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Tuesday Sept 4

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  • Tuesday Sept 4

    Wow! I didn't even realize I didn't post yesterday.
    It is still hot and will be for this week. but it is also smoky and I did not get out into the pool. By the time it was warm enough to want to swim the air was too smoky to be out in it.

    I took my mom and Becky to a Red Bluff icon: Bud's Jolly Kone. Soft serve cones and all the burger stuff that goes with it. It has been here for decades and has a state marker to verify it. Both my mom and Becky had shakes and I had what I had been wanting: chocolate dipped cone.

    Spencer had a friend from Japan visiting and he was texting us pictures all weekend of what they were doing. They went to Annapolis on Sunday and videoed John McCain's funeral procession. He said everyone stopped and was very respectful on the street.

    My pears sure ripened fast! I was busy with them. The pear butter Darla told me about sounds really good and I will look up on Pinterest and see if I can find it.

    I have to go open things up and put on water outside. I feel like Fall should be here but the temps are still like summer.

    Today is Spencer's boys' first day of school. They' re in a new district and Boone will be at a different school from his brothers. Middle school and he is a little nervous. I am always nervous for them until I see how they are accepted. It is not much easier being a grandparent than a parent in some respects!

    Stuart's district is still on strike! Two other districts have settled so we are really hoping and praying the last two holding out will settle.

    I hope you all have a great day!

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    I just typed Monday! Sure seems like one. Now the entire week will be off for me...I am confused enough without being a day off.

    Yesterday was slow and lonely with everyone around here working. Today Jon has a dentist appointment after work so I will meet the bus. It is going to be hot so Andrew will get a corn dog and mac and cheese. To that kid that is a gourmet meal! Jon is still in the process of getting his tooth replaced. You watch the commercials on tv and people leave the dentist with a full set of new teeth the same day and he is months into it for one. Hopefully after this visit they will be able to set the post, let that heal then screw in the new tooth. Plus it is a pretty darn expensive procedure.

    Today I could iron or change my bed, clean the bathroom or kitchen. Wanna take a chance on what deed I chose? Bet I have the same list tomorrow at this time. Maye, I bought printer ink not to long ago and wow! That was sticker shock! Hope each of you are more productive than I will be today. Stay cool and relax!!


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      Good Morning, looks like more heat and humidity this week, then it will probably drastically change...I said I was done, done, done with tomatoes and canning, well yesterday couldn't give them away so I made 7 pts. of salsa, like hubby said enough to last us over a year, trying to play catch up on laundry and some housekeeping..

      Allergies are bad for me right now, ragweed always gets me...have to keep a tissue with me at all times...I do want to go and try and find some roast or another cut of beef to cube and pressure can....few and far between anymore..

      Hubby is off to the dentist today so I do get a little alone time.. I have a gland swollen under my chin, weird place to have that happen, will give it a few days, think I have a hair infected somewhere. For more TMI on me, I have been so constipated which is a big switch for me, so it is Miralax and stool softener pills which has helped tremendously, ask to make sure I could do both...being on Coumadin takes so many 'greens' away from you or how much you can have in a day that it has totally messed me up... or filled me up in this case..

      Well time to get back to my laundry...have a good day one and all.

      Going to check out that pear honey butter recipe..
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Good morning.
        The holiday has thrown my week off, too. Cannot keep the day/date straight. Oh well.
        Couldnít believe the A/C came on early today. It was only 75į outside, and 79į inside. Well, we are supposed to get to 95į today, if the forecast is right. Temps are going up again this week.
        Next week we meet our friends in Las Vegas, and itís hotter there, so I have no complaints.

        Today feels like a better day for me. The last 2 days Iíve had sinus problems, which I hadnít had for years.
        Maybe Iíll get a few extra things done here today. The kitchen needs to get straightened up, for one thing.
        So, not a whole lot to write about today. It has been a very quiet holiday weekend here.

        Have a a great day, everyone.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good afternoon everyone...
          What a day..I was at that doctor appt..And they over booked...(UGH)...
          I was there all morning..I do this every three months...To make sure i do not have Cancer...It run in my family...
          I am here...I am it is over with..


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            Good Morning dark and dreary here,. Candie worked over night so don't know what time she will be home. She kind of makes her own hours, so long as she gets everything in on time her boss doesn't care. Also there is a woman in the office that drives her crazy, continually asking her how to do the work until she gives up and does it for her.

            Boffler that looks like what Bertha made, she used crushed pineapple in hers so you got little pieces of pineapple in each bite.

            have a wonderful day everyone