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Thursday Morning and here it is a sunny one thankfully

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  • Thursday Morning and here it is a sunny one thankfully

    Good Morning to all you out there...a beautiful morning out, but already getting hot out, not my favorite kind of weather by any means.

    Just go a batch of meat in the dehydrater, love me some beef jerky...had a hankering for it so got it sliced and in the marinade yesterday.

    Had my course on using my meter and taking my own blood pokes...all went well, just have to remember all the steps as I am connected to a network for INR levels. Just thankful I am not hostage to going there now, I can travel and do as I want without worry...Love the website, so much info on foods with high, medium, low ratings for Vitamin K and amounts of servings..blueberries were a big surprise and I love blueberries..

    Well the windows and window ledges are all now clean, the 'dear, sweet hubby of mine' did them yesterday, the outside and the screens, I had already done the inside and some of the outside ones but he power washed the house and the windows got messed up so he did them..

    Time to get my self in gear and accomplish something today...maybe get started on getting my canning closet ready as I got my first tomatoes yesterday...

    Hope your day is a good one...prayers for John and Elaine...
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good morning.
    Iím slow to get in gear. Today will be partly cloudy, but still 106į. But in the next two days temps will drop close to 100į with a 20% chance of rain. Doesnít sound like much, but we will take what we can get.

    Due to incidents with his bad arm, E has broken a few bowls. Spaghetti bowls are shallow and make for helpful dinner plates. He wanted to take me shopping to replace them, and got grumbly as a bear when I refused. I do not do well out in the days heat. I found what I wanted online. He wanted to pick prettier ones for me, but those come in breakable ceramic. Iíd ordered Correllware, which are lighter weight and harder to break. They arrived quickly in the mail, but E likes them after all. And they came with a serving bowl. I donít have too many serving bowls left, but I really donít need them.

    Iíll plan today to get stuff done at home. Then the next two days are PT and oral surgery. Iím off my blood thinners til after the surgery. Only 1 worrisome side effect from that, but will see how this plays out before I over-worry E with it.
    Meanwhile, I hope he remembers to get a haircut today, do something else, and get some butter at the store before he comes home. I donít need him underfoot while I try to do anything here.

    So I guess Iíll have some breakfast and then get started.
    Hope you all have a good day. 🤗
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good morning. For the week I sat around a pool it was rainy, stormy and cool...first day home and it is back into the 90s with another heat wave with indexes between 100 and 110 coming for the weekend. Just cannot win! But it is nice to be home in my own bed and peace and quiet. Today is laundry and groceries. Andrew has a late game tonight so it is back into a routine. Need to catch up on the mail and pay some bills. I had a wonderful time away but it is nice to be home. Time to get a shower and get back to!!!!


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        Good morning everyone.

        Changed out my bedroom light/fan switch this morning. It went haywire last night. At first I thought I'd have to sleep on the couch, but remembered I had a fan in my computer closet. So that's what I got to take the place of my ceiling fan.

        Today I'm making E lunch of ribeye steak, baked potato, and broccoli cheese. She is always saying she can't eat steak because of her teeth, and I had promised her this spring I'd cook her a steak that I bet she could eat. Thursday is her day that she has to come to town, so I told her to come earlier and I'd fix her lunch.

        I also need to do some grocery shopping this afternoon. Have my list pretty much full unless I write on the back.

        Everyone have a great day.
        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          Your menu sounded so good Jon is grilling steak for us this afternoon with baked potatoes, salad and corn on the cob if I can get him to the produce stand. Yum!!

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        I just got here. Sry early girl but her dad is a deputy and mom a nurse so they need the schedule!

        I have a hair appointment after daycare today. Makes for a long day when I was up
        At 3:30 for awhile.

        Not much going on here. All efforts are on keeping kids happy and cool.
        Hope all is that way with you.
        I love steak and am always looking for a good one...
        Take care and be safe!