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  • Friday morning hello

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Well Hello to you too! It's a beautiful SUNNY Summer morning here.

    Yesterday was nice, thought tiring. Aunt J came and scooped grease balls. Not long after she came, my niece Maddie came for some baking & cooking time with me. We got Mickie's Cottage Bread mixed & rising, then started on the crust of the Rice Krispie Treat Cheesecake. While it was cooling & the bread rising, we headed into town to deliver the "Humble" (Bumbleberry) Pie to a doctor's office from another doctor's office for a big mistake in scheduling.

    Came home and finished up the cheesecake, then started on the fried cabbage & noodles. Got the bread baked. We had a nice visit & got some much needed chatting in. My niece has been struggling with depression & panic attacks. She stayed the better part of the afternoon. I so much wanted to take a nap. That didn't happen. Had to get the car loaded & ready for the swim meet. The other team didn't show up, but we still had our meet and guess what?...we won! Blaise actually got to swim 3 heats that counted for points & he came in 2nd in all of them. He was so excited. Came home and eventually found the energy to bake off the PB Kiss cookies and cut out all the sugar cookies.

    Today there are no plans to leave until karate. I need to make a coconut cream pie for a gentleman, and bake & ice a bunch of sugar cookies for 2 graduations. There is a garage sale not far from here that I really want to check out this morning. Last year they had books for $.25 and they were the ones Blaise loves, so I think we'll check it out once Blaise gets up. There is karate this evening and then MAYBE swim practice. He really doesn't need to go, but he's decided he wants to participate in the Lollipops Swim Competition in a couple weeks. I didn't sign him up, but after last night's meet, he was excited.

    Last night's meet was a bit frustration for the concession stand. We had SO MUCH food...actually WAY TOO MUCH...because the other team didn't show. Thank goodness we have another home meet on Monday, so some of the stuff will be saved until then.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning.
      The chance of rain has gone away, and it is a nice sunny day. Tomorrow's chance of rain dropped to 10% so it may not happen at all. The temp is staying just above 100. I'm changing the saying "it's a dry heat" to "it's a dry monsoon!"

      This afternoon I'm supposed to start PT. I hope it goes better than the last one I'd signed up for. But I do need to start feeling stronger and to last longer at what I'm doing. If the backache is from my med and not just weakness, we will figure it out.

      Tomorrow I go for my oral surgery. Actually it's getting two teeth pulled, but the last dentist put large rods in them, as well as experimenting, so it will be more difficult for this oral surgeon to deal with. I'm off my blood thinners til after that is done, because they will put me out for the procedure. I guess the dentist wants my gums to heal before giving me the new dentures. My last dentist didn't and my first dentures turned out badly and the next ones were better but not great, and I had to pay for both. But I have to give this new dentist a deadline, as we have that trip coming up in a couple of weeks.

      E isn't caring for our trees lately, so have to give him a reminder today.

      That's about all my news today.
      You all have a great day. ☀️
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Hello and Good Morning! Temps are going to get hot around here the next couple of days...actual temps close to 100. Yikes! Last evening we had a big storm blow through up rooting trees and knocking down power lines. We were lucky to not have any damage but took a ride after the storm to look around. We were eating when it came through so opened the door and enjoyed the show while we finished our meal. Now the heat moves in.

        We did get our front yard cut yesterday. The neighbor hired a neighborhood kid and Jon went out and talked to him so he cut our front. Jon told him to come back the rest of the summer. So now we will have the front yard cut regularly. Hope that means between Jon and his two kids someone will keep the back yard cut. I am not used to this....I cut two yards for years and cut it as needed even if it was twice a week.

        Andrew's game was cancelled last night but never fear...there is another tonight. This is an early game and will be so darn hot at 6:00 but it is a home game so no traveling.

        Caught up all the laundry yesterday and spent a fortune on groceries. Now I need to figure out a meal for I don;t have what I need for whatever I decide to cook. Never fails! Today I need to iron and run the vac. The kitchen floor needs mopped. Texted with my sister yesterday and my brother and family are coming in to her house this weekend so I need to decide if I want to drive back. It is going to be so hot and then always a chance of storms when driving home. Sierra is off Sunday so could go with me to share the drive but she seldom does anything for anyone but herself anymore. This darn bf has really changed her. They are both so selfish!

        Wow the news is just horrible every day. I have plenty to say but won't say anything other than it is disgraceful what was done at the border. Another mass shooting in Maryland. Ho hum right?

        Guess I will start my day. Saw where Kohl's has bath towels on sale and we need a few so may run by there...or not. Going to be hot. Have a wonderful Friday.


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          good morning ,,

          going on noon.. but still officially morning ... just got back home from getting hair cut.. I trim at my hair but every so often it needs someone to get it back in Order ..
          about the mass shooting... do any of you remember the one in Oregon, at a "college.?" and they requested the mans name and picture NEVER be shown or mentioned.. and even ask Pres O'bama NOT to come out to see Grieving parents... the reason ..DO NOT give these guys with guns any publicity. or make them "famous". by naming them on news media... I agree with that positively.. there are enough tragic stories to report about bad accidents on highways.. and other tragedies. why make these kind of people famous even for one minute...

          The house is almost ready for my week-long company ..will wait until tomorrow to sweeper.. we have white cat who is shedding.. so why sweep twice?. have the fridge to tidy up.. I did clean it. now to organize and toss or move to basement fridge some "stuff"..
          I am running out of energy fast tho'... so maybe a nap first ?.
          see you all later.


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            Late posting.
            I was paying bills this morning and wanted to get them out for the early mailman.
            I think the news has got a lot of us concerned. And sifting through the stories is a long involved process for me.

            Becky has her two bags packed and sitting near the door which has got the two little dogs nervous! We will leave at 3:30 tomorrow morning. She has a 6:?? Flight and Southwest has you make your own baggage paper and check in at a kiosk and then TSA... I will wait a bit and then drive the 2 hours home. I am not ready for the long summer alone but I am planning some things for myself.

            I smell something that needs my attention

            Have a good day and keep
            Your cool!


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              Good afternoon.

              (At least mine are 2 words long.)
              Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.