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Sunday the 16th

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  • Sunday the 16th

    Good Morning .

    dressed and ready to leave for church...
    NO Rain .but will probably get hit Monday or Tues with Florence last bits... so we get out and travel today...

    not been doing much but enjoying the "end" of summer... and reading a lot..

    hoping the "clean it out, toss it, give it away " bug will bite me... maybe start one drawer, closet at a time.. too much Stuff I no longer wear, need ,or use..
    In Particular I would like to get the things I want the Kids to take,, like old records, pictures. games . what they Don't want, I will then give to the Rummage sale the church has. usable things, DAvids coats, (too big now) I will take to Salvation Army store..
    however ,I have 4 really good books to read. soooooooooooooo.....

    have a great day ,be back later to read..

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    It's Sunday morning...My heart aches fpr jostoy because I know how very close she and Edith were, one of those once in a lifetime friendships, and if you knew jostoy you would know that is not an easy thing for her..My heartfelt sympathy to, tomorrow and into the weeks are going to be so rough on her...

    I am always dealing with an issue, my cat Sam has a severe inner ear infection, can not walk straight, not eating, etc. has been to the vet, on meds, etc. but has been hiding in the drawer under my dryer and that is where he has been staying since Thursday, trying to get a few bites of food in him, bought the Urgent Care food, meat baby food, tuna....a few licks at a time while we hold him, but since his trip to the vet he has been wild and hard to handle, it really traumatized him and now he has trust issues....we are cancelling our trip to Niagara Falls as he needs us and I can't leave him here and expect them to be able to take care of him...We will lose $200 for cancelling, but small price to pay for the health and love of my kitty.. So I just am not in the mood, nor have to the time to be talking right now..
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Gentle pats and prayers for your kitty! I would be so lost with out my cori!!!

    • maxie
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      Poor kitty...sorry you had to cancel your trip.

    • Paula A
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      So sorry, Sharon! I pray that with time he will know he can trust and that you love him. Really hope he can eat and get the comfort of healing.

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    Good morning....Almost dressed almost ready to leave for Bible Study. I had a wonderful day yesterday....just went running around with my mom and sister yesterday...Then last night we gathered to celebrate my youngsest nieces 14th birthday...I don't know where all the years have gone...

    I have no plans for my afternoon.


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      Good SUNNY Morning! Jostoy.....I am so sorry for your lose. ((((Jostoy))))

      Guess what I've been doing? Baking of course. Friday we did some cookies. Then there were the pies. Lots of pies. Making 3 sizes now when the mood strikes...regular, small 8", and tiny 6" (pot pie size). The smaller pies fly out of there. I just don't want to go into the smaller pie business. I usually make them to use up the remaining fillings.

      Yesterday I felt like I was dragging butt all day. We did go to several estate & garage sales. I didn't get anything great, but my husband saw a larger air compressor & it was $125. Cork turns to me & lets me do the wheeling & dealing. I ask the guess what he'd be willing to go down to, and he told me to make an offer. I said $65, he said $80 or $85, and I said sold at $80. Corky was happy.

      This morning was church. Will be starting back to SS soon. I come home and deliver the pies to the stand. Bought a half bushel of beets. I want to try canning them in the oven. I've read pros & cons on doing them that way. I pickled a half bushel last week, but want plain beets this time. Love them with butter & salt.

      I've been hungry for my deep dish chicken, so I'm making that for cards tonight. We didn't play last week because it was to rainy & miserable outside. Kathy came home sick from work on Friday, so she didn't get Blaise this weekend. Whatever. I just ask if his friend Lawrence could come over to play for a few hours this afternoon, so he has that to look forward to. this the same kitty that had kidney issues?

      Have a good one all!


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        Who would want a little pie when they could have a big one? I am a firm believer that big is better especially when talking about pie!!

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      Good morning.
      another hot day ahead. At days end, we find the temp was a bit higher than forecasted. But the coming week should see things cool down to the 90s again.

      have not yet brought in the newspaper. Been reading the news on the web though. The world is in a mess.

      Finally got our laundry started very early this morning. The rest of the day will fall in place on its own.
      Tomorrow I see my cancer doctor for the results of my MRI this past week.

      sorry about your sick kitty, Sharon. I hope he gets past this tough time quickly. Im a cat lover, too.

      hi Maye. I wish that cleaning bug would bite me, too. I have a few eBooks taking up my time as well. I do some discarding, a bit of cleaning, but not like I used to. My energy, for the most part, got up and went. Maybe it moved in with you???

      Hi Beth. Celebrating birthdays is a good thing. Sweet.....literally!

      cookie, you sure can bargain, Wow. And the deep dish chicken sounds it a casserole? Whats in it? I have chicken to use up.

      To all....have a lovely Sunday.
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        No rain here either...temps were in the 90s yesterday but with fall coming, they drop quickly in the evening. Another hot one today. Yesterday we took a ride to look for a fish market over the river. Thank goodness the stinky place is only open on Wednesday! I would not eat anything from there but it was a ride since the Cardinal game went quickly down into no redemption land. Since I went to the fish market he took me to Big Lots. I am not a big Big Lots shopper but do like to go in and look around. Found a Halloween Welcome Board and put it out on the porch...last one they had! I see the pumpkins are out but it is way to hot to set them out to rot on the porch. The grass kid did an exceptional job on the yard cutting and trimming and the welcome sign looks so nice....when I moved the plain one that had been out there there was a tree frog on the house behind it. Sierra says when she comes in at night he is on the house eating the bugs around the porch light.

        Since we did not stay home yesterday I still need to clean bedrooms. I did get menus planned and a store list made. If we get this cleaning done we can do that today while I have help with carrying. My shoulder has been aching again and I guess it is the difference in the chores I am doing....pulling up plants etc., but you just gotta pull em up when you get the urge this time of the year.

        So sorry about Jostoy's friend...when you lose someone that close it leaves a hole. It is a hard transition. I am glad she is going for a while to be with family and hope she comes back to visit with us soon.

        Guess I need to get moving. I just hate starting my day when the rest of them are still in bed...even though Sierra does have to work later today. Have a wonderful Sunday...


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          Good afternoon everyone...
          I am here.!!!
          The weather on and off..The wind it is awful...
          I did not go to church..I stay home..And watch on t.v...
          i know it is day of rest....I am making quilt...For the Church Nursery..It was panel..They really mess it up..They cut out the good part..I did my best..It turn out cute...


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            Good Sunday morning. I have rollers in the top of my hair and sitting in my housecoat, so I am half done.
            That deep dish chicken sounds good to me, too. but everything you talk about, donna, sounds good.

            Maye, or anyone, can you send me Jostoy's address to send a card?

            Chicken is on the menu here today as well. It is oven fried and done now, so it will be easy to warm after church and fix a salad, too. We have cookies left over and I wish I had taken all of them to the open house I went to last night. They are so good! I was surprised to see so many store bought cookies when I took ours into the kitchen to be put on platters. I mean Really! Even the store bakery chocolate chip cookies are inferior to least I didn't see an Oreo! As I left I saw some cookies that looked like a lemon or lime glazed homemade type, but I was walking out and didn't think it would look good for me to get one then.
            I know our cookies are liked because we get asked All the Time if there is any event to bring refreshments.

            Ok, I have to write a letter of recommendation for a daycare family. the dad is wanting to adopt the daughter and I have no idea what to say. I guess I will just say what I have seen through the years which has always been a very loving family.

            After church we are driving up to REdding to see where the interview Becky has next Friday is and where parking,etc, is located...all the stuff that will lesson her nerves as she goes up there. The test yesterday was much harder than she thought. The sample test was from LA county and this one seemed to be very different she said. She did say if she has to take it again (in 6m onths) this one will be a good learning experience. She doesn't know if the position she was tested for is one that needs to be filled soon. She won't be available until Dec. 26th.

            OUr temperatures at night are wonderful! in the 50's. Days are now in the 80's. Yesterday as I drove up to Anderson I saw the outline of the western mountains...first time in a couple of months. They weren't clear and you still can't see Mt Shasta to the north or Lassen to the East, but our sky was blue and no smoke. The fire (second big one) reached 50% containment. There aren't as many homes in danger in this one, although 11 homes have been lost. I have been watching the news about Florence and it just is awful.

            Ok, I need to get up and get moving. Sharon, I will be keeping Sam in my thoughts and Jostoy in my prayers.
            All the rest of you have a big piece of my heart! stay well and stay on the RT, please.


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              Good afternoon, Candie & Khrystal went to MO. With the X, his family and class reunion and I think Calamity Jane day. Friday Ellen picked me up for the football game, Grandson made the news. I just love hearing his name over the speaker. Then instead of bringing me back home she took me to her house so I could spend a little time with the grand daughter.

              Last night daughter-in-law was by herself (guess she and son have been disagreeing) anyhow she started a conversation so I went down and we just chatted for awhile. Normally can't get her to say 2 words.

              Boffler, did you leave Sam alone with the vet or anyone? If you did maybe they got rough with him. Babies and pets are hard to deal with when they are sick sense they can't tell you what is wrong.

              Jostoy, are you inheriting kitties? I know you have been helping take care of them.