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A hot Wednesday!

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  • A hot Wednesday!

    But not as hot as guy said it was the hottest day we had this summer but I did not listen to the temp. Who cares once it gets to hot...hotter and hottest just run together! Or should I say melt together?

    Anyway, the heat did not seem as hot, maybe because I stayed in all day. Today I do have some running but mostly packing and laundry. I will leave in the morning and not be back until Monday. My niece is joining us Saturday for the weekend and we are looking forward to a ladies weekend around the pool. It is getting so close to my sisters move and we have been going to this house and pool for many years...lots of laughs and gossip have been shared.

    Have my own mixture of Cantonese Dinner in the crock pot so all I will have to do is fix rice when people are ready this evening. It is so easy I do not know why I don't make it more often...guess because Andrew does not care for it. Funny how kids can control a menu.

    Nothing much going hot for much. I think Sierra works late so hoping I can get her to run a couple of bags to goodwill. They have been sitting in the hall so long you hardly notice them anymore! Like they are part of the furniture...sad the way I keep house these days.

    Since I am up early I guess I should take advantage of the time...stay cool people.

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    Good Morning


    • maxie
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      Beth, you doing ok? You have been pretty quiet lately...

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    Good morning, World.
    Hi are up early. I hear what you are saying about heat....I agree! Have a good time with your family. Safe travels.
    Hi Beth....nothing to say again? Hope you are feeling okay.

    So much going on here, I can't keep it straight in my head.
    Saw the dentist yesterday, he convinced my my gums are looking okay even if they are still tender. I am suppossed to have a follow up on Friday. However, the bleeding began again last evening and I stayed up an extra 1-1/2 hrs stopping it. Went to bed, and slept til 1 a.m. But I was bleeding again and got up to treat it some more, was up til 3. Woke at 5:30. This morning it seems to have stopped. I will have to be extra careful, anyway, all day. Just soups and liquids to keep hydrated. I don't like this one bit.

    Today I go for a blood infusion, When I get home I will call the oral surgeon's number and have a talk with him this time.

    Oh well. Still keeping our trip in mind. Still have to select clothes to take, toiletries, and books for a great niece.

    Maxie, I'm getting much the same about housekeeping these days. I'm slower and weaker, though I'm trying to improve on that a bit.

    Well, my appointment is an early one. I need to dress, and hopefully have something for breakfast. Maybe a banana shake.

    It is forecasted for only 88į today, possible storms. We will see.

    ☀️ Hope you all have a good day. 😊
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Hope you get instant relief with the blood infusion. And keep on that dentist. Take care of yourself...that banana shake does sound good though.

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    Thanks, Maxie.

    I forgot to mention the rains we have had the last couple of days are nothing compared to other nearby places. At the west edge of Tucson is a town called Marana. They have trucks stranded in flooded areas, plus a train was derailed.
    In the town of Marana just east of Phoenix, a daughter said a nearby tree lost a branch.
    A daughter in Phoenix had very high winds, stuff flying all over, some flooding, plus the a/c or cooler (whatever they put on top of the house) is in 2 big pieces, plus roof damage. The insurance company has put a tarp over the roof til it can get fixed. We may have to put her in a hotel when temps rise again.
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Aack! After sitting for 1-1/2 hrs in the chair, port attached, they said the blood isnít coming in today after all. So early tomorrow I have to go back. I deal with lightheaded for another day.

      I can hardly wait to get my hospital comment sheet! They wonít like any of my ratings!

      This is the 2nd time in a row this has happened.
      Even though my doctor scheduled the appt, the receptionists said I should call the day before my appointment to see if I have an appointment!

      Now I have to cancel one of my appointments scheduled tomorrow. This is total crapola!!!
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Sorry I didnít get here this morning.
        It is hot and I was trying to get things done score the kids arrived.

        That banana shake sounds good and I
        Wish I had a banana to put in my smoothie in the morning.

        Thanks for holding down the fort, you two!

        I will get back in the morning!


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          Yesterday got away from me, so sorry I missed saying good morning, hello, have a good day, etc. I will do better, LOL...
          Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God