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Itís TUESDAY, July 10th

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  • Itís TUESDAY, July 10th

    Good morning.

    Cloudy today, supposed to be in the low 90ís. Yesterday was forecasted for the 90ís but we hit 101į anyway. Had an overnight rain, it looks like.

    So Monday morning (yesterday) I bit down wrong and my gums started bleeding. I had gauze in my mouth for 3 hours before it stopped. That is how I was when I saw my oncology NP when I went for my appointment. Gauze in my cheek and some blood still showing between my teeth, although I had rinsed my mouth and changed the gauze in the ladiesí room when I first got there. She was concerned about my blood loss from the oral surgery I had done over a week ago, as well as the bleeding yesterday.
    Not to mention weakness, etc., especially when Iím out in the heat ó- it hits me quickly.
    I will have the dentist check it out today and see about why my gums still bleed. I donít need this!
    Anyway, she arranged a blood infusion for me tomorrow. She said if we were going to fly anywhere, Iíd be a mess if I didnít get the transfusion.
    Then I have a followup lab/NP/and possibly another blood infusion on the 30th.
    Murphyís Law is in action here, isnít it?

    Oh well. So many things to get done before our trip. Iím so glad E doesnít mind being my chauffeur. I can barely feel the car pedals under my feet if I drive at all, with my neuropathy. That can be least I find it scary.

    Got laundry to do today. The never-ending chore.

    Hope you all have a great day! 🤗
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    Good Morning...I stuck my head out the door and it is already very humid so I won't be out and about to much today.

    JoG, no it never ends but sure hope you find some 'positive' somewhere. Surprised they are letting you travel if you are that bad...

    No real plans for me, my biggest challenge is deciding on something to fix for supper, sometimes I just wish I didn't have to cook all the time, LOL...

    Jostoy, sure hope you didn't hurt yourself yesterday, and please do take care of you...(now here is a lady that no matter what just keeps on going) and I know that she has a lot of health issues and limitations she deals with, no complaining from her. I just wish I could accomplish half of what she does...

    Maxie hope soon ball season will be over, I remember those days so well and really glad I don't have to be out in the heat sitting on a bleacher anymore...

    Well hubby is up now so I can go make our bed...(sure wish he would) his philosophy is, "just going to sleep in it again".

    Stay cool, stay safe, and as always, prayers for John and Elaine.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Well, yesterday was a busy one. The DMV went very well: I passed the vision test without glasses. I found out an 8:30 appointment means you stand in a line that isn't as long as the no appointment line! Talked with a really nice lady who was waiting to get her REal ID and had so many papers with her...ugh. When did this sneak up on us? I got a paper to tell me all the forms of id I need to bring in to get one before the deadline. Like 5! Anyway, everyone was in a great mood and all the workers smiling, etc. The final one who took my picture was a more no nonsense type, but I was done by then and happy to get going. That was an hour.

      I went home and made the dinner and got it ready to be put in the oven later.

      Then went to my 1:00 eye doctor...2 1/2 hours later (!) I have a bunch of information on beginning glaucoma, dry eye and cataracts!
      I had green stain from drops all down my face which kind of hid the tears I was having as I heard him say, Good candidate for surgery...What?!
      No prescriptions so I guess I am not that bad with glaucoma, yet. My mother told me she has had RX for that since 1989 when they moved here after retirement. And she still reads and drives, so that calmed me down a bit. The office scheduled me for an other visit the first of August, but I am not just going for surgery until it works for my schedule.
      All of a sudden I was feeling my age!

      At 4:00 when I was finally home (I stopped at a favorite shop), my kids called on a conference call! Stuart set up and we had WA, MD, and CA on the kphone. That perked me up! they asked me if I could go anywhere what destination would I choose? They are planning a big trip for my retirement next summer and are starting the saving and reserving now. So, of course, that choked me up.

      By the time we had dinner, and then friends dropped by with gifts and treats, I was kind of over the emotional shock of the eye doctor visit.

      I am ready to start this day! Bedding is almost finished with one load in the dryer and the other just finished in the wash.

      My niece is visiting her parents in MN with a friend in tow! First time a guy ahs gone home to meet the parents. The poor guy has lived his whole life in the Seattle area and MN is having some heat right now!

      JoG, I am so glad your drs are on top of your blood work and you will be able to go to MI.
      Sharon, I come here to get ideas for menus! Now if I only felt like shopping after daycare. Our heat will be in the low 100's and that isn't bad. I need to cut some dried rose blooms off and get ready for tomorrow's yard waste pick up. That will be after daycare today.

      Have a good day and take care!


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        Sharon, I guess as long as I am able to be up and around, I’m okay to go. I’ am aware of what to do for myself when stuff comes up. (I certainly don’t want to get stuck in the hospital if I can help myself, E can keep an eye on me, and we know when it’s time to get help.....then I’m good to live as normally as possible.)
        Besides, we haven’t been anywhere in some years. Haven’t seen my brother for a few years. E hasn not seen his family since his brother died. (He has a sister here, but she mostly wants not much to do with us, and is satisfied just exchanging holiday cards. So be it.).

        Oh, the lab nurse was really nice. She offered me a box of medical masks, then discovered she didn’t have an extra she filled a sizable plastic haz-mat bag with a big handful of them, to keep in my purse. Then E got another batch from another nurse for me. So I’m pretty well set for getting through crowds. ☺️
        E also made arrangements for me to have wheelchair service in the airports.....get through everything faster.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good morning


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            Apparently Phoenix had a big storm yesterday. DD took pictures of the damage as it was happening. High winds and a downpour. When it quit, she went outdoors to check the roof, and the air conditioner is in two big pieces. Her insurance is sending someone out to check the damage and put a tarp over the roof, and see about getting it repaired. Wow.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Good Morning! I have been up early and back home already. heard on the car radio that the temps are going to be 97 so looks like the heat is back. Not much humidity today but will be back for the rest of the week. No one watered last night so tonight for sure. Jon worked a double yesterday and was not happy about it. hope it is his last for the week. We have a second coat of stain to get on!

              Have laundry and want to change my bed so tomorrow I can get food in for Jon for the weekend since it is his weekend to work and get ready to leave early Thursday morning. Not going to have time to squeeze in a pedi but I sure did get a great haircut yesterday. That is the most important thing anyway!

              Think I will heat a piece of ham in the crock pot and fix mashed potatoes tonight. Ham is not an all time favorite of mine but sometimes I just want a piece. Need to empty trash cans and replace bags...we do produce a lot of trash around here!

              Jo sorry you are having so many problems. Thank goodness for E! I am grateful everyday I am so healthy and know it all could come to a halt at any time. Sharon, stay in and stay cool. Have a Hallmark day! They are still playing Christmas movies this week and I understand next week they will switch to another Hallmark channel...3 weeks of Christmas movies. They never get old! Paula, hope you had a wonderful birthday and now a retirement trip being planned! What a great family you have. Good morning Beth...Have a good day everyone of you and stay cool.


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                Maxie I watched one of those Christmas movies on Sunday and it brought me to tears and I wondered, "why am I doing this to myself", So got up and got busy...I don't think I was crying just because of the movie, I cried because of the emotions and memories it brought for me about my life...

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              Afternoon al! It's a sunny & toasty one here.

              Yesterday was good. We went into town to grocery shop then stopped at Arby's for lunch. My SIL brought her niece to swim and they had a good time. Cork had a golf lesson, so we didn't do much of a dinner. He ate leftovers and I cooked hot dogs & corn for Blaise & me. Did go pick what few blk raspberries there were. Quiet evening.

              Many texts back & forth btw my Aunt P is back in the hospital....very confused. Doing more testing. Worried about her. Going to visit her later this afternoon.

              This morning took Blaise for his counseling appt. A month or so ago Juicy Juice ran a special. Buy 3 bottles & you could get a free movie ticket to the Incredibles2. I bought 6 bottles. So yesterday I finally filled out all the necessary information to get the 2 free tickets. This afternoon we are meeting Kathy at the theater and we are going to see the movie. I already saw it, but I wanted to take Blaise. Kathy was suppose to, but that didn't happen. Kathy is going to take Blaise home with her for the night, and I'll meet my cousin Linda, and we'll go visit my Aunt P. Leftovers for dinner....again. LOL! Maybe go swimming.

              Have a good one all!