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Wednesday June 27th

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  • Wednesday June 27th

    I bet someone else is typing right now, but I have to sweep and get the pancakes ready so I have to do it now or probably wait till I forget..

    Trash day and the cans are already back in the yard and ready to be filled again. Not much on the horizon here but same old, same old:
    sun, sun and more sun, The big news is a slightly cooler day with the temperature getting to under 100 and that means nicer whenthe kds go out in the morning. My one brother and sister combo is coming later and that really throws the swimming schedule off.

    I hope you all have a good day and for me that means I hope the one baby cantake a nap instead of the little cat naps he is taking that leave him crying all the day. I just can't hold someone for a whole nap!

    Anyway, that is what I am hoping for...see you al later!

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    Good morning everyone.

    Monday was mowing day with weed eating extra. Yesterday 2 Dr.'s appointments for which one I left after sitting for an hour and half past the appointment. Just asked the receptionist to give me an appointment for 1 month. Got a 3 week one which is fine.

    Today I have to go order my beveled mirror for the 1/2 bath as the contractors are to start next Monday redoing my 1/2 bath and laundry room. I chose a very light grey for the walls and grey vinyl laminet for the flooring.

    This is the last 2 rooms in the house to be redone. Next year I'm going to have a walk in shower put in the main bath. With age comes the inability to step into a tall tub.

    Well considering I'm still sitting here in my nightie, and no breakfast yet, I guess I better get my rear in gear. Everyone have a good day.
    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Morning on the bus headed home today clean out egress window well and my bathroom also waiting on mom and dad to make it home


      • Paula A
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        One of my friends has her window wells painted with forest scenes!

      • bethina
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        Thats neat Paula...My emergency exit window had a manatee window cling thing on it...

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      Good Morning....

      A rainy day here temps are lower but so humid of course, but I wouldn't want Paula & JoG's temps.

      Paula I do hope that crying baby thing gets better, I know I would never make a daycare person, I admire what you do...and you.

      The neighbors behind us got a puppy along with the big dog they already had, tie one to a tree the other in a pin all outdoors and all you hear is a feeling they will be in trouble before long, I like being a good neighbor...We once got in trouble for a barking dog we didn't have, we had a dog but the person that took us to court was wrong, it was not our dog..and we had other neighbors that proved it when the judge said "you have to prove them wrong", my hubby said, "it is up to them to prove us guilty"!! Go hubby!!!

      Well the sun just peaked out, hope it stays...jostoy a walk in shower is wonderful, I even have a seat in mine, love it, when we built we built for older age...and safety. You need to slow down my dear friend.

      Well today is the day I train to poke my own finger and do my own blood pokes at home, going to save me some bucks this year for sure, Medicare pays for the little box thing and all your test strips, etc. all you do is call the Dr. and let them know your reading.So time to get moving....

      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


      • Paula A
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        Oh my gosh! Took
        You to court over a barking dog?!
        I feel so bad for dogs tied up. There are laws in some places against that. Not around here by what I see.
        I had a neighbor call in the middle of the night really yelling about our dog barking. I jumped up but our dog was right there on the floor asleep!
        Which I told the guy...

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      “The best-laid plans of mice and men..........”

      Good morning to all.

      Yesterday was going to be a productive day.... it didn’t happen.
      Had a call from the dental office first thing....couldn’t understand what she was saying, so I said geez, I was about to leave for my appointment so could we talk about it there. They’re 5 minutes’ drive away. I expected to be in and out in a short appointment, just a fitting for my dental stuff, but they were short a doctor and mine was already tied up with another patient. Apparently, also, their office never got in touch with my doctor, nor vice versa, about when to stop my blood thinner. So they gave us the fax paper with my info filled in, and we drove to the Cancer Center and went to my doctors’ “pavilion” or set of offices. When patients cleared away, we explained to the receptionist (they are short a receptionist, too) and she gave the paper to a nurse to take to my doctor, and I noticed he had my NP fill in the info and sign it. It was still a wait for it, but I filled in the portions nobody else did, including “no aspirin or Tylenol based pain killers” (important!) and my signature. Got back to my dentist office and dropped it off.....and am off my blood thinners til after my oral surgery.

      So it was hot out, and E bought us milk shakes almost next door to the dentist. Went home. We were beat from the heat, so called for a pizza delivery. Shortly after, I discovered I picked up a big or something. Spent a lot of time in the bathroom. Finally I went back to watch some TV for a bit. About 8 pm I couldn’t stay awake and asked E to clean up the dinner, he could watch TV, but I just plopped into bed.

      Needless to say, I awoke very early, but didn’t stay up. I woke after sunrise, but didn’t want breakfast, so went back to bed. Slept soundly for a couple of hours, but now am up for the day. I don’t have the energy or ambition I had yesterday.
      But I expect E to go for a haircut and personal errand, so maybe by then I’ll feel like myself again.

      We have 107° coming in again today. 🌵 Am glad we aren’t in Phx heat which was supposed to be 111° today.
      I have some messages to send about who we see when on our upcoming trip. That’s about how far ahead I’m thinking today. Also have to decide what to wear’s an effort to think. I hope that bug is gone. It took a lot out of me yesterday.

      Well that was my day yesterday and so-far today.
      Hope you all will have a great day. Go on —- inspire me! 😀
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good afternoon everyone..

        What a day...It rain all morning...It is hard to do washing..and shopping...

        And the lighting....

        Where is Aunt Maye..???..I am working something new...Soemone gave to me..Nicktie...I make them into pillow..


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          Hi Sassy..... it sounds like you could be Amish. Not a scrap of anything is turn them into wreaths, pillows, blankets and all sorts of things. Amazing!
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.