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Thursday 6/21 The longest day of the year!

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  • Thursday 6/21 The longest day of the year!

    Good Morning!

    ​Yesterday was good. I baked cookies all morning and just got finished right before Blaise was brought home at 2pm. Oh, I guess I didn't bake the whole time. I slipped into town for an hour to deliver the pie to the doctor's office and the Aldi's. I just went in there for ONE item, and came out with a cart full. OK....part of that cart full was 3 lawn chairs...they were $9.99 ea and I just couldn't pass them up since I needed them.

    ​I tried a new "cake" recipe for a customer yesterday that I saw on FB. You use a cheesecake pan and make your "crust" out of Rice Krispie Treats, then make a marshmallow cheesecake filling to fill it with, then decorate. It turned out so nice! It's going on my list. Something different. I like different.

    ​Had karate & swim team practices last night. Thought we'd get rained out of swim, but we didn't. Came home from that and baked a fudge cake and a lemon pie. The Bistro's wall in freezer died and she had to replace everything in it, including the goodies she gets from me. Sorry for her, but glad for me.

    ​This morning I'm making 12 cream pies....PB & Samoa. After they get firmed up, I'll be taking some of them and the cake & lemon pie to the restaurant. Then I think Blaise & I will go down and swim a bit before getting ready for the swim meet tonight. Becca was going to meet us, but just text me and said she can't be there. My SIL Sherry is coming with me though....I think. If not, I'll just hang out with some of the other parents.

    Have a good one all!

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    Good morning..Camp yesterday with the deaf and hearing impaired children was quiet fun..I didn't get to interact with children a whole lot..I was in the kitchen area helping with the setting up of lunch...too hot for me to be out playing baseball....Today I am headed to the adult day care to volunteer...then back to camp tomorrow...I was supposed to go with my church to swim tomarrow evening but from the way it sounds most of the people that I would hang out with will not be there so I too am thinking I won't go...its been a very busy week.

    I think that I will have hot dogs and mac cheese for dinner tonight.


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      Good Thursday morning! We were talking yesterday in daycare about this being the most daylight of the year. I told them when I lived in Iceland we had days that the sun never went below the horizon: just bounced off it and started back up. (Of course, in December we had days of 4 hour sunlight. )

      Today I have one child returning form his vacation and it is the last two days for two others until August. One is a school child and the other is the 2 year old brother who is here during the school is like playing a game of chess or something with how I have kids moving around. Trying to keep full and also trying to stay in compliance with State regs.

      I hope all is going well for you and keeping Elaine and John in my prayers.
      Jo and Sharon, you both are in there, too. Your positive attitudes are amazing and are an example!

      Drink water and stay cool!


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        Morning Cookie and Beth. You are both up early and have the day planned. I am heading out for a pedi then home to iron and pack for a few days at my sister's. evidently this is not a good enough vacation for my grands because as of now Sierra will be joining us Sunday and no one is still sure about Andrew. Just another thing I really do not care about anymore.

        Rained most of yesterday morning then the sun came out and it got hot. Not sure what today's weather will bring but do know I need to get cages for the tomato plants. They are getting so tall! Jon is taking off for the day with a friend so I will be home alone even though Sierra will be here. I am not cleaning the house since she will be home and not do anything so why kill myself like it is a 'real vacation'? I am also not leaving any food. This is her decision not to join the family where plentiful food will be supplied.

        I have my pool snacks contribution and yesterday we made a run across the river to buy cheaper beer and coolers. There is a big tax difference between the two states and when we are buying in quantity we go across the river. So except for throwing a few clothes into a suitcase I am ready to leave in the morning. I think Jon is getting blood work done before we leave so it will not be a early morning departure. I will be gone until probably Wednesday evening. Jon's vacation is over and he will be back to work on Monday. I know I will come back to a mess but maybe a new perspective. So if I do not check in tomorrow I will see you all late next week. Jo, I started The President is Missing and will be taking it with me. Stay cool and happy!!


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          "Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I got a wonderful feeling everything's going my way!" It is truly a beautiful day out, love being able to open doors and windows. No big plans for the day, will do things as they come to me...probably more laundry, I bought a few things that need hand washing (just delicate cycle in washing machine) Had so much food leftover from our camping trip, mainly because we were gone everyday doing something and ate out..So after many days of eating leftovers I made dinner last night, ham, sweet potatoes and green beans...told hubby glad it is garden time, getting low on green beans in the freezer..

          When we came home we found piles of poop on the driveway kind of random all over and some in grass, it is from the fox population we have here and for some reason they protect our home when we are gone, LOL...the people that take care of our cats and home while we are gone took a picture of one sitting on our driveway by the garage door when she came I never see them when we are home on my driveway. My hubby did see one sitting in our backyard one day and he said it did not seem afraid of him at all..just watched him...but I feel they are mulitplying and I am feeling a bit uncomfortable about it...sure hope no one in the area is feeding them.

          Hubby went in to the office today, kind of enjoying my 'alone' time...oh, while we were at the lake we rode our golf cart all around and my cousin said she was amazed at people commenting on it, it did get a lot of attention, it is a really pretty color and we had a lift package put on it and nice looking tires, upgraded seating, and a black top instead of white, etc. we did get it inspected and licensed before we left now we are legal to drive our neighborhood when we want...

          Well time to get my day started with some breakfast. Hope everyone is having a good morning and day.
          Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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            Good morning ☀️

            Looks like there is a downside to this cute little heart monitor. At 3:15 this morning we woke out of a sound sleep to it’s “phone” beeping and a strong bright blue light. I read the message on the phone which said I was being monitored. E asked if it needed charging, and I said it should be good til morning. So he put it on his charger. I found it hard to get back to sleep after that, and felt too chilly to get up and get a blanket. The A/C must have been on before we woke up....stupid a/c!

            It’s a fine sunny morning. Don’t see our birds around much. Our neighbors had solar panels put on their roof, and the workers might well have disturbed them very much. We even heard their noise from inside our house. We will get to 107° today, and forget the 110° tomorrow as it’ll be very close to today’s temp. Then the weekend will see a bit more decline in temps, thank goodness.

            Did yesterday’s laundry, E said to forget the bedding for another day. I should get to the floors. They need attention.

            E will go to the gym today. I want to beg off. I’d rather mop floors.

            I did order more pants from Blair, and hope they’ll arrive within a couple of weeks. We have that trip to MI coming up in July.

            Thinking of Elaine & John, too. And thank you, Paula.
            To all, have a really good day! 🤗
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Maxie, I hope you enjoy the book. I did. I gave the book to E, and want his take on it. He generally doesn’t read fictional books, so it is not on his high priority list.
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                Jo, that was me and Gary. I read political thrillers and other fiction and he read bios and war history.
                I am going to order the real book so I can sit outside and read.
                And loan to my mom when I am done.


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                  Paula, I read all the bios in the school library in elementary school. In addition to their Reading Center program. Then Mom found some childrens’ classics/mysteries,, and when I read them I’d get money from dad, then mom, and walk the 3 miles to buy all the additional ones that I could get. My godfather then gave me some serious classics in comic book form. Turns out my Dad enjoyed a lot of classics, some not meant for children, and I read every book in his bookcase by the time I got to high school. In HS I concentrated on my studies mostly. Then I got into historical fiction, which has pretty much run out by now. But I like trying to untangle the mystery stories these days. Not the really gory stuff, but the rest.

                  E likes science, maths, and all the technical stuff that comes his way. For fun he likes figuring out the day/date/month in any year from somewhere in the 1700’s to the future. He has memorized the Doomsday factors to do this in his head, but might recheck it on paper. So if you meet him, you can say “Hi. My birthdate is..... What day of the week was I born?” He will go through the steps and tell you. Keeps his mind active, anyway. Some of his friends say, “That’s stupid. You can just google it in seconds!” But that’s not the point.
                  (I’m a Monday Child.).
                  And now suddenly my foot is totally asleep and I can’t stand up til I work that out. With the neuropathy, it’s to easy to fall and break something. Darn it! 🙄
                  Create a beautiful day wherever you go.