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A very rainy Saturday

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  • A very rainy Saturday

    It has rained steady since last evening with more to go today. No one is complaining around here because the worst of the rain has stayed south of us. We have gotten several inches but nothing more. Seems Hurricane Gordon and run into a cold front which is causing the rain to be is also causing the air to be a whole lot colder!

    Scott called yesterday and has finally gotten back all the scans and mri from his ankle and will having surgery September 19. He is without family down there and 3 hours from me so I will be driving down for the surgery and then staying a while. Hopefully I can get him back up here since it will be much easier for all of us. He injured his ankle last spring and has finally found a doctor who treated it like an injury instead of a sprain. It never healed and now he will be off work for 12 weeks. Always something and a mother's work is never done...even if her kid is 45!

    Jon was up sick last night and called off today. He is a sleeper when he is sick so I will not be seeing much of him. Sierra has left for work and then will haul her bf around after so she is gone for the entire day and most of the evening. Going to be a quiet, rainy day but I have no where to go. Talked with my sister yesterday and we are shopping Thursday. I really need bath towels. What are they making towels of these days? No matter what the age is they still fill a dryer tray with lint. Maybe that is why they are getting so thin? They are melting away. I have not checked out the price of tires they claim I need so should do that this week since I will be hitting the highway...a lot...the next couple of weeks. What I want to do do is start Christmas shopping and getting through the thousands of birthdays that are coming up and not buying stupid tires. I love Christmas but want the shopping chore done early so I can get out and about and enjoy all the festivities and stores without pressure of having to shop.

    I hope all of you that want the rain are getting it and the weather cools for you. I told Andrew yesterday that next week we were going to trim back shrubs and empty pots next week. He is the one who will work willingly especially if he can handle tools. Not many yard ornaments were brought out this summer but those that did need to be put away. Winter went so long and then ended so abruptly that we never enjoyed doing those springy things like setting yard ornaments. Some shrubs need replacing or just gotten rid of. Why do we buy things then decide after they are set that they are not doing what we want? We have never landscaped the front porch! But then again we have never really finished it. A big lottery win would get me out of here and into a freshly landscaped house with a maid and cook and housekeeper. And a private beach. If your gonna dream dream big and remember to buy a lottery ticket! DRATS!

    Enough dreaming and back to reality. Still raining here...hope you all have a sunny Saturday!!

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    Its a rainy day, heading to MI to our sons house, he and his Dad will work outside I will be inside stripping wallpaper. Gets me out of the house doing something different, I have plenty I could be doing here at home but a change of scenery is always nice and visiting our son..

    Have a great day one and all..
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


    • Paula A
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      I want to know how you strip the wallpaper and if it happens on the first try...please.

    • boffler
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      Strip top layer off leaving only the paper backing, score it really good then use a steamer to get the glue softened then use a plastic spatula to remove it. We have a Shark steamer that is on rollers and has a really good attachment to use on walls. Also a good one to use on window ledges.

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    Good morning.
    i woke late today.
    it is just pouring sunshine out here, temps just on the upside of 100° for now.

    today we will probably make a run to Target. E ordered a stick vacuum. My regular vac is too heavy for me now, like trying to push a hippo around. Then E still has problems with his bad arm now and then, also.
    Tomorrow I want to pack our suitcase for our LV trip. I like doing that a day ahead. We need pack for only 2 days, though.

    That is about all the news here for now. I need to shower and dress yet.
    First, though, a bite of breakfast.

    Hope you all all have a very good day.
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Thank you for merging the posts Sharon...have a good visit with your son.


      • boffler
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        I didn't merge them, I don't know who keeps doing that but look at the time I posted and the time when you did. Who is redirecting post???

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      Good sunny morning and it will be hot here, too. Jo and I are still in summer.
      If you want to see how bad the smoke is in Redding, check out my Facebook page. Both pictures and video I shared are city streets! It is a good thing I have no intention of going north.
      We are actually going south for a lunch with a friend. Orland is 30 miles south of us and there is a café/diner that advertises on FB so that is where we are meeting up.

      The air quality here was bad enough yesterday that we went out just for popsicles. At 6:30am it was great and by 9:00 when I took out a diaper it was smoky. My eyes are puffy and by the afternoon I have had a headache every day this week...luckily, nothing that stays too long.

      Time to change the filter in the ac again.

      Maxie, those new tires will make your car feel new again as you drive on them...but I agree: not the time of year I want to buy new tires.I remember when Gary was teaching and we had 4 little kids, he would go to the tire store and get two good used tires, and change out our two worst and then put our other two in the back. I had forgotten all of that until we all started the tire conversation here. Thank heaven we never had a blow out, just flats when we picked up a screw in a tire...

      My son's school district and the grandkids' have not started school, yet. Gary was never one to vote to strike and his school district never did. As sympathetic as I am to teachers, the WA teachers are starting to sound greedy to me. The other districts that settled now have a salary range of 48,000 (Starting!) t 98,000. And Evergreen district and Battle Ground district were the only ones who have not settled.
      I have not said anyting on FB but I just have to say something! So you all get to hear me.

      Ok, I hope your drive to MI goes well, Sharon and the wallpaper comes down easily.
      Jo, I obught my mom a Dyson and would not recommend one again. It has never worked well enough for her and I didn't know in time to return it. Becky got her a Dirt Devil that she loves!
      Maxie, I just sent an Amazon gift cared for my DIL's schedule and my little town do not always make for an easy shopping experience.
      To all the rest, I hope the day goes well, your rain shifts my way, and the laundry gets done!


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        good afternoon..
        ... wet, sprinkly kind of day. very overcast .. but it did cool down.. so a very good day to READ and REAd... I have 4 borrowed library books..and expecting about 4 more e books I have on hold to be coming in in the next few days..did the necessary household chores. and fixed David a reasonably good lunch .. now I can read in peace..

        Maxie , I would be the same way with my Grown children as you are with Scott! ..
        Will go look for pictures Paula..
        JoG. I will soon be looking for a lighter weight sweeper too.. Have one of those little ones. but would rather have a better vaccum type, so much white cat hair on carpet..daug. Karen has one that seems to work well and is lighter.. will check out its name when I get ready to shop..

        ~~~~to you all.. see you tomorrow


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          Good afternoon. Football game last night got boring, our boys walked well trampled all over the other team 51 to 6.


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            Maxie & Boffler.... I merged the posts.
            Normally they merge in the proper order, but I have no idea why they didn’t this time. Sorry.

            When the RT was having problems before, when she was part of the RT, Kim assigned some of us as moderators. I’ve had no experience at that, and told her so. But she just said “it will be fine” and I never heard from her again.
            Elaine should be the Moderaror for the Kitchen, and also for the Family Room I think.
            I was made Moderator for Subjects of Interest. I was told we only “moderate” our own areas.....but I don’t see any other moderators here except myself these days.
            I can merge threads, I discovered. Normally they fall in proper order, and this time it didn’t....I have no idea why.
            But I have no idea of what else to do. I’ve had no help in learning what moderators can or are supposed to do.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.