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July 4th!!

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  • July 4th!!

    Good will be a lazy day..this evening I am going to huge party at my church

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    Good Morning and Happy Independence Day, we are grateful, thankful and blessed to be in the USA!!

    No plans here today, going to stay in and stay cool, drink some lemonade or tea...just need to decide on something to have for dinner.

    Paula, so sad about the fire chief, had a neighbor that that happened to, about the same age, no signs or are such a sweet person Paula, always loving, kind and considerate, admire that about you.

    Well onto other things this morning, going to whip up something for breakfast for the two of us, then we will be good until dinner.

    Happy 4th of July to safe.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


    • #3 plans from here either. Jon and Sierra are both working and I have my Hallmark Christmas movies for the rest of the week. Guess I will do a load of laundry to keep up the kids work clothes but that is all.

      Have a wonderful Fourth!!


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        Happy 4th of July!!!! Lots of great blessings because of living in this country.

        I really like having a midweek day off. I didn't think it would feel so good! I went swimming this morning when the temperature was 66 so the water felt really nice. I am going to the store a little later this morning and then a pedicure at 9:45. The salon was closed for a week last month as the owners went on a school trip to Washington DC and NYC with their 8th grade daughter. I can't wait to hear about it. I saw lots of pictures because former daycare kids were in the trip group and their moms, too.

        Becky was in Baltimore yesterday sightseeing around the harbor. The day before the family went to Washington DC and visited two museums. Spencer took off this week and Nikki had the first three days off.

        I looked up the cabbage and noodles after the great ideas Donna and JoG gave me. There was some interesting information as countries of origin but ingredients were all what you had told me here (I didn't doubt you, at al!). I decided I am making that today for me. I do have noodles but I am out of cabbage. We make coleslaw a lot.

        We have smokey skies from the fires down in Lake county which I would not have known...I even asked a parent yesterday if there was a fire down where she lives, about 30 miles south of here. We were both confused as to where the smoke was coming from...Lake county is over more where the Santa Rosa fire was last year that took out all those homes in a neighborhood. The winds are coming from the South and right up the valley.

        I hope we all have a wonderful 4th!
        Sharon, thanks for your kind words! Ever since I learned you were a cosmetologist, I picture us all like the women in Steel Magnolias! Sitting and visiting in your beauty parlor

        God Bless America!!!!


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          Good SUNNY Morning! and Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday America!!!!!

          Yesterday was nice. Went to town in the morning, came home & unloaded everything, then headed down to the pool after lunch with my SIL. The water was perfect...86. The guy that was going to dig up the septic line didn't show & didn't show. Finally I got Cork to call him. He said he'd be here by 7:45 this morning now. I spent the evening reading & made my chicken pasta salad for today's picnic.

          This morning is digging day. They came about 45 minutes later than anticipated, but we are thankful they came. The pipeline from the house to the tank wasn't even close to where they thought. While they are digging, I'm baking choc chip cookies for them & the picnic. Next project is Blaise's room. Will work on that until Becca comes. We MIGHT go see The Incredibles early this afternoon.

          Have a good one all!


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            Good morning, and a Happy Independance Day to everyone.

            We have no plans, except maybe a bit of shopping. I think I’ll get a bag of prepared coleslaw (sans dressing) and make a quick “Cabbage & Noodles” today. That should be easy to eat. My gums are still sore and there still is a bit of swelling. I feel I’m healing tooo slowly. Til the soreness is gone, I can’t deal with my new partial plate.

            The newspaper lists all the places firework will be set off. Someone pointed out that our areas are all tinder dry. So I hope the fire department will be ready for possible fire emergencies. And there are always people who have their own fireworks ....... and guns. We will stay indoors and just watch TV. My favorite is the Boston Pops fireworks, but I think they quit broadcasting some years ago.

            Paula, how sad about your fire chief neighbor. Ditto on Sharon’s comments. You are a very special and beautiful person.

            Cookie, we saw Incredibles 2 and loved it. Blaise will be thrilled!

            Have a wonderful and safe day.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.