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Monday....July 9th

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  • Monday....July 9th

    Good morning everyone.

    Am off to cut down a pear tree about 9. Have the contractors coming in about the same time. Just told the boss I'd leave the front door open. I have a key ready for them to get in the back door.

    I can't stay around all day just to see if they are coming. They were to be here last Tuesday. But that didn't happen. I suspect that the company they were working at kept adding jobs to them. I don't play that game. I have every thing written down that John and I talk about having done.

    Hopefully I won't come close to cutting off a leg while taking down this tree with the chainsaw. Last week I was using a new hedge trimmer and cut my finger really bad. Fortunately I didn't cut into the bone. But the trimmer did allow my finger the go between the cutters. Bled like a stuck hog.

    Time to get some breakfast. Everyone have a good day.
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    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.

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    Jostoy BE careful!!! I am being lazy first thing this morning. I have a meeting this morning and psych appointment this afternoon I need more happy pills. That appointment will take a chunk of my day...mostly waiting to be seen. He is never ever on time...if your lucky your wait is only an hour.. I didn’t schedule a riding unril late afternoon knowing this.

    I might order pizza tonight I haven’t completely decided


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      Good Monday morning.
      This morning we are heading out to the Cancer Center. It is labwork first, then a followup with my NP there. We will see how the newest medication is working.
      Just had a donut with my tea. Now I need to find something to wear and fix my hair, for what that is worth.
      Still a chance of a bit of rain today, and storm tomorrow.
      Yesterday the temp ended up being 105° again to everyone’s surprise. Today is supposed to be 99°—-I guess we will see if that stands today.
      Won’t get much accomplished today.

      Jostoy, sorry to hear about your mishap, but glad you didn’t cut off your finger. Hope your tetanus shots are up to date.

      Hope you all have a good day. 🤗

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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good Morning....well I got to open doors and windows for a little while this morning, they are now all closed again...just put my first load of clothes in washer.

        jostoy, we can all say "be careful" until the cows come home, but only 'you' can take care of you...take care of what 'limbs' you have on your body first..hope your workers truly do show up today, it gets real aggravating when they don't do as they say they will...

        Good luck to you JoG....think positive!! The 'what if's' can get to a person. Where are you going to in MI? and when?

        Bethina a pizza sounds pretty darn good to me...I might even consider that also...I love homemade pizzas.

        Have had a nice weekend, first went to the lake for a day, then yesterday hubby went to MI to fish with our son....SO I had the house to myself...yeah me!! I made swedish meatballs over egg noodles for supper last night, along with peas and carrots, pretty gosh darn yummy.

        No real plans for the day except to get the laundry done, got bills paid yesterday, added water to the swimming pool since we have not had any rain, picked a tomato from my plants...will need to water this evening, everything is way to dry....filled the bird feeders and hung another corn cob..and scattered some peanuts around..darn blue jays chase other birds away. I need to make more hummingbird 'juice' to hang outside.

        Time to get dressed and do something constructive..have a great day one and all...prayers for John and Elaine.

        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          Morning! Lots of little stuff to do this morning. Need to call for a haircut and take the car for an oil change. Need to get the tires rotated and have the spare tire checked. I don't think I have even thought about that spare tire in the entire time I have owned this car! With the miles I have driven this summer back and forth from my sister's I need to be prepared...not that I could change a tire if necessary!

          We did not get the second coat of stain on yesterday. Poor boy came upstairs limping and said both his legs hurt. I am not surprised but he is off on Thursday and could still do it after work any day. Not today because we have a ball game. Whooppee!! Tonight and Friday and this season is over. Been a long haul.

          Thought we could do left over stuffed peppers for supper tonight but they were really really good...looks like I will heat up that piece of ham and mash some potatoes. I cooking two days in a row is almost as surprising and that first coat of stain being applied.

          Gotta go start the day...heat is coming back and then darn grass boy better show up or we will have to get a herd of goats. Can you imagine camping in the summer instead of cutting grass? LOL! Hope he had a good time...he is a special needs kid and a super worker. He cuts our front and the neighbors grass so I will run our money over to her to make sure he is paid if I am gone.

          Have a wonderful day and Jostoy be careful. You are a dare devil for sure!!!
          Jo good luck with your appointments.
          Beth I am always glad the doctor has time to spend with me when I need it but resent the time he keeps me waiting. We are never happy are we?


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            Thanks for the good wishes for my checkups. I appreciate that a lot.

            Sharon, we land in MI on the night of Thursday the 19th. We will be in several cousins and brother in Dearborn ... meeting for brunch at a new restaurant, “Ford’s Diner.”? Then Howell and Westland for E’s families, all nieces and nephews now. Then somewhere ‘way further north to visit with E’s school buddy and his wife. Then another day with my brother before we return home.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              checking in before I run to the DMV to renew my license and take their vision test. It was a good excuse to take my birthday off!

              My mom will be over for dinner today and I am thnking I am going to buy a cake! Shocking, right? but I just don't want to do all the mess and baking for a cake and this way I can buy a smaller one...

              I have been eating whatever I wanted since Becky has been gone and it has to stop and get back to some semblance of less food. I changed my Facebook profile yesterday because I thought I didn't like the lighting in the other phot: no, I still look the same! About 10 pounds more than I, this is the day that I am starting to plan meals and not let them plan by whatever is on tv or in the cupboards.

              Becky called with one grandson already. Hal turns 10 today! That was a great birthday surprise ten years ago when they lived in Japan!

              Jostoy! Please check right back in when you are finished and let us know all went well with the tree...or let someone else do it. I will be worrying about you until I read your post.

              Love you all and your allowing me into your neighborhood!


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                Nothing wrong with buying a cake...something with whip cream and strawberries? Having a December birthday I never get strawberries on my cake! I have a MRI scheduled for bright and early tomorrow and I mean early! Had my spare tire checked and guess what? It had never been out of the trunk and was brand spanking new...aired it up and I am ready for anything.

                Yes, Jo, let us know about your appointments. Funny you said something about being in your neighborhood Paula...I was just reading something about Mr. Rogers. We need more goodness in the world like he promoted.

                Sierra rode with me for the oil change because the girl will do anything for food. Drove her through Steak and Shake and she is happy. We will be leaving soon at the same for my haircut because she had just had a cancellation when I called and Sierra for a med check then off to work. I am seeing a difference with the pills she is taking but wish we could dump this bf and then we would all be better off.

                Grass boy is next door but seems to be having a problem with his mower. If ours worked we would not be hiring him so hope he gets his going!

                Jon just called and is forced to work midnights so I will going to the game alone. is not a home game like I thought but I do know where the field is so will be going alone. At least it is early I will be home before dark.

                Sounds like we are all having a busy day. Lots of running around for me...Good thing I have a full tank of gas!!