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Sunday..July 1!

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  • Sunday..July 1!

    Morning!! Up bright and early to take the drive down to my sister's for the day. Going to be another hot day so will take my swim suit and sun screen but if I go into the water is debatable. Just going for the day since I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning but will keep an eye to the sky and those afternoon storms that love to pop!

    Yesterday was a quiet day...believe it or not, one of the Hallmark stations is playing Christmas movies and I sat in front of the tv all day. Something about a Christmas movie that affects your mind, especially in July! S o the only thing I did was eat and sit. Not bad for a hot day!

    Hot hot hot today so stay cool and take care. Be safe in the heat...

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    good morning,

    after a very hectic trip ,Mike and Pam got here about 11:30.. instead of the 9pm they had originally planned on... long delay before leaving , their plane had problems with Brakes.. so leaving late, they missed their second plane in Dallas .. had to wait a while more before they got on flight coming into Pittsburgh. add on another hour or more drive from airport our house.. .but safely here.. will now settle back and enjoy the interaction between my kids.. .and just enjoy... as long as no one expects big fabulous meals, we will be fine...its pizza and sandwich time.. and big picnic on Wed.

    agggggg a C. Movie in JULY.... no thank you... I do not even think the word C.. until November.!..

    the movie "UP" was on . DAvid had not seen it before. got a real kick out of it..

    so hi to you all,,If I don't check in . blame it on "lots of coming and going ".. around here... just behave yourselves!....


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      Good Morning....Maxie safe travels and have a great day at your sisters...never know jumping in the pool might feel pretty darn good... I watched some crime Hallmark movies yesterday.

      Aunt Maye what a time they had getting to your house, never know what will happen when flying.. I know how you don't like that "C" word until November, but we love saying it, LOL...

      I spent yesterday inside until evening then we drove to watch to fireworks here in just cost way to much to put on a really good display, nice thing is kids get excited no matter what the size of it to hear and see their excitement...the only reason I went was because hubby wanted to, I have never really been a big fan of fireworks..

      I made fajitas for supper on the grill, nice hot weather meal, subs the night before, now what to make for today...I can say with being on Coumadin it takes the fun out of it, so many things that affect the blood..

      JoG I am now allowed to have a colonoscopy but will have to have a Lovenox Bridge because of already having a blood clot before...I have done the Lovenox bridge before after eating broccoli. Since I am on a high dose of Warfarin (Coumadin) to keep my INR on the high side.. Any time I get any procedure that could cause bleeding I have to do that..

      Well hubby is now up and moving so I will see what he has in mind for the day, heat does not bother him but I have to remind him it does me, LOL...and also mold spores are at high levels and I shall stay indoors..

      Have a good day no matter what your plans are..
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Good morning headed out the door to Bible Study in a bit...I made a lemon cake for lunch was so easy and I tasted it this morning to make sure it was good...all I did was open the cake mix and add 1 can of soda...I am going to make another one this week with white cake and diet root beer. Then use sugar free cool whip...

        I have no other plans...may be read a youngest niece and brother in law will be here today so he can finish fixing the mower and she can mow


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          Good morning, everyone.

          My surgery went well. 2 teeth were removed. The pharmacy wouldnít fill one of the had a form of codine in it, and itís flagged as a medical hazard (my past responses to coding). Fortunately E had some powerful ibuprofen on hand that worked for the pain when the stuff they numbed me with wore off. I pill worked for the evening and through the night. Still a bit sore and a little swollen today. Nothing I canít deal with, and probably wonít need the ibuprofen again. Now I have the antibiotics to take, plus a special mouthwash morning &night is a mild pain killer.
          I did lose a lot of blood from the extractions, and feel very weak today. I have a partial thing to wear but I donít think i will bother with it today. Too sore.
          Also, I felt dizzy when I sat up in bed this morning, and dizzy when I made my oatmeal.... am hoping that will pass by days end. My notes say Iím to have a lot of protein these next few days, I guess to replace the blood loss. E had to get me extra gauze and 2 short wastebaskets of bloody gauze tell quite a tale.

          Todayís plans are to stay upright, let E wait on me if dizziness will be a problem, and let my mouth heal.
          It took me 10 minutes to make a packet of instant oatmeal this morning, as I had to sit down twice...the nuking of it was just 1 minute.

          The weatherman removed the chances of rain this weekend. Itís just hot & dry. 🌵 Iím concerned about the water tables underground. Hoping we donít get any wildfires. I think we need someone like Pinocchio forecasting, so we know better how much to believe the forecasts these days.

          Have a good day with your sister, Maxie.
          Maye, that was a good animation movie! They do animation so well now!
          Sharon, Iíve had a couple blood clots before, but not in recent years. I take equalis now in place of Coumadin, but was off them 4 days before this surgery. Hope thereís no backlash.
          Beth, the cake sounds good!

          To all, have a great day. 🤗
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Well, I am later here, but had to do some things before it gets really hot. I cleaned the stuff out of the pool that yesterday's wind deposited; watered the yard out back and cleaned all the dog water dishes and did one load of laundry. Now I am all done with that for the week. The wind is just starting up today. The fire danger is so high...

            I went to an all you can eat spaghetti dinner, but took the dinners home for my mom and me. It was a fund raiser for the police officer whose home was lost during the fire last weekend. It was pretty good, but I enjoy my sauce better...but not cooking and helping someone else makes up for it.

            I took two naps yesterday and I never take naps! Getting up and going so early and the heat just did me in. It also created a new schedule for the dogs who thought they should get fed every time someone go t up. And this morning at 3:30 Becky's three pugs thought it was the new breakfast time...I need to let them out later tonight than I did last night and hopefully, that helps. More like the schedule she had them on.

            Jo, I hope the dizziness was just a passing thing. I was afraid the weird sleep schedule I had was going to bring on a bout of seems to in the past.

            The pictures I have received from Becky are great. Two boys and Spencer picker her up at the Baltimore airport and then she was taking pictures of the new puppy and the boys and this morning photos of all of them dressed and heading out to church.

            Maye, I love listening to my kids talk and can sit there and just enjoy. Gary was the same. he said it meant the world to him that our kids all liked each other as adults. I think next summer we are planning on renting a vacation house at Tahoe and having both sons and their families as well as Becky and me. Definitely need to start looking now. I would rather get a beach house on the Oregon coast, or Maryland, but we will see.

            Bethina, the cake sounds refreshing. I would have to take a sample just to make sure it was good enough, too! I thnk I would like it cold!
            Pat posted some baked things she made and then posted some blueberry muffin recipes. One with sour cream sounds delicious! I have all the ingredients and will make them this evening for daycare this week. We have a blueberry farm in the town south of us and Becky and a friend picked a bunch!

            I hope you do get in the pool, Maxie. It makes laying out in the air that much better. Or just have the hose ready to cool off!

            I need to go get dressed for church. And print the hymns off for the lady who does the bulletin...somehow my emails rarely get to her.

            Have a good day! Sharon and Jo, take care and thank those great guys for all they do! You know if I were closer I would be dropping in