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  • Tuesday morning begins

    Hey out there to least I am seeing some sun coming through...we could sure use some, it is the middle of June and a cool 62 degrees this morning, need warmer weather so the pool heats up.

    Went to jewelry store, it is closed on Mondays, I have a busy day today and my cousin will be here, then tomorrow we leave for our camping trip at the lake..
    I started the morning cooking yesterday and finished up around 1:00 p.m., got my shower, dressed and ready to start the 'stuff' with hubby, trying to get the golf cart inspected, a title for it, license plates, etc. to make it street worthy...well our insurance lady put a 1 instead of a dash on the paper and getting a title came to a halt. Got the inspections done, seat belts installed, all things will have to make a trip back to get it titled and licensed..(all things that should have been done two weeks ago). **sigh** I am not a procrastinator, he is...but I get sucked in, LOL..

    Maxie, I pray for good results for Sierra, admitting there is a problem is the first step, and it is very hard to not open up and say what you feel when you see it going on, trust me I have one heck of a sore tongue every time I am at my daughters house and I wonder how she has become this person, oh that's right, the jerk she is married to...he is a conniver!! This is a step in the right direction for her...I know what you mean about quitting smoking, it took me a few years to finally accomplish it and I have to say to this day I still miss them...sad but true, but I know what they have done to my body so I will not start again...been too many years without them..

    Well I think this weather is causing me headaches everyday, allergies are horrible this year..

    Time to get started...have a good day one and all..
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    good morning

    ah sunshine, cool but pretty outside......son ,Mark , dropped in for morning coffee. He had his little 2 3/4 yr old grandson most of yesterday..Logan... He sure kept his Pap-Pap busy.. his favorite word... "WHY?"...

    Yesterday was groc. store day.. today.. I will make a trip to the church. I am the substitute for regular pianist and I will be playing this coming Sunday..
    My piano at home here is so easy to play.. the one at the church has to be Pounded... so no graceful sweet music with loud and soft spots.. I might even do the prelude on the organ...

    Sharon,I agree about the weather, and so much pollen this year.. Im not allergic to anything specific but feel so congested..

    Come on in, and chat awhile, I shall be back to read..


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      Maxi I went back and read about Sierra. I am definately praying for her.

      I fell to sleep really worried about my mom. She sounded had when I talked to her yesterday just hasn't been here self for a couple days. I prayed for her til I fell to sleep. I talked to her first thing this morning. She's better and sounded better..she just needed a decent nights sleep.

      They will be here for a visit tommarrow's bringing my new phone an IPhone se. I have never had an iPhone. I am pretty excited.

      Today I volunteer. Then come home and finish the house.
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      • Paula A
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        I love my iphone! I bet ypu will, too!

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      Good SUNNY Morning! Yesterday was on the cool side.

      ​Yesterday was good. I spent the morning puttering around cleaning & doing laundry. Met Becca in town at Sharp Shopper. That place is fun when you have someone with you going oooh & awww over deals. When then came home and I got dinner started. Blaise was so surprised to see Aunt Becca waiting for him at the bus stop. He ran off the bus & gave her a big hug. Aunt J came over & gave Becca the afghan she made her....Becca loves it!

      ​Then it was off to karate. Becca got to see his moves. Came home and had supper. Becca then headed home and we headed to swim team practice. About half way thru Blaise came out of the pool holding his ear. About 8:30 we decided to head to the Urgent Care. Was told it might be swimmers ear. Well they flushed out a big chunk of wax and the doctor wasn't too sure if it was swimmers ear, but gave us a Rx for ear drops and told us no swimming for a week. Yea, right. Stopped & got him a burger at BK on the way home & straight to bed he went.

      This morning his ear is feeling fine for the most part. I'm still going to get the drops. We slept in this morning & only had about 10 minutes to get him ready & out to the bus. We made it with a little time to spare.

      ​I'm going to bake & decorate the cupcakes for the doctor's office for tomorrow. Blaise has a counseling appt this afternoon, so I'll be getting him out of school a little bit early. Arby's for dinner. Team pictures tonight at 6:30 and then practice.....long evening. Only 2 1/2 more weeks, and this craziness will be done.

      Time to get busy.....have a good one all!


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        when does he get out of school for the summer cookie?

      • cookielady
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        Not until Friday. Thur & Fri they have early dismissal. Their teachers went on strike a couple weeks before Easter, so we are making up the time. The last 3 weeks have been a waste of time though.

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      Good morning.
      Yesterday was a comedy of errors at the Cancer Center, except it wasnít so funny. It was tiring. Every unit, from labs to doctors was behind schedule. Iíll post about that later.
      Today we go to the clinic for our PCP appointments. We have never met the RN who will be seeing us. And Iíll be asking whatís wrong with our regular NP/PCP, who is on medical leave. Iím wondering if they have actual Doctors there any more.
      But we do leave early this morning, so I will have to start getting ready soon. As soon as I finish my cereal and cuppa mocha.

      Pollens and allergens are bad here, too. My eyes have been red and dry for a couple of months. The winds hit in the mid-afternoon and stirs it all up.

      Maxie, itís great that Sierra has acknowledged her problem and asked for help. Thatís a big step in her life.
      We would like to prevent troublesome things from them, but we canít. There are things they need to experience, in order for them to understand what we have been telling them all along.

      Well, time for me to make noise so E can wake up. Then off to see our ďPCPĒ du jour.

      Have a great day! 🤗
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        My grandkids get out this Friday, the 15th. School here got out last Friday.
        Some of my old daycare kids are in Washington DC on an 8th grade trip ! they have been posting pictures and seeing all the great sights. they will finish out their trip with a bus ride up to NYC for a few days. Most have not been out of CA very far. One friend last year who went with her son said she couldn't get over how many states she drove through on the trip. Most of the ids I know go to Disneyland, which is all in CA or Or to beach houses. The whole climate for you guys back East is amazing enough that they all mention it at some time. The school does fundraisers all year long. One of my friends is a business owner who couldn't take part in the fundraisers so she and her husband just paid full price for their daughter and for themselves to go as chaperones.

        I will be going back for a visit to Spencer's but just not quite sure when...

        Yesterday was such a fun day for kids who hadn't seen each other in months! today should be more of the same with a little more structure built into the day. Except for food, we didn't follow a time schedule at all. Today I will make sure we get at least reading time back on schedule. can get out of that habit so quickly. And I have so many new books I want them to hear and read...

        Well,, the trip for my mom is off. When I talked to the FL brother and SIL, she said, You waited too long to book the ticket. I had to take a deep breath but still managed to say, Well, that was because the dates did not fit my schedule...So, I told them it takes a lot to get her to them besides their just showing up at the airport to pick her up...and it will never be a good time for me when both my mother and Becky are gone because I have to take care of her house and cat and my own ...and work. So, that kind of took care of that. My brother did say he is going to come out and visit for her birthday in August. Only him...which is ok, but also telling. He means well, just doesn't get it.
        Jostoy, you are so right about the wheelchair. It not only would save her strength but it would get her to the next gate and that was definitely a problem when she had to change flights in Atlanta. She actually got so mixed up that she missed her flight. She never told me that. My brother told me (the pilot she called when she was lost). She can't wait for me to retire to travel with her, but on a retirement budget I amot sure that will happen as much as she wants. I want to visit my kids!

        Ok, I am stopping.
        Beth, glad your mom was better today.
        The dog is barking like someone is here...I better go see.
        Have a great day!


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          Good morning everyone.

          Maxie, hoping all goes well for Sierra. Also hope she make a good connection to a counselor the first time trying.

          Well yesterday wasn't entirely a rest day. After it quit raining about noon, I went out to clean the gutters out. Also washed the edges of the metal roof and the facing above the guttering. What a mess. Couldn't tell you how many times I went up and down an 8' ladder. I just know that I figured I'd have leg cramps last night and then be real sore this morning. NO leg cramps happened, and I'm not too sore this morning. Hip hip hooray.

          Today is to go to the store for a few items. I have a pork roast in the crockpot, waiting for potatoes, which I have, and carrots which I have to get. I grilled 4 porkchops last night, so will finally have something to eat for a while.

          Best get up and at least get dressed, have breakfast, then peel the potatoes before going to the store. Everyone have a good day.
          Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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            Gloomy morning...another sleepless night. Yesterday we stopped for her meds and the skies opened. Hail, heavy rain. I do not think I have had hail last that long. It had been 94 all day and temps dropped to 69 in a matter of minutes. When we got home Jon was on facebook and there was a warning for all in our area to seek shelter...we were driving around and around the walmart parking lot ,dodging shopping carts we barely saw coming, in the driving rain, waiting for Sierra to come out so we could pick her up at the door at that time. We understood first hand why they said seek shelter!

            She was put on antidepressants yesterday and a pill to help her sleep when needed and then he started texting. All afternoon. The friend we had reached out to yesterday morning called last evening and we talked and she was surprised we got her on meds as fast as we had and reminded us we may not get a counselor that quickly. The doctors office was absolutely wonderful and supportive and said if we could not find a satisfactory counselor they would help find one. So she and bf texted yesterday and last night but we had been advised to let it go. Then she left in the wee hours so they could talk. I know they will get back together. She said she needs help with her problems but he isn't one of them...he is her support. OMG! Makes me sick.

            We have all the porch supplies purchased and are ready to start but several inches of rain sorta put a damper on that work today and looks like more to come today. I may just stay in my jammies all day. Could cook but won't..need groceries but more apt to drive through fast bad I need to dress to go out. Then that leads to showering and a list of things I would need to do to go through fast food just goes on and on. And on and on...who knew hygiene could be so much work?