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Saturday July 7

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  • Saturday July 7

    Good morning! It is a cool morning with temps in the 60s. Can you imagine? Heat returns next week but this weekend is going to be a beauty!! Just the perfect weather to stain a porch. Any bets on that happening?

    Talked with my sister yesterday and I am going down there for a long weekend next week leaving Thursday. My bil is deep sea fishing and we are going to veg out at home around the pool. Looking forward to an adult weekend.

    No plans for today..Hallmark is still playing Christmas movies and I will miss them when Christmas in July is all over. Last night at the ball park the weather was perfect with a beautiful breeze and sunny skies. The mercy rule was enacted early so we were home by 7:30. We have lost every single game, except the two who were forfeited. Next week is the end of the season and thank goodness!!! Andrew has lot all interest and Jon is going to look for a bowling league to see if he is interested. He has to do something and he really needs to get rid of the nasty taste of this baseball season.

    Hope you all are receiving and enjoying this cool weather. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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    Dang must have hit the wrong button AGAIN because my long post is gone...

    Maxie you time coming up with your sis sounds divine, enjoy the grown up time and forget about home while there...

    We are heading out the door to the lake, got baked beans made, deviled eggs, sliced onions, all we will have to do is put burgers on the grill when we get home.

    Off we go, have a great day.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Good Morning, nice out there right now. Maxie, granddaughter's ball is over I guess. Guess the game rules are different everywhere. They do not officially keep score here. Games last 1 hour, each team can only score 5 runs per inning.


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        Good morning,
        Iíll be dragging today. Last night the stupid heart monitor lighted up started to beep, for no apparent reason, just as I was falling asleep. Well, I had to grab it, get it out of its case, and turn it off. I hadnít recorded anything all day, because I didnít feel anything problematic. Then I couldnít get back to sleep, so I got up and read for a while. Got tired at about 1:30 and got in bed, and at 5:22 I was wide awake again. The sun was rising. Am I in for a nap today.

        I made an appointment with my dentist for Tuesday. I canít put my partial in. When they did it, my mouth was still numb. Iím not sure if my gums are totally healed, because I think itís still leaking blood in little bits. I taste the metallic of it, and rinsing my mouth the water is slightly tinted. I think Iíll make a salt water rinsing solution for now, but I will feel better if they check it out. Monday is Cancer Center day for me. Iíll be there for more than half the day. Iím wondering if Iíll need a blood infusion after the blood loss from the oral surgery. You wonít believe how quickly my mouth would fill, and Iíd have to empty my mouth, rinse, put new gauze in, and wait for the next round of all that. They had given me special gauze and extra gauze when I left them, but E went out and got 2 more boxes. I used some from the 1st box after using up what they gave me. Iím not feeling so weak the last couple of days, but I find it hard to be on my feet too long. E made a point of scheduling me for wheelchair service at the airports.
        Maxie, we leave for our trip on Thursday as well.
        Sharon, I will be thinking of you being “close” to MI, while we are there.
        E has a list of who all we see each day, til the day we leave. We will be busy catching up with everyone there.

        As for particular plans. Will watch as clouds (still big, puffy, and white) drift in. Today will be the same weather as yesterday but without the strong winds. Tomorrow will drop to 100į & slight forecast of rain. Then a week in the 90ís, with rain forecasted all those days. Need to start thinking of packing, and not forget anything.
        I also need to call about a Mani-Pedi, and my haircut appt is set for next week.

        Thoughts going to (((((Elaine & John))))).

        Have a great day/weekend. ☺️
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          I am off in a bit to my nail appointment. I called yesterday and good thing: I thought it was at 11:00 and it is at 10:00! My CPR recertification was changed from 2:00 to 12:00 so that means a lot more time this afternoon to get things done.

          It was in the high 60's when I got up but by an hour later it was already 76. We are to have 100's this weekend. I had all windows open until , now so only 3 hours, but it felt good and helps clear out the air. The neighbors are having a yard sale and my dogs were barking at every car that pared out in front of the house, so...I closed the windows.

          I made the cabbage and noodles and it is delicious!!! I didn't make a family sized pan, just enough for me. I also did not put anything extra in because I forgot to buy the sausage and just wanted to taste it like you all told me. Next time I will add either kielbasa or bacon...And I will buy the pierogies. Or however you spell it.

          need to get moving. I have laundry to change and my windshield is horrible with ash and bugs.

          Hope you all feel my love and prayers for you in your travels and daily doings!


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            Paula, yes you spelled it right! 😋 I think the potato & cheese pierogi would be perfect. Thatís what I need to pick up!
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              YAY! 6 p.m. There was some thunder, and quickly followed by rain. Itís music on our rooftop! 🎶
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.