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Friday is finally here!

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  • Friday is finally here!

    Good morning its Friday and pay day...a good day...I am hoping to get my pay sorted out...I thought it was going to be one thing and its still not that even after I signed a paper agreeing a higher amount...It would be great to get the higher amount because I was promised that..but I am also fine with a lower amount...I get a free meal every day and summers off.

    My wrap making was much much better yesterday....I have the really good wraps again...for some reason the company we order from is back ordered on a lot of stuff...including the wraps I use so they send us what ever they can.

    I don't have a whole lot planned for my weekend...other than bingo tonight..small group on Sunday....Monday morning I am making a peach cobbler to take to work...I promised the guys.

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    Good morning! Thanks, Beth, for opening up the day! Even though we have a new fire to the north of us we had blue skies with just a few clouds in it yesterday.

    I am making a pear cake this weekend. And canning some and making pear butter with the rest. These pears are so good and it is a good thing our friend went when he did because the freeway is closed from the fire to OR still.

    I have a load of laundry in the washer and then I will get the small rugs done and that will be off my list for the weekend.
    Two big projects got taken care of this week: the donation items were donated and the furniture I had to be taken to the dump were taken yesterday! I got all the thigns gone tht had been waiting on the RV parking area in my side back yard...Now it looks so nice again with clean concrete and if I need anything taken to the dump ever again it will be smaller items I can get there least that is my plan.

    I wish all a great day and a lot to smile about!


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      Good morning! No rain yet but it is coming and coming in barrels according to the weather guy. Good thing I have nothing planned for the next couple of days!..

      Andrew has been being picked up early on Fridays and eating out with his mother and that is fine so I am declaring today carry out Friday. Weather he stays or not we are eating out. Yay! not cooking today!! Leaves more time for laundry. There is just always laundry...and dirty dishes. My golden years are covered with dirty underwear..

      Yesterday I put the summer quilt on my bed. Just never had the time this summer, ya know? Anyway it looks very nice and I am going to leave it on all winter and be ready for next summer. Need to dig around my afghan stash and find one to use now that they are predicting cooler weather which means winter will just flop in suddenly and stay for months and months and months. Time to sort out my sweats and replace what is worn. I live in sweats all winter. Jon came up yesterday with a leather jacket. He was digging around his closet and found my jacket. Guess if I have not worn it for 5 years there was no sense on keeping it so we made a goodwill pile and he took a couple of boxes out of here. More stuff gone. I also need to go through my shoes. I like shoes and have many pairs of cons but when they get worn I will not wear them but will not pitch them either. Yet I am always on the kids to replace worn shoes. I swear Andrew will tape them together he is that uninterested in his appearance. His sister on the other hand will not wear them dirty. Speaking of shoes I checked on the boots yesterday. They know me! My boots have not left China yet and they have a big order coming in...someday. When I talked with Drew's mother she said she has also been looking on line and cannot find them anywhere. These particular boots are a salute to the military and are very popular. I did not know that! But at least she and I are on the same page and working together with these darn boots. At this rate I will have his Christmas present before his birthday gift gets here!

      Well, my coffee cup is empty so better decide what I want to do...more coffee or hit the shower. We are going to be dodging raindrops and cooling off around here for the weekend.


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        Good morning.
        It doesnít feel likely is Friday today. Iíve been off a day all week.

        itís really sunny today, no rain forecasted. We will see.
        yesterday was the same forecast, then I saw the winds pick up. Sure enough, by suppertime we were having rain! But we need it. Must have had a good gust of wind in the process....somebodyís kiddie pool is in the middle of our backyard. Or it may belong to a dog owner, to keep their dog cool and hydrated when they let it outside.

        Looks like laundry is my chore of the day. Always there is one job or another waiting to get done.
        i cooked up enough chicken yesterday for 3 meals. Yesterday it was honey-mustard chicken with green beans and buttered noodles.

        Beth, that peach cobbler sounds so good.
        Paula, you sure manage to do a lot in addition to the daycare.

        One DD is asking for adoption papers (canít find them!), so I will see if I can get her papers and birth certificate from the county where that took place. i think all we ever got was my kidsí updated birth certificates when E adopted them.

        i hope you all have a good, smiley day!
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good Morning to all...a wonderful cooler morning, have a few windows and doors open, love it...spell fall in the air...soon instead of grass it will be falling leaves.

          I will for sure get some housekeeping done today, can write love notes on the tops of my furniture...and bathroom mirrors for sure need it..and johns...

          Not much else planned, hubby has a haircut...and I already know what is on the menu for supper...

          Canning season is officially over...soon we will be making a trip to Niagara Falls, our anniversary trip....have a place to stay in Canada with a view of the falls...looking forward to seeing the lights and all the beauty it has...haven't been there since the 70's.

          Seems we are losing more people on here, not hearing from a lot of them...hope everyone is okay.
          Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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            Hello no longer morning. Only plans here is a football game tonight. I don't understand it but as long as grandson is on the field granny will be there to watch. I know we can't wrap him in bubble wrap but every time he hits the ground I'm praying "God let him get up". He has a weak spot in his back, they aren't sure if he has had it since birth or what. Anyhow he understands the risk of being on the field, but it is his favorite sport (he plays them all and is great at all).


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              Sharon, Happy Anniversary to you both. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Weíve made that anniversary trip to the falls, and it was lovely.
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                where did the day go to so fast???????

                good evening ... if you see and read this dear ladies.. I am either busy as a bee or setting in a chair ,numb, tired, and reading .. I like to give myself jobs. do them... them run out of energy. and flop down.. Donna needed help with canning beets ,( she was working getting apple pies in,out of oven, and stuff etc. so I helped do the chopping, cooking and eventually jarring her beets ,( pickling them).. came home and flopped down..

                son Bruce stopped in with a cute cover for my Kindle reader.. I admired his same cover last Sunday. so he ordered one, ( amazon) and brought it up ..
                makes the reader look like a kids toy.. but makes it comfortable to hold. or even stand.

                Maxie,I need to do the same, clean out of old shoes. and clothes.. some of the shoes could be donated to Good will.. I stopped wearing Heels because of these uncertain Knees. and the shoes are in good condition..

                What I am doing..... things that belong to my adult kids... I want to lay out on downstairs big table and let them either take home OR ... put in a box with THEIR name on showing it belongs to them... that way they can claim them when David /I go to meet our Maker..
                Bruce looked through some of the old Records and declared them valuable for the covers. and the condition of the record..
                also have a lot of Games here ...if they don't want. would make good items for rummage sale..

                see you all tomorrow, God willing. ...