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WHAT?!?! It's Friday ALREADY...again July 6th

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  • WHAT?!?! It's Friday ALREADY...again July 6th

    Good Morning! The sun is trying to peek out.

    Where has this week gone? I have next to nothing to show for it. Got diddly squat done....mostly. I did finally go out and pick the wild black raspberries. Was happy & sweaty (long slv, long pant, & socks) walking back to the house & stepped into a big ole groundhog hole. My shoe even came off. Managed to spill 3/4 of my berries and bruise my big toe & side of the foot. Picked up some of the berries...the ones I didn't squish. Came in and my SIL called & said she was coming for a swim. Sounded wonderful! We swam for an hour until a storm rolled in and dumped. We are so blessed. Many areas around us have had flash floods.

    During all that, the guys were here and filled in the trench. The landscape has changed & I just want to grass it all in.

    Did cook a real meal for us. My SIL then text and ask if I wanted to come play cards @ her place with my Mom & her, so that's how I spent a better part of my evening. Came home and baked 2 pies for today's orders. One was a lemon pie and the other is called a French Coconut Pie.

    This morning I'll be getting the orders ready for the restaurants and get them delivered. Need to do laundry. SIL may come swimming again. Not sure what the rest of the day will bring.

    Have a good one all!

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    Good Morning one and all....nice breeze out this morning, finally some coolness in the many hot, hot days in a row has just been to much, my head feels stuffed.

    Got the trash rounded up and out the door, got the kitties feed and litter boxes cleaned, love that Slide cat litter, not near as messy outside the box anymore..

    Did get the sheets washed and bed made, got the new towels detagged and washed, and also made supper...that was enough for me...

    I got some housekeeping to get done today...hoping to get out of the house today, need to do something besides being inside..

    Prayers continue for John and Elaine.

    Bought a few "C" gifts on line yesterday, I have been buying slowly...

    Have a great day one and all...
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Good morning...woke up yesterday with a very bad head ache but was able to sleep it off. I didnít volunteer do to head ache.. after I woke up my sis sent a text did I want to go with her and the girls to meet my parents for lunch? Of course I did..while at lunch my mom got a call granny has changed her mind again and does want to move close and there should be something mid August!!! The people from the new place are going to evaluate granny this week... we are excited and nervous for both mom and granny not talking about it much...

      Last night I had dinner with the ladies in my Bible study group. One of the ladies had to leave early and sent a text back she paid for everyoneís dinner we just had to tip.


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        I have spent a good amount of time trying to log onto the site to renew my license before my appointment on Monday...It is as messed up and complicated as everything else run by the state of CA. I will have to go back later and re-register, I guess. And hope I can get it done or pray I have someone who is patient on Monday morning (kind of an oxymoron for any state worker).

        We have a huge fire going north of us. The main road, I-5, is closed because of it in that area. good thing Stuart didn't come down for the 4th. You canstill get up to OR by other roads, but nothing easy.

        I will just have 2 little girls today and I am using this week as a mini break from the rest of the summer. I have been gathering items for the shelter's yard sale and got a lot loaded up in the car yesterday. I have more to get ready today and then will take it all over when I have a full car.

        Hope you all enjoy your day!


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          Good morning, everyone.

          Yesterday we registered 111į here. Humidity is climbing, today will be back to 106į. We have a high wind advisory today. Rain expected starting Sunday and into the week. Followed by a week back in the 90įís. Itís 6 a.m. and already the A/C has kicked on for today.

          Meanwhile, my jaw is still somewhat tender, swelling is down though. Every now and again I detect a bit of metallic taste of blood, so Iím not healed yet. When I rinse my mouth, the water is lightly tinted and my taste buds were right. Itís too tender for me to wear the new partial plate. I had mentioned the blood loss I had after the oral surgery. Wednesday and again yesterday I felt more lightheadedness or weakness than usual, so when I see the oncologist/hematologist NP on Monday, I wonít be surprised if she sets me up for a blood infusion. I am sticking to softer foods til my mouth is healed up.

          E wants a trip to Costco today. We do need some bulk-packaged things that we are running out of. I wonder if Iíd be okay today to tag along, or if I should play it safe and just stay home?

          That fudge we bought the other day labeled from Mackinaw is horrible. I told E to pitch it. It has an aftertaste of being old, or the delivery vehicle wasnít properly refrigerated, if at all. That was a big disappointment. I could probably contact the Mackinaw store and order some, but not in our hot weather.

          So Iím unsure today if I have any real plans. Just take the day as it comes, I guess. Do my PT exercises.

          Have a great day, everyone. 🤗
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Morning...not sure about the temp but suppose to be cooler. We drove in and out and around the rain heading to Andrew's game and managed to miss it all...sat with a wonderful breeze and right smack next to the concession stand. I do have a weakness for concession stand popcorn. Jon could not get the gps to accept the address we had for the ball field and he was ranting when right in the intersection Andrew and his mom drove by so we followed her...and her google directions were horrible. She called the coach and he gave her equally terrible directions but I gotta tell you, if anyone can get you anywhere it is Jamie. So we just kept following her and she and Jon even stopped at a stop sign to talk it over but made it to the park as the teams were taking the field. Again, we thank goodness for the mercy rule and were home before 9:00. Another game tonight but it is home!

            Seems my doctor took a few days off around the fourth and I have not heard about the x-ray and have no order for the MRI. I still have a very sore arm and have limited motion in my shoulder now. Soooo, i just do not do much. Need to go down and wash Sierra's work clothes every day and that is getting aggravating since she is gone early and home late while squeezing a work shift in there some place. She makes it so easy for us to hate this bf.

            I have been sitting here eating powder sugar donuts and have sugar all down the front of me. Guess i need to shake off and make another cup of coffee and start all over..there are still a few left. Beth how nice to be treated to a meal..nice surprise! Sharon I have been thinking about Christmas too...Andrew wants a fitbit. I need to have his mother point me in the right direction on that but he also has a birthday coming up. Cookie so glad your sewer problem is fixed. Cooking is such a chore around here and you think of reasons to do it! Lucky family!! Good morning to any who follow. Seems like it takes me a while to write a morning post for some reason...must be the coffee and donuts!


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              Powdered sugar donuts are my favorite!


              • maxie
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                Cake donuts are my fav but I have to admit that I have not met a donut of any kind that couldn't be my favorite!

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              I like frosted donuts 🍩. Sometimes I like just the plain cake donuts. Yum!
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                Oh cake donuts are my absolute favorite. I like blueberry and spice and cherry....they are more seasonal...but the plain are always available. When I am home I always stop for gas and cake donuts for the trip home.