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  • Hump Day!!

    Good morning...I am up and almost ready to leave my sister is picking me up at 7 so we can take the nieces and work out before I go to work...I am not sure that I am going to like this up and ready by 7 in the morning crap...but I will give it a try,

    Today I am greatful that I get early lunch....Yesterday my station partner should have gone to lunch at 1 meaning I go at 1:30. I am pretty sure that it was close to one when she went...I ended up not getting to lunch until 1:50. Needless to say I was pretty ready to get out of their so I didn't take my entire lunch.

    I had sent my job placement person a text yesterday about the entire not getting lunch until 1:50 thing yesterday and she stopped by after I got off at 230. Yes I was so proud that I managed to get out yesterday before 130. Any ways she was telling me that she and another person had been emailing with my supervisor for another reason and he took the opportunity to tell them what a good job I am doing!

    I came home and went to sleep and slept off and on til this morning...only awake long enough for bath and dinner...I must have needed the sleep.

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    good Wednesday! Garbage has been picked up but until it gets lighter I will let the can sit out there.

    My 6:45 boy comes today and the rest of the week. So far I have been able to get myself and the house ready for him. I say the house meaning everything up in this part that I want to do before going into the daycare (a 450sq.ft. garage conversion). Rarely am I able to come any farther than the kitchen during daycare and only because I can have the toddlers in the high chairs in my laundry area that looks up at the kitchen. Anyway, if they can see me, all is ok...usually.

    Not much going on here. I hope you have a more interesting day than I do.
    I bought all the ingredients to make a Reuben salad like the one going around facebook. Now to make it! Kids are having spaghetti (yes, once a week we have it because everybody loves it!). Yesterday I made homemade mac and cheese with ham and only the babies and one toddler ate it. the other two older ones wouldn't even taste it. If it doesn't look like it came out of a box they don't want it...

    Have a good day and I will check back later.


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      I can’t imagine turning down home made Mac and cheese! It’s a favorite of mine


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        Good morning.
        its a very gray morning here, we are expecting rain today (I hope it’s a good one, as we really need it), and the temps will be only in the 80’s for a couple of days! That’s just over a 20° drop.

        nothing is on the calendar for today, the trash was picked up yesterday, so we will come up with our own agenda for the day once E awakens.

        Paula, you may have to put a drop of orange food color into the homemade Mac and Cheese, so all the kids will eat it. Whatever it takes. I had a recipe for Reuben salad from E’s mother. E used to love the sandwiches more than the salad version though. A couple of the kids liked it....sort of. I was never a fan for’s the salty corned beef I don’t like.

        Beth, you need your lunch to keep up your energy for the day. Did it take your station partner that long to eat? Hope today is better for you.

        how are you doing, Sharon? Is the kitty feeling better yet?

        i will be back later to read posts.

        have a great day, everyone.
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good Morning, a quick update...I am getting worn out trying to take care of this sick cat, he has been living underneath the washer or dryer in the drawer, I set his dish just outside of them so he can lean against the wall for support...I picked him up one day and brought him out and sat down on the couch, a noise was made and he tore holes in my shirt getting away and hitting against the table and flopping over until he finally made it back in his hiding place...I finally found a cat food he would eat, the Friskies they use to eat before the other cat got bladder stones..We have medicine to give him each day, I hold him, hubby uses pill popper and syringe with water...keep him on meds and take him back on the 28th to see if they can now find out what is going on, hopefully his outer ear infection is clear by then..could be many things, hoping tumor is not one of them...I took the other cat in yesterday as he started acting like his ear was bothering him, he weighs 18 lbs. and can be a handful so hubby went with me..he got his ears cleaned and drops for his ears..I am on watch all the time, not sleeping much because of worry. Today is our officail 36 yr. anniversary so we will go out to eat somewhere, I will close the door to utility room so the other cat can't get to him. Had to laugh yesterday the Dr. said Rufus looked like a panther, which he does...Well that is my story, guess it wasn't that quick..
          Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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            I am home. The trip was the best part...this guy is going to be a pain. I swear he is still goofed up on medication! He is horrible on the crutches but I think they need adjusting. Will have Jon check that out when he gets home since he spent 6 months on them at one time. Scott slept all the way home but bitched about my driving when I got him into the house. Is it legal to smack your 45 year old kid? Anyway...I am tired but traffic was great until I got 10 miles from home. These people all need driving lessons! We have to go back to Cape next Wednesday for his first follow up unless we have problems. He was given a pain block good for 12 hours so he is complaining his good foot hurts. My foot may be hurting when I kick him in the butt! It was indepth surgery but Iiked the doctor and his staff was exceptional!

            Jo so glad your news was good. So far that is the bright spot of my day. Sharon hope that kitty gets well soon. Pizza for supper tonight then early bed. Ball game started this morning so I will sit and watch the end and hopefully my patient sleeps off the goofiness. His goood foot hurts. OMG! give me a break!


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              Maxie....if he complains about your driving again, tell him taxied are far worse! Gees, the “adventures” I have had when I had to call a cab for myself.
              Driver #1 was new in town and didn’t know where anything was, like the main hospital at the university. He should have gotten me there in time, but got me there over 1/2 hour late. Fortunately, my doc squeezed me in.....probably because of my unusual condition.
              Driver #2 knows the routes but got lost when he got to unexpected nighttime roadwork areas. But he was nice enough to turn off the meter at a reasonable point, with profuse apologies, so I got home late but safe (and he got a nice tip).
              Driver #3 took a “shortcut” on a dirt and very bumpy road. I was home quickly, but the discomfort of the ride didn’t get him a good tip.
              In current days, taxis or shuttles might be late, if they show up at all. Or tell you they’re too busy right now, and can they call back sometime later. Some busses are not marked as the shuttles they claim to be, and don’t have the company name on them. (If in Vegas, if you grab that economical shuttle from Airport to Hotel, be sure to note if it’s white or blue. If you get the round-trip ticket, you go back on the color shuttle/bus that delivered you.

              i hope the doc gave him the painkillers & antibiotics he needs at home. I’d be tempted to keep a bottle of “Zzzzzzz” on hand. It’s a liquid sleeping solution that seems to hide the pain as well. Or, as my kids would say, “Don’t be such a wuss!” to any complaints to each other.

              Thanks for your good wishes and moral support to me. I really appreciate it.

              Sharon, did you ask the vet how long kitty is going to be that way? I hope he gets better very soon.
              also - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.