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Good Morning Wednesday!!

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  • Good Morning Wednesday!!

    Morning all! Looks like a sunny and maybe not so hot day. Today is the day I must get groceries. Not much in the mood to cook but we have not eaten very well around here for a while. Folks got to eat...but why do I have to be the one who cooks it?

    Today Andrew has a game but it is early. I like early games but late games are a lot cooler. Yesterday I picked up one of those books I had been having trouble getting into and spent the entire evening finishing it. Funny how your mood can affect what you get out of a book I guess. Today I need to run the vac and do is kinda messy. I should also cook a meal but with an early game it might be easier to grab a burger...see how I justified that?

    We got an appointment with a therapist yesterday for next week. She came highly recommended from several people and we were so fortunate to get her in quickly. To bad it wasn't today because she is back with this bf. Lots of stomach churning but what can we do? She is 21 and I do not want to push her away or add pressure but omg...grow up and look around and SEE!

    No rain yesterday so the porch has been scrubbed. If we can string two days together we can stain maybe tomorrow or Friday. The grass is ankle high but that is not my problem. I do not do any yard work...hardly do any housework anymore but I am turning into a pretty good sitter. I can sit all day long and do a darn good job of it. Everyone has a skill.

    Need to shower and start the dishwasher. We are just going along here and handle what pops up but sometimes it feels like we are playing Wack a Mole and just keep hitting something else down.

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    Good morning, Maxie, and others who shows up.

    Yes today is no rain and only a high of 85. After 6 inches of rain since Friday afternoon, things have cooled down. But I did turn my A/C back on because of the humidity outside.

    Today "old betsy" gets an oil change. Almost hit the mileage on the nose. Will have only 16 miles to go to hit it right on the nose. Will also get some grease for my grease gun while at Wally World.

    Not much to do today, so not much to talk about. Catch you all tomorrow. Have a good day.
    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Good morning.
      The A/C will be working hard today. 108į expected, and excessive heat warnings. Tomorrow it will drop a few degrees, and Friday plummets to 88į with possible rain. I would love a big soaking rainstorm like you in the east and midwestern states get. Donít see those here very often. Some people (usually older ones) carry umbrellas just for the shade it provides. ☀️. I think Iíll run the ice maker today.

      Today Iíll be on the phone trying to straighten out my prescription. I couldnít get through yesterday.

      I awoke really early this morning, like 4 a.m. Once I get my bodyís ďget the into the bathroom NOW!Ē , then I canít get back to sleep. No doubt Iíll need a nap today. Or skip TV tonightís dinner go to bed earlier.

      A few chores need to get done. After that, and dealing with the pharmacy & doc, then deal with whatever comes up.

      Guess Iíll go see if the newspaper has arrived yet. And pour myself some cereal.
      Hope you all have a great day. 🤗
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        I really do type in apostrophes and punctuations. But they just donít always show up in the posts any more. Whatís with that!
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good Morning to all, a very muggy and humid one, got a feeling it will be one of those days when 3 showers are in order...had a bit of drizzle outside this morning..

          Maxie it's so very, very hard to let our children and grandchildren make their own mistakes...I always think about how my Mother tried to control me which only made me more determined to leave and I did...

          JoG, that is way to hot for me..stay inside..

          Have a great day one and all..see ya later..
          Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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            Good morning! I am sitting in daycare with Talker and Walker and I
            Do mean Talker! So early arrival means a lot more than just opening the door.

            Maxie, you have a gift for writing and bringing us into your day!

            I have meat seasons and cooked up for spaghetti. The house smells good!

            We have hit triple digits which is somehow easier to think than 105 today. Pool time for kids and sprinkler time for younger ones. I need to get a little pool. Having the sprinkler on makes a mud hole and kids start getting g cold and wanting towels after just a little bit. Too much work to get them all change into swim wear and then the towels.. it is too early to sound grouchy, but I need to make a better plan.

            We are Baking cookies as a church group of friends to send to servicemen. Becky found a picture of a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff cookie she made yesterday. So good!
            Quality control, right!

            I better go and start getting breakfast out.
            Have a wonderful day!


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              I have to tell you: that parent who has had 2 visits just texted to ask about coming on Friday to visit again!
              I just texted I am totally full this week and next ( true) and I will see them on the 25th when the child will be enrolled.
              I have never had a new mom so stressed. And her child has been with different family and nannies. Not like this is her first time with anyone.
              Retirement is looking so good!


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                Good Morning Rounders, 2nd ballgame of the week today granddaughter played last night and again tonight then grandson plays tomorrow night. At least it has been cool with a nice breeze. Granddaughter plays at the same place every game, grandson travels.


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                  My plan for staying home today and doing my thing around her and making a dessert for tonight where busted....I am being picked up..the lady that helps me around the house and stuff said I am 1.5 hours short this week so we need to meet up. We will do some thrift shopping..I don't have a whole lot of money so I won't spend much.


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                    Good Morning! It's a dreary day here & very humid. I don't think the temp is very high, but with the humidity, it feels warmer.

                    ​Yesterday was good. Puttered around cleaning a wee bit and made 3 doz cupcakes....18 almond flavored white cupcakes which I filled with a bit of raspberry filling then topped with an almond raspberry icing and sprinkled with coconut...very pretty. The other was a choc cupcake with whip cream filling and topped with a choc mocha icing with a hot fudge drizzle. They looked very nice. Those were for the doctor's office order for the week.

                    ​Picked up Blaise a bit early from school for a counseling appt. I think it's going better with the male counselor. Had Arby's for dinner then head home. It was picture night for the swim team, so we had to be there early.

                    ​This morning I puttered around until Sue arrived. Took her into town with me. Delivered the cupcakes then headed to Sharp Shopper. She'd never been there & I've been trying to get her to go with me. Today was the day. Went to check out and didn't have my Discover Card. Fortunately she had her debit card and I just paid her back when we got home here. Also stopped at Aldi's. Now to get the groceries all put away.

                    ​I want to roll out all the pie crusts for the wedding order. Tomorrow I'll be making all the fillings & fill some of the pie shells. They'll be ready for baking come Friday morning then. Tonight is crazy night again. Karate then swim team practice. Only 2 1/2 more weeks of this nuttiness. Nothing like wishing your life away.

                    Have a good one all!