxing evening.

    One of my JACKPOT finds on Saturday was a place selling BOYS clothes for $.25 each. I ended up with 44 pc of clothing and 3 prs of shoes & a toy dinosaur for a total of $15. I was thrilled. Got several other good deals too. Becca & I sorted them yesterday into now & future piles.

    Yesterday we played cards with Becca being our 4th. We celebrated my brother Tom's BD with the last fresh peach pie of the season. It tasted soooooo good. Kathy popped in to drop off Blaise's karate uniform that was forgotten there Saturday. She had been boo hooing early in the day that they had nobody to watch Xander for them to go out for their 1st anniversary dinner. We already had plans. I told her I didn't get to go out for our 33rd WEDDING anniversary because we had Blaise. It's the life of a parent.

    Today I plan to pressure can my beets. I did a half bushel pickled and I want to do a half bushel just plain. I love beets. I don't have to bake today, so I plan to just putter around here making messes & cleaning up messes.

    Bethina...your aunt & cousin are jerks. are too kind! I wished we could meet. We'd have a hoot.

    Have a good one all!

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    How about next year after the pies are all done have a get together??? I agree it would be a hoot!
    That yardsale day was great! Glad you were able to find so many good things for Blaise.

    Today and tomorrow are my 7:20 starting times and really nice to have a few more minutes to do something around the house. I have my second load of laundry in the dryer and the first is already folded and put away.

    Becky is taking my car into the shop today. Some mystery light keeps coming on and when I looked it up in the manual it said something vague like Potential problem...does that mean the shop has license to find anything and write up an order? I love my Equinox and just want it to work as long as I need it. Don't we all?

    I made scalloped potatoes for today. The kids will have good chicken nuggets and green beans to go with it and then for our dinner we will have rotisserie chicken.

    I wish I had more interesting news, but my life is pretty predictable Monday -Friday.

    I tagged some of you in a picture from Saturday: Becky was walking in a fundraiser up town and that smile on her face is what she always has when doing things for and with the shelter. She didn't mind not getting the job because they had asked her when she would be available in words that said they want her...but she has made a good impression on them and hopefully, after graduation there will be openings. Between community Action Agency and Social Services she has a few options and then the legal clerk position also.

    I hope today goes well and you all have a lot to smile about!


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      I saw the picture and thank you for sharing...she is a beautiful girl and you should be proud. She will accomplish a lot in life!

      Jon has an Equinox and loves it. When Adnrew's uncle was here replacing a part on Sierra's car he said most places do just replace parts until they get the right one and that is why you pay so much for repair. He is not a car repairman but this is the side of the family Andrew gets his mechanical ability from. I love that potential problem warning prepared!

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    Good morning on my way to work..would much rather have called in and slept. My allergies are in full swing and I ate entirely too much sugar yesterday. Between the 2 I feel like crap!

    work then home for a little nap and cleaning. Then walmart this evening for a big grocery trip.


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      Good chilly morning. I have been sick for about 3 days and it sure knocked the wind out of my sails...hope today I get some 'spunk' back...I have not read the post so I have no clue what is going on with everyone...yesterday evening I posted a few things on my IPad on Facebook and then shut it down..

      I have also had a very sick cat, not the one that had the bladder stones but the other one Sam, started with his ears, for now they aren't sure if he has a ruptured eardrum or what he has been on medication for and infection in the ears and dizzy meds...he went spastic, he had been staying in the drawer under my dryer and they only way I could get him to eat was try different foods, tuna in oil, baby food, then finally bought the food they use to eat before bladder stones and he finally ate..he could not stand up or move very much because he would fall over...he is much better now, but still on meds, goes back again Friday to have his ears cleaned, but before doing that they have to see if his eardrum is okay...and the other car was also starting to scratch at his ear so we took him to the vet, got his ears cleaned and started on ear drop antibiotic....the past week and a half has been a very expensive one...over $400 and it isn't over yet...Its wonderful to adopt pets but the cost of owning one cost more than it does for your child, I think they do that so you will invest in their insurance for animals...

      Not much else happening here...and probably won't be until I am feeling 100% again.
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Sierra said they were talking in one of her medical classes that the flu season has started early and they were told to get their flu shots immediately. Hope that is not what you had/have but get that flu shot! Yep, pets are like kids and cost plenty but you also love them like your kids. Scott is missing his dog and one of the reasons he wants to go home. Take care of yourself!

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      Morning...wonder where what I just wrote went? Hate that! Oh well,nothing much going on around here. everyone is home and still in bed on this gloomy Monday morning. Jon is off but Sierra works tonight. Scott has devised a way of going up and down the steps and wants out more. He scoots down the carpeted basement steps and then sits and pulls himself up when we get home. It ain;t pretty but it works and then he can just walk right outside into the car when I pull it down to him. Every door in and out of here has steps and scooting the carpeted ones is the safest. Now I have a monster who wants to always go someplace even just for a ride to break the boredom. His brother can haul him around today....

      Rain today and tomorrow predicted and I don;t care except for Wednesday when Scott and I head to Southern Missouri for his first doctors appointment. He is wanting to go on home and stay alone but I don't know about that or what the doctor will say. As much as I would love to have my bed and chair and remote back I don;t think he is ready to be alone. He has been going into his room early in the evening and playing on his computer and watching tv in bed so that leaves me the living room alone. We are not compatible on what we watch on tv except for baseball. And are those Cardinals playing good fun ball!

      Have Sierra's work shirts to iron today and think I will drag out the meatloaf for supper. There are no snacks left so should take a grocery run but may leave that for Jon...he can pack up his brother and take him along for an airing out.

      Yes Beth your aunt and cousin are jerks and cookie it would be nice to meet these wonderful people here. You get to know so much about people from just writing/reading everyday. You can also hide things cuz I am an opinionated, out spoken old lady who is not at all kind and gentle but duty bound to do what I do for this family while complaining and bitching the entire way! Good job with the clothes for Blaise! Andrew started school with 4 pair of jeans and is already down to 2 so I need to get sizes and pick up a couple of pair. Maybe he can wear them with his new boots. The boots! They were suppose to arrive today but now I see tomorrow. I do not understand why they sat for 3 days at UPS in San Francisco. Just put them on a train or plane or truck and get them the heck out on the road...I can order an lego on Monday and have it here on Wednesday with standard shipping charges. The coffee I ordered from Amazon yesterday had free shipping and will be here Thursday and I have waited for 3 days in one shipping hub with these darn boots. Yes I have no patience but those darn old boots have been ordered since August 17!

      Think I will take a fresh cup of coffee to the patio and take a coffee break with my sister. We have coffee and smoke a cigarette together several mornings a week. We fix the worlds problems and talk about our kids and grands. They are beginning to move and just need a final inspection of the new house. Wish I was able to help but our coffee breaks can solve a lot of problems...ya know?

      Have a great day each of you!


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        Good morning, everyone.
        i have an early doctor appt today.
        I doubt we will have rain today, but they popped in a 10% chance of it. Generally 10% means extra clouds and some humidity. We will see.

        glad to see more posts today. Cookie, thatís a lot of pies! Wow!
        Sharon, Iím sorry you AND your kitties are under the weather. You have been in my thoughts. Hope youíre all doing better soon.
        Paula, your menu sounds great!
        The get-together would be fun. A Roundup, so to speak.
        Maxie, thatís a long wait for the boots! You sound like the Maxine of Hallmark fame! Love it!!!

        well, time to wake E so he will be ready to take me to my appointment.
        Have a beautiful day!
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Maxine is my idol! Only thing missing is the dog...
          My sister and I send each other her cartoons.

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        well, we have had a day. Scott wanted to go out for lunch so Sierra drove my car while I got out and held doors, etc. We came home and she pulled into the drive and let Scott out and I got out to hold doors and get him up the steps. When she went to put my car into reverse she took her foot off the brake and the car slid down into the back end of her dad's car. The drive is down a hill and I now have a loaner car to him back to Cape Wednesday while my car is waiting for 3 weeks repairs and $3200 damage. We told insurance I did it to keep her record clean and there was no one here to see but us damage to her dad's car. Thank goodness for insurance and small deductibles. She is still upset and Scott was upset since we were accommodating him but stuff happens. Thank goodness Jon was home to handle everything but then again had he not been home it would not have happened. 6 of 1 and half a dozen of another!


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          Good Evening

          one benefit about coming in later in day I get to read all your posts!!!...

          We had a full busy morning.. running from store to store.. I like certain things from Aldis and some Things only available (and cheaper) at Walmart..
          Lunch out with coupons.. so was a cheap meal... we had stopped at the Salvation army store.. and I got nice ,warm open front sweater..for $2.00.. I live with those kinds of sweaters on in the winter. .. checked out behind a young lady with a cart full of clothes.. Like Donna would have for Blaise.. it was 50% off
          Monday and she got everything for $10.. wow..

          had planned on painting outside trim around the basement door. but the sunshine left and then it started the rain.. so hemmed Davids new Jeans and then read,read read,... tonight is first of DWTSs. hope it is not too boring ... loved that show but slowly getting tired of it..

          see you tomorrow...!!.