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Rainy Friday Morning

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  • Rainy Friday Morning

    Good Morning, not even going to complain about the rain as it is much needed for our garden. Yesterday was a beautiful day, we also went to MI for hubby to buy a trolling motor for his boat and visit with our son and go out to dinner, got my Red Lobster fix...trying to decide on something to do today, get out of the house one way or the other...

    Have a good day one and all.. Keep prayers coming for John & Elaine, a very rough time for them.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good morning..I am at camp for the deaf or hearing impaired children again today. It's the final day of camp for them..

    I have a pretty quiet week end planned probably yard work and definately house work.


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      What a blessing you are to the kids and parents! I have a little toddler niece who is deaf.

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    Good morning.
    Beautiful sunny day here, but a hot one. Minimal time outdoors.
    In about an hour I have to call my dentist, and see if something is set for tomorrow. The girl who called to confirm a day (never giving me the date) left me confused if she was talking about tomorrow or the following weekend. So Iíll just talk to someone else. Then I want to wash my hair.
    Otherwise, no particular plans here.

    This cute little heart monitor is no longer cute. It doesnít want to be far from the Samsung phone device. Not all my clothes have pockets to carry it. Okay, just a few more weeks to go, and I can send it back to the doc.

    Elaine & John are in my daily thoughts. JoS too.
    My SIL is scheduled to have her surgery in Aug, after we have left MI. Iíve got most of my new stuff to wear for our visit. I was overdue to replace other clothes.
    The reunion with Eís nephews & nieces will be fun while we are there. He really seems to be missing his family lately. Only his twin sibling is left, I understand she hasnít been well. Not that she wants to see us, but for a change we (even me!) have been getting some lovely greeting cards from her. With nice notes in them, too. But maybe she is just feeling her mortality now. She lives in AZ too.

    Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday! 🤗
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Whatever the reason, Jo, I am glad she is connecting with E and you!

      I am determined to have a Good Friday. It will be 105 today and that means water play and watch out for tempers that rise with the heat! Two less kids and possibly another. I saw pictures on FB of her with family at a fair. So, who knows?

      I bought a ticket to go to MD the end of Oct. I will be there a week. Something to look forward to!

      I hope you all enjoy the day. Love your rain, Sharon!


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        good evening,

        wet sort of day.. off and on rain.. so a good day to stay home . well, almost .. went to library, pick up ordered books.. already ,after a glance can see I got a few duds... I am trying to find new authors.. and these were recommended... but .......... so far , one book will get a quick skim.. second one,, not much better... ,, thank heavens I am allowed to download up to 16 books.. ...

        cleaned up another corner of the house My storage area,the in-house garage space .. nice and tidy now... company coming.. Plus it needed reorganized, and stuff thrown out. will keep tossing out more of those lovely empty boxes..and empty jelly jars... I'm not canning very much anymore.. Make a little jelly in the summer but do not need dozens of ilttle jars..( I also Have begun to make a spot for things that I will donate to next rummage sale at church.)and a bag for clothes to take to Good will.or Salvation Army... Do they take Shoes?> )


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          Yes, they do take shoes that are not terribly worn. I donate shoes regularly, after wiping them clean.
          The homeless folk are glad to get them.

          Jelly jars....I like the wide mouth jars. If you make several small jars of jam for yourself, fill them with your cooked fruit, and let cool with the tops screwed loosely on. Check when cooled. The jam should be up to the widest part of the opening, so add more fruit if necessary. Melt paraffin in a double boiler, and pour about 1/3-1/4Ē on top. Tighten lids back on jars. (Parfin shouldnít touch lids). Store on the bottom shelf of fridge. (Granny may have stored them in a cupboard in a cool area). Anyway, the wax makes a nice seal. Discard wax when opening a jam jar you will be using. It keeps the jam fresh.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.