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  • Labor day

    This is how Cori and I feel about today.   I stayed up way too late last night :/ I was up washing my parents nasty work clothes.  I have to work today I am hoping it will be a bit slow because of it being a holiday. I donít think I have plans this afternoon unless my niece comes to get me.

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    Cute kitty. It is labor day and I shall labor over some tomatoes and peppers, even though I said I was finished, could not find anyone to take them and I just can't stand to see them go to waste, so I shall be in the kitchen today canning.

    I need to get this house cleaned, with canning season I have things piled everywhere, time to get it back in order...

    No plans for us today, if it wasn't so hot and muggy we would go to the fair but I do not tolerate the humidity well at all.

    Have a good day one and all.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      That is Coriander Sue. My kitty she climbed up and went to sleep on me....I felt like doing the exact same thing...I haven't felt my best this weekend...allergies. I was up until 11 last night my parents are here working on a HUGE project at my sisters. They needed their work clothes washes so I started washing clothes for them at 8:45 last night on the long wash cycle so I wanted to stay up until I got them into the dryer...I didn't want dad with out bibs this morning...

      I am working is my first day that I won't have my job coach with me...I am not really nervous...I am hoping its a little bit of relaxed slow day with it being a holiday...time will tell.

      I am hoping to go to my sisters tonight...only way that will happen is if I can talk my niece into coming back for me. My parents are already at my sisters working today they are sending my niece to get me at 830.


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        Morning..going to be a hot one today. I am thinking of not leaving the house. Jon is working and Sierra is working the late shift so I will probably have to make sure she has a clean work shirt. Grilled cheese with a slice of fresh picked tomato for supper...yum! Wish I had some bacon too. We had a wonderful day yesterday. As we were all arriving my sister got a call for a showing. It was the same couple and they were bringing their kids and mother in law. Cannot tell that no! So we sat on the patio and behaved ourselves for 30 minutes then the guys jumped into the pool and the water balloons came out and it was a wild afternoon. Thank goodness Jon was along because we did not get home until almost 10:00...the trip seems a lot shorter when you are not the one driving! Andrew had a ball but why wouldn't he...when the balloons come out all the guys jump into the pool like little boys.

        Hoping for a slow week. Suppose to be hot most of it. I do not have one date marked on the calendar for this week and other than having to meet the bus tomorrow I am free the entire week. Nice feeling. Wouldn't it be wonderful if something fun came up? or I just got to stay in my jams the entire week? Well,now I am dreaming so will take another cup of coffee on the patio while it is still cool enough to sit.

        Happy Labor Day!


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          Good morning.
          After the sun went down yesterday evening, the thunder and lightning put on a show. I heard the rain make its appearance about 9:30. It must have been a really good rain, as we had 91% humidity before the sun came up this morning. My sinusí was bothering me all day (and this morning as well). E was good enough to go to the store and get me some salsa, which is great for breaking up my congestion. (On me, the Mild salsa is hot and spicy enough to do the job, and not leave me in any kind of discomfort, and it doesnít take very much to do that job.)

          Our friends may not be able to make their trip. They will let us know. We made plans to meet in Las Vegas for a day next week. It depends on what the ladyís Doctor says this week. She was just diagnosed with diverticulitis. I know it is no fun, as I have it. She will get instructions on her diet and be prescribed a digestive pill. If she follows the diet, she will do fine. But getting used to the changes can be difficult.

          For today, we have no plans. It should be a mostly sunny day. being a holiday, our trash pickup will be delayed a day.
          We havenít heard from the kids.

          Sooooo..... thatís my news for today.
          Hope you have a great day!
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            rather late to check in... but.

            had a lazy day.. went to Target ,the store.. needed ink cartridges for my printer,,, it was calling out to me.. got cat food and kitty litter .. big shopping trip huh?.
            did not cook today.. ate sandwiches. and leftovers from yesterdays party.. yummmm...
            later in early evening we went to visit son Bruce... we set in lawn chairs in the shade and just talked!... been a long time since we just visited to visit.. Bruces wife Terry had saved and saved and couple weeks ago made a long dreamed of trip to visit Scotland.. her brother , who works in Siberia,Russia, flew to Scotland to vacation with her. in and around Edinboro.. so she had lots to talk about.. guys talked about cars and such.. Terry is also a reader like me ,so we talked authors, books..
            Maxie , grilled cheese, bacon,and tomato, yummmm..
            Boffer.. must go see the local marketer about getting tomatoes ,,both green, for Jelly,, and red for tomato juice.. do that tomorrow..
            Hi to all who check back in and read ..