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Friday..just another day around here!

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  • Friday..just another day around here!

    Good morning...couple claps of thunder threw me out of bed but no rain. My two workers are gone and the patient still in bed. It is nice and quiet for the only time today!

    Yesterday was a day of running around. Sierra had car trouble and we got the part and Andrew's uncle came and fixed it but now the battery is dead so they need to run out for one after work. That means I have no car...oh well. Scott could not walk out of here into a car anyway but he is getting better on the crutches. The tickets for Fright Night at Six Flags are ordered so my crew is doing that in October. Our 'mechanic' would not take pay so Jon is taking his son, Andrew's cousin, with them. I am not a big fan of kids but I do like this one....he is very out spoken for a 12 year old and cracks me up. The boys are close and it makes the group 4 instead of 3.

    At&t is now taken care of. Sierra is on her dad's plan and her new phone has to be ordered and will be here next week. She takes her charger with her everywhere. Be nice to know she has a dependable phone. I am also on his plan now and will have stuff on my gps and face book and she told me I have movies. Holy Crap! You watch movies on your phone? Sierra showed me how to use the gps last night so that will be a good thing to have.

    Andrew has a noon dismissal today so will be here around one. He will have to walk up from the bus stop since no one will have a car this afternoon. I feel bad about that but what ya gonna do? I know I am not cooking since it is Friday. I am thinking grilled cheese and I can put french fries in the air cooker. Scott is wanting ice cream so a DQ run may end the day.

    So it is very early here..before 6AM and still dark. I am going to curl up on the couch and watch the news and enjoy the peace.

    Enjoy the day everyone!

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    6:32 here and still dark. But it is Friday! Which really has no special meaning today. Did I say yesterday I would have one less child? Well, he walked in like every other day. but his uncle picked him up at lunch time. Kind of made up for the mom who said she would be later, around 4'ish (her words) so at 4:20 texted her and askied if she was on her way. She texted back and said she meant 4:30! How is that 4'ish????

    I should have said she owes me for my overtime since she was getting overtime...I didn't think of it at the time.

    Becky has a real interview today and it is for a job she would really like. She doesn't know when the start date for the job is, though,so that could throw a wrench into the hiring process. She bought a nice dress pair of pants and a great blazer and new shoes...

    My plan now is to go grocery shopping after daycare. there is a fundraiser walk for the shelter tomorrow morning and I have an appointment and it will make things much easier IF I can get to the store this evening. Hoping not everyone in town gets paid today. That makes for a huge mess in the parking lot and long lines in the store.

    I shared a story on my page from a friend who runs a restaurant. A disgruntled ex employee reported them to the feds and state for not reporting income...long story short: the feds shut them downfor a day, took their computers and the media reported it like a drug cartel was running drugs form all of their 14 my shared comments tell the other side of the story and it is just awful to think of all the damage lies and vindictiveness can cause...all over.

    Hope this Friday is a fun and healthy one!


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      Good morning.
      Yesterday was a busy day once we got started. Had to go to PT .... which is getting boroing. I know all my exercises and usually get to them while my guy is doing other things. These things, except for the bicycle, I do at home as well.
      Afterwards we went to Costco and I picked up foods for the freezer. Then 3 nice long sleeve tee tops and a pair of pants, and E threw a few things in the cart. That was another hours exercise walking all over the store. So with the shopping there done, we sat and had a hot dog and lemonade for lunch. We had to pick up Es prescription, then had our flu shots, and went home.
      Got home and it was time to start supper. I threw a couple chicken breasts and some mixed Asian veggies into a pan, seasoned it, and let it slow cook as we put stuff away, and read the mail.
      Dinner was ready when we were, and I put some balsamic dressing over Es chicken. He liked it. I leave my food fairly plain, my choice.

      Was just interrupted by a phone call. Boy can DD talk! Now Ill have to look up some autumn crafts for kids for my DD and her grands.
      I need to wake up a bit more then will look for craft stuff for her.
      The stepdaughter in NM fell and broke her hand, and has only one day she can take off work to spend with us. Forget the hot air balloon spectacle plans, then. I told E maybe we should cancel the trip and go another time when things are better for her.

      I woke at 3 this morning and thought I would never get back to sleep. I dragged myself out of bed at almost 8 this morning.
      and I need my tea or other hot drink. Then I will start my day.

      Hope Becky gets her job, Paula.
      Maxie, ice cream sounds good!

      have a good day.
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Hey all! I'm trying to soak up this heat because tomorrow it's suppose to be 20 degrees cooler.

        Feet hit the floor running today. Sue made ladylocks and I worked on apple pies. Ended up with 16. Taking Blaise to karate then we are meeting Matt. They are keeping him overnight and bringing him back tomorrow evening...supposedly. Hoping to have a relaxing evening, but that's to be seen. Waiting to hear from the stand about pies for tomorrow.