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Sunday...a great morning to sleep in!

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  • Sunday...a great morning to sleep in!

    Morning! I have just put on a pot of stuffed peppers and have a ton of laundry to start. I hope you are all sitting down because yesterday we got the first coat on the porch deck! I know right? He sat in here and even watched a Christmas movie but then finally got up and grabbed the stain can. Now if he does the second coat today I may just die and go to heaven totally unable to enjoy the fresh stain!!! And for the record my son hates Christmas movies because they are to sappy.

    So on that happy note I start my Sunday. Since I was in shock yesterday I did not do much but watch the ballgame and haul glasses of water out to the grumpy workman. Did not do work pants for Sierra and she got called in to work early this morning without a clean pair. They work these kids to death but make sure it is under 40 hours. The general manager did say they would pay her overtime because of the big fair and fireworks in St. Louis all over the Fourth and this weekend have brought in big highway traffic. Today was to be a day off but people call off. Amazing how some kids have such a mature work ethic and others none at all. Since we may be paying for this last year of school I hope she is saving but have a feeling a dead beat bf is the main benefactor.

    Need to call for a haircut tomorrow morning and need a stop at the local grocery for asiago. Went to put a handful in the hamburger mix and am down to my last baggie. We can not live without asiago! Need to deadhead some plants that have been ignored in the heat and today is going to be our last cool day. Have a busy, happy day all....Jo glad you got rain. We are happy not have a pop up storm for a couple of days!!!

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    Would have been here earlier but had my hands in a bowl of fixin's for swedish meatballs, that will be supper tonight, over egg noodles...peas & carrots, sounds good to me..

    Yesterday was a beautiful day at the lake, didn't take the boat because the water was to choppy for my liking, but went to another lighthouse, I did not and could not climb the 77 steps to get there so I saved my money and just looked up... I did go inside the light keepers house and also the emergency boat to see how saving a person use to me done, or a boat that was in trouble, so much history and things of interest close to home.

    jostoy, went to cheesehaven for more chocolates and taffy...had our cooler with us, LOL...

    While at the cheesehaven a man was standing outside the building, he looked so familiar so I took the plunge and ask if his name was Shannon and he said, "yes", I told him I was Craig's Mom, well he lit up, came and gave me a hug and the conversation flowed from there, then his wife and daughter joined in and also my hubby...yes it is a small world..So nice to see the people that were the same age as your own doing well.

    Well I now have meat on the stove browning for spaghetti later this week, so have to get a move on...

    Hope to see others pass this way and say hello.

    MAXIE!!! Yeah for the deck being stained, just keep watching those Christmas movies to keep him out of the house, LOL

    I also need a haircut desperately, short, sweet and easy peasy one...

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Good morning all...I did stay in bed until the last possible second! I decided a while back that I wanted some dresses...Some for Florida and some For Chicago and when I go to my parents for a week...

      2 came yesterday I am happy more is on its way

      I got desparate for a hair cut yesterday and went to a new place..a little shorter than I have been wearing it but it will grow and be ok...and yes I will go back to this lady..she is litterly 2 minutes from my house..and I was tired of the beauty school by the house...never could get in with the one that I wanted..For the same price that I was paying at the beauty school I paid yesterday for a lady with a lot of experiance...Also found out that granny is not moving yet again..she is no longer mad at the two of her children that she now she wants to stay where she is...she was using mom and moving to get back at the other 2. Mom said granny has done this in some form her entire life and mom is used to it...I on the other hand am angry...Granny is asking to see me...and I am willing but only if mom goes too.

      Off to Bible Study...


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        Good SUNNY Morning! Now where is my energy?

        Yesterday my SIL & I hit the road early to go pick up Blaise from church camp. He was exhausted. The boy that NEVER takes a nap unless he's sick, we out like a light about 15 minutes down the road. LOL! I guess he had a good time. He wasn't very talkative, which is highly unusual for him. We dropped him off at Kathy's on the way home. She got to deal with the first 24 hrs of post-vacation crankiness.

        Aunt J stopped over for some cookies. She may not be around for a couple more days. Her company is leaving today and she's ready to take a nice looooooooong nap. I got Cork to start the charcoal and I grilled lots of chicken and the first half of the hamburgers for the shelter meal next week. I have 48 more patties to grill, but I'll do those later this week. I froze the cooked ones and they'll just warm them up next Sunday. Baked a couple pies just because. Going to share them.

        This morning we went to church & SS. Now I need to get busy cooking. Making Corky's lunch food for the week and fried cabbage & noodles for cards tonight. Will wash Blaise's camp clothes. I don't even try to guess whether they are clean or not, I just dump them all in. Now I will say these cabins were much cleaner than the other camp's. His clothes don't smell musty. Going to play cards at my SIL tonight with my Mom & her Mom. I told Kathy she could just drop off Blaise there and I'll take him home. They are going to the zoo today.

        Have a good one all!

        PS: Maxie.....high five! Do you think getting the first coat on will motivate him to do the second coat right away?


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          Good morning.

          Yes! We did get rain last evening, and for 25 minutes it was a darn good downpour, flooding low parts of the yard and streets. It measured only 3/4Ē on the rain gauge. I hadnít checked, but supposedly there was light rainfall after dark and in the wee hours. Nice. Guess we wonít get Dow to the 90į temps til tomorrow. But thereís 10-30% chance of rain every day for the coming week. Our monsoon rains have finally a month late.
          Right now itís a sunny morning.

          Nothing much happening today. However tomorrow I have my labs and visit with my doc at the Cancer Center.
          And Tuesday I see my dentist to check my healing gums and deal with my partial.

          Looked in the fridge and I guess I need to deal with leftovers, toss or use up.

          Maxie, sounds like things are going well for you. You know, if Sierra would put her work pants in the washer & dryer when she gets home, it would help reduce your workload a bit, and the pants would be ready for a quick ironing for you, in case of times like this unexpected call-in. (It might cut down the time with the dreaded bf, too.)

          Hi Sharon...sounds like it was a fun time for you. So glad to hear it.

          To all, have a wonderful Sunday. 🤗
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            I did sleep in a little, too. The dogs got me up early and then I went back to bed. At least in the early morning it is cool enough to open the windows.

            Yay for the porch stain!!!
            Sharon, your meals sound so good. I made Swedish meatballs awhile back and think I will again. And Wednesday evening (if make myself go) I can maybe get some bell peppers. Or just go to walmart and fro sure get them. Do any of you make them in the crockpot? I saw a recipe for them and think I will try it.
            With Becky gone I can make and et things that she doesn't like. And add onions to it all!
            I really want to get better at the noodles and onions and will get some pierogis (how do you spell that?!) to eat with it.

            I am bidding on a top on eBay and watching so I don't miss it by just a few cents. I had a friend who would buy things for me on ebay and then when he taught me all his techniques I started buying for myself. Only once was I so dissatisfied that I filed a claim and got my money back. I don't sell anything on it because I hate going to the post office and because of my schedule I lahve only Saturday morning to go there.

            Church and then home to putter around here. I have more things to take to the yard sale but I want to go through the cupboards and box up some dishes, cups and pans I don't use. I took over a croppit yesterday. I had bought it and really liked the color (red) but failed to notice it just had dials that said High and Low. My other one has more settings and then a Warm setting....

            I better get moving bbefore my hair dries too much to fix it with the air dryer and a brush...
            Yesterday we were getting smoke from a fire up north but so far today the air smells good. My eyes were feeling yucky from the smoke all day and so I stayed in after the errands and appointment.
            And the CPR class went great!!! Sure hope this is my last!

            Have a good day!!!