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Tuesday, July 3

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  • Tuesday, July 3

    Good morning,

    It’s early morning, sunny, and a lovely 71° (going to 103° only).

    My throat is still a bit sore, but I can do soft foods okay. The bruise from the front of my jaw going back and down to my neckline is starting to turn yellow at the edges. That’s a good sign. Who would have thought that two little teeth would cause such problems.

    This morning i have a load of laundry started, got my ice maker on so I can fill the ice bin in the a couple of days it will be 108° and I will want iced tea.

    So..... not much else going on here. I probably will have to start taking time for those PT exercises.

    I should probably come up with a meal today. E will be glad of it, for sure. He can do frozen dinners or scrambled eggs or nuke a hot dog, but otherwise is not a cook.

    Hope you are ready for tomorrow’s celebration, may all turn out well.
    And have a very good day today. ☀️
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    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    Good SUNNY Morning!

    Yesterday was a busy one. It should slow down soon. Once I got my rear in gear, I got pie dough mixed and then headed into town to do banking & a quick stop at Aldi's for supplies. Came home and got the two apple pies in the oven and then started on the cabbage & noodles. Got that all done & then Corky came home....wanted some chicken for his dinner.

    I still volunteered to help at the concession stand for the swim meet even though Blaise wasn't there. Looked beautiful! Unfortunately there was a sever storm warning with the possibility of a tornado. Well when it decided to roll in, it was fast & furious. The meet got canceled. We sold a fair amount before that though. Clean up was fun....NOT! I had my stuff all organized at a picnic table & dropped my crockpot which was full of leftover perogies & onions. My cabbage & noodles all sold and someone didn't want to take home their leftovers. The crock shattered. What a mess! My fault. There was a break in the rain, and we loaded things as fast as we could before it started again. There was thunder until almost 7:30, so we would have never gotten the meet started & finished at a reasonable time. It won't be rescheduled. You have to wait 30 minutes after the last thunder. The clock restarted every time there is more thunder.

    The line to our septic tank was to be dug up last night, but obviously that didn't happen either. I had made Alvin a pie, so I called him and told him to come on up and get it while it was fresh. He did. I then spent the rest of the evening reading & finished the book.

    This morning I want to run to Giant Eagle after delivering the doctor's office pie. Want to come home and pick up this house some before the SIL comes to swim. No plans for the rest of the day except having the septic line dug IF it doesn't storm again.

    Have a good one all!


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      How do you make your cabbage and noodles??? Is it more of a PA thing?

    • cookielady
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      Yea, I think it's a western PA thing, but it is soooooooo good. Chunk up a cabbage & fry it oil & butter with a chopped up onion. Cook a bag of wide noodles. Once both are cooked, combine, and add lots of salt & pepper. It's even better the second day.

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    Good morning. Meeting this morning Walmart in the afternoon


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      Good Tuesday too you all!
      The news showed some awful temperatures around the nation. At least Jo and I are used to our 100*+ temperatures. Our pool is now too warm for me to enjoy. The kids jumped in yesterday and said, This feels like you put warm water in! so many hot days willdo that to a pool, even an inground one.

      Donna, your food for the stand sounds so good. When I helped with the baseball stand at Little League my friend and I would make homemade chili for the hot dogs and homemade cookies to sell, but that is as far as it went. I bought some frozen pierogis and have onions: now what should I do?

      Yesterday was a really fun day with no babies at all and only 4 who came to daycare. Thenin the afternoon my school girl got a text that her friend's father died right at the time I got a news flash that the REdding Fire chief had died. The same man. He was only 54 and died in his sleep during the night. His daughter went to school at the Catholic elementary with my girl and was the only one transferring to the middle school like she many people knew the dad as he had served in REd Bluff in our FD.
      So a 12 year old was asking me about how to talk to her friend about her dad dying...I ws so glad for a whole different reason that I did not have any baby to take away time from our talk.

      I hope you all stay hydrated and out of the sun. At he beginning of the day, like now, I always have big plans for what I will do after daycare. Yesterday I was to go out to dinner with a friend who was visiting from CO, but when she said she needed to start traveling home, I was ok with it. too hot to think aobut going out. I need to suck it up and just do it! Not like I am going to do anything strenuous but it is so easy to just stay in my house when I am alone here.

      We are making sugar cookies this morning and rolling in red, white and blue sprinkles. I let the kids eat the few they do and the ones I do I send home for the family.

      Have a great day and drink some water!


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        Hello to all...

        Yesterday was spent just being lazy and I loved it, LOL the only thing I did was dice up a tomato and make taco meat...before supper hubby and I spent about an hour and a half in the pool, felt great, we get a lot of talking done while floating around, plan, dream, relive, etc. always nice, then came in a heated up the taco meat and had supper.

        His new zero turn lawnmower got delivered yesterday and like any 'boy with a new toy' he was outside playing/practicing that's when it happened, he hit my shepherds hook and down came my bird feeders, shepherds hook and when he backed up he hit a tree. Hey man the guy said to practice not run full throttle, today we need to shop for some sunflower seeds to refill my feeders..luckily enough he was able to fix all things involved.

        It has been very hot and humid and all I can say is the barometer must be changing because my head feels horrible..did my first testing of my INR this morning, pretty sweet, it is from Alere....check out their web page if you are on blood thinners the list of foods is awesome.

        Well time to find some grub and get my day started before it ends up like yesterday..

        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          Morning! Looks sunny out there and being hot is a given. No storms yesterday but it did cloud up. Sierra came in sunburned after swimming but did not complain which is a first. Today she is meeting her bf after work...her work since he is between jobs...and watching fireworks. I am totally not interested in fireworks and am grateful that out here in the boonies they are not shooting them off all night. No plans for us tomorrow and Jon is working anyway. We used to host a huge Fourth party when the boys were little, grill, party, walk down for the parade. Now I haven't seen the parade in years. Things change.

          Saw the doctor about my arm yesterday and had an x-ray taken and they will send an order for a MRI. Just wait and see.

          No plans for today since I came home yesterday and did 5 loads of laundry plus ironed. I did see where the Dollar Store is having a sale on Coke and water so may venture out in the heat. The son is getting a hot dog and potato salad tonight. Christmas movies are still on the Hallmark channel so that is what I did last night...switched between the ballgame and Christmas movies and a repeat is on for tonight. A perfect July evening!!

          Cookie my mom used to make cabbage and noodles in butter...not something I cared for but the others gobbled it up. Crock pots are cheap enough to replace but what a mess for you! Jo, glad you are feeling better and the swelling is disappearing. Hello Beth. Enjoy the day and stay cool.


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            Paula, I think the noodles & cabbage are a Slavic dish in general, from all Slavic countries, with variations.
            My grandad preferred it with potatoes instead of noodles, and my grandma would throw in Polish sausage and onion.
            Some people like to add garlic (not me). Some people toss raisins into their noodles and cabbage. Occasionally I hear of someone doing noodles and sauerkraut. You can add diced or shredded chicken to it as well. Some people switch to Chinese cabbage for a lighter taste. One German lady adds caraway seeds, but I’d rather have rye bread on the side. The possibilities are endless if you like the basic ingredients.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


            • Paula A
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              It sounds wonderful! I think I will make some for myself while Becky is gone

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            For the perogies, the bought ones (Mrs T's) you going until they float, then add them to a skillet of sautéed onions. Cut the onions in rings to cook. They are a great side, but they are the perfect side with the haluski (cabbage & noodles). We offered a dinner special of 2 perogies & cabbage and noodles. Sold lots of it.