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Sunday and day of rest and counting your blessings

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  • Sunday and day of rest and counting your blessings

    Good Morning, I can officially say that, the sun just decided to shine, hope it stays for a little while...

    Never did get out of the house yesterday, just to rainy and miserable so hubby and I watched movies on Netflix..and then I made Cincinnati chili over spaghetti topped with cheese and onions and I had smoked sausage dogs to go with it. Trying to find things in the freezer that need used up,today will marinade a roast and fix on the grill.

    The garden is looking great so far, hubby building boxes and filling them with good soil and such has made a big difference, I should be able to can some stewed tomatoes and make tomato juice this year, and will have green & red peppers to freeze, along with chopped and sliced onions...and always green cousin sent me a favorite green bean I liked from growing up, KY white half runners, love the flavor so look forward to that.

    I think I will have to dedicate one closet in the house for canned goods gets a little to cold out in the garage to have them out there, since it is only the two of us no problem using a closet for that..

    Hubby is still sleeping but I am hungry so breakfast without him, LOL...Hope the sun continues to shine...Have a good day one and all and I am very thankful for all of you...
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good morning...I am getting ready to get out of this bed and get dressed. I need to made make to pie plates of cinnamon rolls for Bible Study....after Bible study I plan to put last minute touches on the house while I wait on my parents to get to pick me up we headed to my sister's to surprise my nieces with baby kittens and a kitten house my daddy built for them. These kitties will be barn kitties...hopefukky growing up to be mouse's. The girls will be so excited!

    Tomarrow I have a meeting and things to do with my parents...then in the afternoon we are going to ikea.


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      It Is a good morning! Three fires around Red Bluff yesterday and a lot of people evacuated and power was turned off to help with containing the fires.
      No power at my house from 5:30pm to somewhere late at night, but that was way better than the message I got form the power company that we would not have power restored until 11:00 PM Tonight! My mother was without power from 4:00pm and I had just gone over to pick her up and bring her to my house when my power went off. We kept her here for an hour before she wanted to go home to her cat and bed.

      I could not believe the horrible billowing smoke clouds: dark gray and making it look like the worst news on tv. Also planes and helicopters (with water buckets) flying over us. The closest fire was at most, a mile away as the crow flies...
      There is a facebook page that posts police and fire dept scanner information and I had that on until I went to bed. Sometime late our power came back on. I had remembered to turn off everything but the hallway light. This morning I got a message that church is cancelled.
      WE were busy calling and checking on lpeople who were in the fire area. One of our friend's mom was living over there and the rest of the family was out of town. She was all right and her son in law was on his way home to make sure all was good.
      I thought maybe I had mentioned the high winds we were to have, but I don't think I did. But around here in the summer heat, anytime we get high winds, we just hold our breath and everyone is on fire watch.

      Ok, so I am cooking up the chicken I had started thawing in the refrigerator yesterday when the power went out. And making more ice in case I need it or someone else.

      Ok, before all that happened Becky decided to put together the sofa I had ordered from Wayfair...I hd it in the daycare in its big box, just sitting along a wall. That was no problem But getting the old sofa out was a Huge problem. We measured doors and decided the front door was the only one that could get it done...Forgetting that the new mailbox was in the planter in front of the door and that made for a really tight exit. So tight that the begonias are now half their size! I have all the broken off parts in a jar hoping I can root them...but, we were able to get the old sofa out and into the back yard.
      Through our gate which earlier Becky and I had changed out the old latch and installed a new one! You Tube and not hearing back from the friend who said he could fix it (with a healthy dose of thnking of Jostoy and all she does) So, it was a big day.
      We are now calling people to let them kow there is o church and to find out who does or does not have power and who has said others can come and use their homes. Charging phones and being cool!

      I hope all of you are safe and good today.
      Donna, I hope you get a day of Rest!
      Take care and stay well, all!


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        Good morning, everyone.
        Gave a copy of our dental insurance paper to my dentist office. Naturally, they don’t see a problem. But if they want payment they will have to be sure they’re up to date on the insurance requirements.
        The minute between our car and the office was hard on me. Temp was 102 or 103°, my heart really got beating, and my legs started feeling wobbly.

        Had to drive across the lot to the grocery store for some staples. The next minute in the sun was no help. I pushed the cart into the produce section to cool off. Managed to get through the shopping with E in record time, but I really felt weak and prayed I wouldn’t puke in the store. I told he he could check out, and meet me at the Starbucks kiosk tables. He did. I made it outside, but he said to wait in a display chair in the shade, and he’d pick me up. Naturally he recalled how much heat the car would have stored up while we shopped. Then we went home and I recuperated with iced tea.
        The sun/heat never affected me like that before. Wonder if my new prescription is responsible?

        No particular plan for today. Whatever comes up, I guess. The heat will be climbing again this week, but supposed to be 102° next weekend when I get my dentistry done. Finished.

        I guess I’ll be spending a lot of our summer indoors. Except maybe mornings.
        I hope I fare well in MI’s summer next month. Not so hot but more humid.... which will probably feel much the same. Right? 😅

        So I guess now I should make my cuppa tea and fill my pill case, and see when E will be getting up.

        Have a great day! 🤗
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good Morning! Day of rest....HA What's that?

          ​Yesterday was good. Picked up a few good items at the garage sales. Got a 6qt pot while will be great for making pie fillings. Btw Friday's & Saturday's sales, I got 27 dessert plates....remember back in the 60's or 70's those dessert sets with clear glass pretty plates and a small coffee cup? They are a great size for 2 doz cookies and I'll use them through out the year. I like to put my cookies on pretty plates rather than metal or Styrofoam. Blaise got several items, one being an electric guitar that makes all kinds of sounds...annoying ones. I sent it to Kathy's with him. WhaaaaaaHaaaaaaa!

          ​Kathy called late afternoon so excited. She called Becca to see if she'd like to come down for a visit & supper tonight & Becca said yes! Kathy loves her sister, but the feelings are exactly reciprocated. We may be babysitting Oliver while she goes down. We'll see.

          ​Church & SS this morning. Now I have to get this place ready for company. My Mom, SIL, & her Mom are coming to play cards tonight. Pizza Hut is running a special...2 tpg lg pizza for $5.99. I'm going to order an extra one for us to have for lunch this week.

          Have a good one all!