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Good Morning 7/5/2018

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  • Good Morning 7/5/2018

    Good Morning, another hot day ahead, have had enough of that....already close to 90 this plan is just to pick another area in the house to dust, clean, clean out, etc. yesterday was polishing up the diningroom, big table, lots of chairs, china cabinet, pie safe, etc.. that was as far as I got, but did get all the laundry done, and washed a load of new towels, washcloths, and hand towels...cooked supper...

    Think today will be barbecue chicken made with coke and ketchup for something different...I made corn casserole a few days ago will have that with it and some baked beans..

    Not much else going on just watching my bird feeders and squirrel buddy out the window...

    Everyone stay cool inside, be careful, this heat is hard on a person..
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good Morning! I hear the thunder rolling. Storms predicted all day.

    Yesterday was interesting, but good. The septic job is going to cost us WAY more than the $200 we were told & anticipated. LOL! It's that life. They dug with the backhoe where we THOUGHT the line came out and there was nothing there. They then started digging horizontal from the tank and found 2 lines coming out from the house about 15 feet from the last digging spot. What a mess! Found a plastic pop bottle in the one line when they cut it. I provided lots of cold water and fresh baked choc chip cookies. Keep the workers happy! After much digging, cutting, and debating, they finally laid the new pipe from the house to the septic tank. The guy was suppose to be coming back today to finish the job, but with the storms, I don't think that's going to happen. Whatever. At least now I can flush, shower, and do laundry freely now. Awwww....the simple things we take for granted. I'm just so thankful these people could help us. Good neighbors.

    Becca showed up after noontime, but we got her picnic dish made before heading to the theater to see The Incredibles II. Good movie! Came home, got our stuff, and then headed to Karen's for the big picnic. Man was it toasty! I took care of the food tables for most of the picnic. I was so exhausted by the end and my left foot & calf kept cramping up, that I left right after the fireworks. Normally I stay & help clean up, but I just couldn't this year. There were plenty of people/young adults there that could help. Storms were rolling all around the area, but we never did get hit with one and they finally put the fireworks off at 10pm. I was home by 10:30. I fell asleep on my recliner & never got to my bed until about 5am.

    I have no real plans for today. Cleaning & laundry. May start binge watching Heartland on Netflix. I feel guilty doing that though.

    Oh...Kathy ask me to drop off Blaise on our way back through from picking him up on Saturday from camp and she'll bring him home Sunday evening. At least I'll get to hear about camp on the way home. I told Kathy she needs to wash all him camp clothes before sending him home. Probably won't leave them with her, but she's assuming she's going to have to do that. LOL! Xander's Mom ask Matt if he'd like to have him yesterday until this morning, so he was at the picnic too. Gave the little guy lots of hugs w/o Blaise there giving me the glare. It's nice JUST being a grandma figure.

    Have a good one all!


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      Wow! That is hot, Sharon! For early on in the morning...We are in a slightly cooler weather with our high to get to 90. I have windows and doors open right now letting all the cool air come in and circulate. Last night everything had to be closed up because of the noise. There were no families doing any fireworks on the street this year, but somewhere in the close neighborhood there were canon like sounds. Not sure what makes that huge noise, but my dogs were cowering. I brought in the cat that usually stays out in this warm weather and she was crouching on the floor by my bed all night.
      But today is a good day and I woke up in time to get things moving.

      I have boxes and bags to get to the big yard sale for the shelter. They are collecting by the door and after daycare I will get them over there. What you ar doing sounds like a great plan for me. I need to clear out the office of all the old files and papers. I have the time and starting to get the motivation!

      I bought some new throw pillows for the new sofa. I had planned on getting light blue but bought some light teal, instead. that is what motivated me to taking the boxes today: Ijust want the room to look like I live here and not like I am moving!

      I am rambling so I guess it is time to go start the day. Hope all of you are doing well!
      Oh, I also bought the noodles and onion, but forgot I was going to buy kielbasa...I went to a meat shop and bought some short ribs. Will be making the cabbage and noodles tomorrow with the short ribs and have it ready for the weekend.


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        Good morning.

        Sharon, your menu sounds really good!

        Got a text from my brother in Michigan and they got to 103.2 yesterday. Can’t imagine that with the Great Lakes humidity! We got 104 yesterday, and I couldn’t take it. I felt weak and my heart was racing. That was new to me, so I think it’s an effect of my new prescription. We were at the hardware store where 2 ladies brought me a chair to sit on, so E brought me home. He did the little bit of grocery shopping that needed to be done.

        I did make the cabbage and noodles last night, garnished E’s plate with crumbled bacon. He loved it. I hadn’t made it with bacon before, so he thought I came up with a totally new dish, not a variation on an old theme. He was a happy camper.

        The neighborhood was strangely quiet yesterday. We didn’t watch any fireworks. But we did watch some TV all evening.

        Today, according to the TV weather, we should get 110 today. I will stay indoors and think of the temps dropping 5 tomorrow. I guess we are supposed to get rain next week. Yay!

        Hope you all have a great day! 🤗

        Cookie & Paula, you both posted before I finished typing. 😀
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Morning. Supposedly this is the last day of the heat wave with storms to break the heat for a few days. Heat and storms seem to describe the summer this year. Today we have a 6:00 game with an hour and half drive. Never in the days of my boys playing baseball then Sierra have we played this town. Not even in tournaments..oh well, we will leave as soon as Jon gets home from work unless one of those storms pops and that would be wonderful!!..but they are so far away the weather may be different.

          Need to wash her work pants and iron her shirts today. When Sierra made manager they gave her 4 shirts but only one pair of pants...she had a pair of her own but that only makes two and so everyday day I am washing a pair. Last night she did not get home until 2 AM because they got hit with all the traffic coming in from the fireworks from the St.Louis Riverfront. Since they are on the interstate they are open 24 hours and I do hate her working that hour but she calls and lets us know when she leaves work. Cardinals were in Arizona so I had a ballgame to watch until 1:00 then switched to a Christmas movie...I cannot sleep when she is out at that hour coming from work.

          So much I should do around here but I can already tell this is not the day it will be done. I need a shot of Geritol! Jon says it is because we did not take vacation this year but I don;t think I would have the energy for that either. This constant heat day after day with the miserable humidity is a killer even if you live in air conditioning. Plus I ain't getting any younger! That may be the key phrase....

          Have a great day and stay cool.


          • Paula A
            Paula A commented
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            For me one of the issues with heat is living in a closed up house. When I get up early enough I sit outside just to be able to feel Real air!

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          Good Morning, went out and sat in the yard and watched neighborhood fireworks for a little while. Mother Nature put a stop to them when she let loose a storm.

          Had never heard of cabbage and noodles til I moved to IN and everyone made it up there. There were a lot of Croatiations &Serbians there so don't know if that was the reason.
          Called my friend Maryanne, would have been her husband's birthday and she gets the blues.
          Then called my brother for his birthday. Was upset when I got off the phone with him. He seems to think I was in on something I wasn't. Just wish him and oldest sister would grow up. Sister pulled some stuff when Mom was sick and when she died, he insist that I knew what was going on. Told him that I was left out because they knew I would tell him. He started talking about money that was split while mom was in the hospital, told him I didn't get any, an offer my Uncle made which he didn't make to me. Oh well just have to let God handle it.


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            I woke up with a horrible head ache so I couldn't get myself going early this morning...was able to go back to sleep and get rid of sister texted and she and my nieces are meeting my mom for lunch do I want to go? I am riding along to meet my mom..then going home with my sister to play with the new kittens...then to work out...then home in time to shower and get ready to go out for the night with the ladies from my Bible Study will be a late but wonderful time.

            I am not sure if you all remember me telling you about my friend Vickie that was stuck in a nursing home away from her twin sister...well they have gone with a completely different company for their home health and after two years in horrible nursing homes Vickie is coming home....Both ladies are over the moon excited!