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TMI Thursday morning...

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  • TMI Thursday morning...

    Morning folks warning this might be to graphic for a weak audience..

    Well first of all, I have been so constipated, which is a BIG change for me, so in my misery I decided a trip to the drugstore was in order..

    Hubby was going to Lowe's but I told him I was taking my own car and heading the same direction but really wanted to go by off I went.
    The first escapade was had I not been so full of *hit I would have *shit myself when a large deer ran out in front of me on my way....WOW slam on my brakes and heart pounding, after I got so far away I just sat there a few minutes getting my composure back.

    I opened the roof of my car, turned the radio on louder and headed on my way listening to Tim McGraw singing "Shotgun Rider", great song to turn the sound up to and let the wind take your cares away...

    Went to Walmart, got a haircut, a very short one which I wanted, then got my shopping done, came home with Metamucil, OJ, and stool softener....lets get this cleanse started...

    On my way home I almost missed a stop sign, darn corn fields, slammed on my brakes and all things in bags came rolling out, I have an SUV so the back was full of canned goods rolling around...finally home safe and sound, hubby ask why all the groceries were no longer in their bags, LOL...Started my Metamucil with OJ and many trips to the bathroom, walking around feeling like a corn cob is in my rear end. I'm not use to this kind of stuff, mine is usually of the other nature, something I can 'Depend' on.

    Well its Cream of Wheat for breakfast, coffee, Metamucil in OJ and lots of water, wish me luck.

    Have a great day one and all.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good Thursday morning! It is 71 outside and that is what makes a good morning for me. the day will get much hotter as it usually does. I realized my weather app is always off by about 3 degrees too low! yesterday it was 107 and when you factor in 6 kids, well, you see what I mean. Too hot! I slept with the ceiling fan on all night and then this morning opened the windows to let in cool air. When I go to bed it is still in the 90's so I do not open the windows.

    I read the posts from yesterday but it was so late...running around in the morning trying to get laundry and floors done before the kids arrived and while the dogs were out and not barking at the garbage truck noise and well, I just didn't get here.

    I have friends going to an A's game and taking one of their grandsons who was one of my favorite daycare kids. If they bring a Giants cap, no matter what condition or how old, they can trade it in for a new A's cap. so I asked on my Facebook page for a Giants cap to be donated and right away got 2! One was from Little League but that is ok. The other from someone who is not even a Giants fan. So, my daycare guy and his cousin can both get new A's hats. And I am not saying anymore about it...most of my friends are super Giants fans with some dodgers thrown in, but my boys were A's fans...and that has been a bonding point for us with others who are.

    I am serving BLT's today so gotta go put the bacon on while I can watch it without kids. The one year old who just got back form vacation was so clingy yesterday. And very jealous of the 15 month old who is new... luckily it all worked out and hopefully, everyday it just gets better!

    I hope all your appointments and travel plans and sister get togethers work out fine and everyone has a great day!


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      Paula, I always love BLT's. Great idea with the A's caps...funny about the one year old being jealous, LOL...

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    ...Only Sharon can have an escapade like that. AND in such a short distance!!!!

    Good morning everyone. Today is a rest day before another day of hard work. Yesterday was lawn mowing day at E's. But before the mowing, we had to pick up and haul the limbs that I had cut out of the apple and pear tree. By the time we finished that, we went into Flat Rock to eat.

    By the time we had finished mowing, it was 2:30 and time for me to get away from people and get a shower. Boy did that shower feel good. When your clothes are soaked with sweat, it feels good to jump into a shower.

    Today the contractors are hoping to finish with second coat of pain in the laundry room and 1/2 bath/ furnace room walls, and to lay the new flooring in the 1/2 bath. It's all starting to come together now. John told me to take my shower either last night or early this morning as the hot water heater is coming out so they can lay the flooring. Stool and sink came out yesterday.

    Tomorrow is another hard work day as I'm cutting down E's apple tree. The majority of it is dead so she wants it down. Just can't get out there before it gets real hot as I have another therapy session at 9:30 in the morning. So it may be just to drop the tree then go back Saturday morning to start cutting it up. Depends on how hot it is tomorrow. Actually should say how the heat index is.

    So anyway, you can see why I get here every so often opposed to every day. Hope all have a better day than Sharon had yesterday.

    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Glad your work crew finally showed up...

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    Good morning.
    Yesterday was a real bummer. Totally wasted!
    Today I go back to get that blood infusion that didnít happen yesterday. So I had to cancel my mani-pedi, but they were nice enough to make an opening tomorrow afternoon. This afternoon I have PT, and canít say Iím very prepared.

    I feel pretty tired today. Barely got any sleep at all a couple nights ago, due to the amount of bleeding from my gums. Then yesterdayís frustrations affected last nights sleep. I will probably nap through part of my infusion today.

    Never did get through to the oral surgeon, but do have a followup dental appointment tomorrow morning. But I doubt my mouth is fit to wear the partial yet. Today that part of my jaw is sore.

    Sharon, you had quite a day! E keeps some form of MyraLax on hand ..... stuff the hospital uses for colon preps. Different stores have it under different names, but ask the pharmacist.

    Paula, the weather is pretty crazy with itís hot or cooler days. It can change quickly.

    Hope you all have a great day. Iím trying to look at the bright side of things.

    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      JoG, I know all about Miralax, but I don't want a laxative, not with my Crohn's disease, I just need fiber and my Dr. always had me do Metamucil...being on Coumadin kind of takes the fun out of eating my greens.. the stool softener I use on my own..

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    Good Afternoon! Another pretty summer day. Lovin' it!

    Yesterday I accomplished next to nothing here in the house. Blaise had spent the night at Kathy's so that I could go to my doctor's appt by myself. A1C still not good, but my BP was excellent! Next stop was the church to drop off the supplies for Saturday morning meal prep for the homeless shelter. Then onto see Aunt P in the hospital...had a nice little visit. Went & got Blaise and we took Kathy with us for Arby's. Got home & my SIL was already here. Her niece & nephew came and swam with us for the afternoon. It took Blaise about an hour to get over his attitude, then the two boys had a blast playing together.

    I got the charcoal grill going and made up hamburgers and then grilled the rest of the patties I had made up in the freezer for the shelter meal. The past 2 years I've said I was going to grill the burgers, and it just didn't happen. It was always during my pie season, so this year she ask me when I wanted to do it, and I scheduled it before the pie season. Once I got the guys in bed, I baked 2 carrot cakes.

    This morning we really slept in. I woke up at 6am, and thought it was too early, so I rolled over and the next time I looked, it was 9am. Oops! It was a slow start, but I decided I better get the refrigerators cleaned out because I'm going to need all the room I can find for fillings & pies here in the next week or so. I had planned to mixed up the ladylocks dough, but that hasn't happened & my SIL is on her way to swim. Think I'll mix up the dough & then go down to join her & Blaise. I also need to mix up the LL filling. There is always this evening once the guys go to bed.

    Have a good one all!


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      Donna, what time do those guys go to bed and how late do you stay up?


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        Corky goes to bed as soon as he can....btw 7pm & 8pm. Now Blaise gets to bed btw 8pm & 9pm. I'm usually up until midnight.