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Tuesday morning Rainy day

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  • Tuesday morning Rainy day

    Good morning. Yesterday was great!! I am up with chickens again! My dad was up at 5:30 and decided to disarm the house meaning I am up because the box in my room told me the alarm had been shut off. My meeting went well yesterday..We now have a plan in a place. It will be a little bit before I get a job and thatís fine too. Daddy seems ok today. Other than the insurance guy coming to look k at the car I donít know the plan for the day.

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    Good SUNNY Morning! Don't know how long the sun will last, but I'll take what we can get!

    ​Yesterday was a nice summer day. I had no real plans until the swim meet. Well Kathy called with the good news about a job and requested I make her lasagna and I threw in a pie for Matt. The septic tank guy come & pumped it out, but that was just the first step. He said the baffles needed replaced and THEN the lines going in need snaked. Always something as a homeowner. In the meantime my SIL & niece came to swim and then Kathy & Xander came to swim too. We all had a nice time in the pool. Blaise pouted a good portion of the time...jealous of Xander. Kathy had a nice long talk with him eventually and he snapped out of it.

    ​Then it was time to get ready to go for the swim meet. Had to load a boat load of concession stand stuff into the car. Thankfully there was help at the pool to unload it all. Lots of pop. We had fun at the meet. Blaise wasn't at the top of his game, but he was never last. The only glitch was the lady that was to bring the water didn't bring enough...AGAIN. She's being dinged on her participation deposit because this is the second time she did this. Someone had to run to DG and get 3 cases of water.

    ​Not sure what today will being. Maybe more swimming. I definitely need to do paperwork. Cork left me a note that I'll need to help him with the septic tank repair tonight. I see he bought very expensive rubber boots to go into the tank. I'm beginning to think it would be cheaper to hire someone. LOL! Swim practice tonight. Only two more swim team nights after tonight. YEA! I really need to do laundry, but I'm not going to chance it until the whole septic tank thing is finished.

    Kathy called first thing....she won a trip to Disney or Vegas. Kind of fishy I think. She starts work tomorrow.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good Morning, a beautiful start to a beautiful day.. I love mornings like this, a nice breeze, enjoyable temps, birds singing, everything green, and sun shining...but I do realize that into everyones lifes some rain must fall..

      Paula, so sad about the fire in your town...
      And California is burning, how is Barb?
      JoG I could not live with temps that high, I have a friend that lives in Tempe and she was born and raised her in NW Ohio...
      Oh my hubby just came in and we are going out for breakfast...see ya later...
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Oh those You Won a trip calls or post cards are tied to something! No free anything, Iím afraid.

        We have errands to do before Becky leaves to get some boxes of donations delivered and hygiene kits for the homeless who go to the ER to finish. The hospital asked our womenís church group and we got most of the donations. Meaning the expensive items are what are lacking. Toothbrushes for one.

        I cleaned the kitchen floor this morning and now running to get the daycare opened and bottles done up.
        I will be back to read more.


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          Good morning!

          Hot & sunny here. Should hit 107į through Thursday. Friday and Saturday thereís a 20% chance of rain here, but thatís a low percent and may or may not happen. Oh, some rain would be glorious!
          Rain would also help out Paula with those fires. I hope itís gotten under control.

          Beth, you are sounding very good today. Iím glad things are looking up for you.
          Cookie, sounds like Kathy has grown up in some ways. Both Disney and Vegas are very expensive. Vegas has all the machines computerized, and thatís no longer a game of chance. Youíre guaranteed to lose these days. Disney is just plain expensive from parking, to entrance fees, to foods, souvenirs, and nearby hotels....just because they can. Plus lots of long lines for everything. On a limited income, either of those places are spelling disaster money-wise, and thatís not counting unexpected emergencies. Hope she gives it some realistic thought.

          Trying to get our trip organized a bit. My cousin is getting set to be hospitalized and be tested, his last tests prior to being put on the list for a heart transplant. This July trip is going to be bittersweet. The sweet part being the reunion and seeing Eís family as well as mine (separately). Then the tough part is seeing my cousin if we can, plus my brotherís lady before she has her surgery in August (shoulder for now, and knee surgery after that heals). E may have a friend or two to visit, or maybe not due to their ills of aging.

          Well, we have stuff to get done today. E is going to clean out the garage, and Iíll be packing crafts for my kids.
          DD did my shopping for her autistic granddaughterís birthday for me. Some clothes of course, but the favorite is the musical ďpianoĒ pad that she loves to dance and sing on. She does well, I saw in the movie clip we were sent.

          So I hope my back doesnít ďattackĒ me too soon while trying to organize things. Another lovely side effect of that med. *sigh*

          I have another batch of ice cubes being made, as the weather is going to call for it,

          Well, whose posts will come in while I was typing.
          Have a great day everyone! 🤗

          Sharon, it’s gotten hard for us to deal with these temps. The medications contribute to the problem. And summer has only just will get gradually higher during the next couple of months. We are from MI.

          Tempe & Phoenix share the same temps.....they have 109į today, 110į tomorrow. Often the summers will take them to the 100+teens, occasionally 120į before summer is done.
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          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Hello everyone...
            I am here...I am so happy too see the rain..

            You would not believe this..My secret Santa drop off "NEW" sewing machine...And that "NEW"


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              though I had posted early this morning???

              SASSYGIRL.. to glad to see you!!! and that is MY CAT.

              a long day at home. but got done all but two of the jobs I had assigned this day.. .. Company coming in on Sat. to stay all next week.. and I all the things you never think about , suddenly needed cleaned. the Toaster, The Oven,, the throw rugs at the doors.. the inside of the refrigerator.. the trays under the burners on the stove. you know you never notice these until someone is in the house.. HA .